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Indie Game of the Month Awards November 2021

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November was full of incredible indie games so it was hard to choose just 12 but here are the best indies from last month. Enjoy! 😄

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Marsupilami: Hoobadventure 2D Platformer of the Month

As soon as I started playing Marsupilami: Hoobadventure, I knew it was a special game as it instantly brought me back to what I love about 2D platformers with its collection of rewarding mechanics and satisfying fast-paced gameplay. Oh, and it looks great, too! v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Marsupilami: Hoobadventure Review Award image →
Marsupilami: Hoobadventure screenshot
Time to literally hang out and play games

Demon Turf 3D Platformer of the Month

There were a couple of top-notch 3D platformers in November and the one that blew me away most was Demon Turf. Not only is it challenging in a very rewarding sense of the word, there are oodles of collectibles and replay incentives which makes this fun 3D platformer have a ton of value. Whether you're climbing the leaderboards for fastest level completion time or taking down a goofy boss; you're bound to have a blast throughout Beebz's wacky adventure, especially as you listen to the cool trippy soundtrack.

Demon Turf Review Award image →
Demon Turf screenshot
Beebz is about to swing into action

Clockwork Aquario Co-op Game of the Month

I expected Clockwork Aquario to be fun considering it's a revival of a long-lost arcade game but I didn't expect it to have such enjoyable co-op gameplay. Picking up and throwing your enemies and your friends makes for one frantic 2D platforming arcade adventure.

Clockwork Aquario Review Award image →
Clockwork Aquario screenshot
Time for Gush to pop his victory balloons

Epic Chef Casual Game of the Month

Just as you would expect from an Epic Chef, this indie gem blends many ingredients into a delicious meal. Everything from harvesting crops to battling rival chefs and even turning your cow friends into meat is fun so check this one out for some culinary delights.

Epic Chef Review Award image →
Epic Chef screenshot
Zest rocks on with a couple of old folks

Ghost Sync RPG of the Month

I've been enjoying the heck out of KEMCO's retro-style RPGs this year and Ghost Sync is one of my favourites as it features a lovely female lead for a change, rewarding guild quests, and a cool monster-possessing mechanic that opens up combat in nifty ways.

Ghost Sync Review Award image →
Ghost Sync screenshot
Do you think there's an award in that chest for Lily?

Where Cards Fall Puzzle Game of the Month

Another genre that's been exceptionally strong in 2021 is practical puzzle games and Where Cards Fall is a superb one with a dreamlike setting and challenging gameplay that'll have you assembling houses of cards in order to gradually work your way to each goal.

Where Cards Fall Review Award image →
Where Cards Fall screenshot
This is like that weird dream that I keep having

My Singing Monsters Playground Party Game of the Month

If you're like me, you love a good party game and My Singing Monsters Playground is bursting with fantastic mini-games that are highly entertaining for a couchful of chums. Throw in charming monsters and cute unlockables and you're left with a winning formula.

My Singing Monsters Playground Review Award image →
My Singing Monsters Playground screenshot
How long can these silly monsters survive?

Black Widow: Recharged Twin-stick Shooter of the Month

The series of Recharged Atari classics received its third entry with Black Widow and it's one frantic high score-chasing twin-stick shooter. Playing it is as intuitive as the original yet the new power-ups and challenges make it feel fresh and exciting for 2021.

Black Widow: Recharged Review Award image →
Black Widow: Recharged screenshot
Shoot like it's 1982!

DoDonPachi Resurrection Shoot 'em Up of the Month

Speaking of retro revivals, DoDonPachi Resurrection made its modern console debut on Switch and it's one heck of a great shoot 'em up. This version comes with many distinct modes that are rewarding to master and its visuals and music are just awesome.

DoDonPachi Resurrection Review Award image →
DoDonPachi Resurrection screenshot
Well, this certainly looks easy enough

Space Moth Lunar Edition Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Now that we're talking about shmups, Space Moth Lunar Edition does an excellent job of offering an indie take on early 2000's era arcade shooters. It may be brutally challenging but its neon graphics will thrill as you blast bugs in outer space for high scores.

Space Moth Lunar Edition Review Award image →
Space Moth Lunar Edition screenshot
I can't wait for the prequel: Space Cocoon

YUKI VR Game of the Month

I've played dozens upon dozens of VR games but I've never seen anything quite like YUKI which beautifully translates the feel of classic shooting games to virtual reality. Moving your avatar around as you avoid clouds of projectiles and take enemies down is a ton of fun.

YUKI Review Award image →
YUKI screenshot
Trust me; this looks a lot better in VR

Monomals Indie Game of the Month

Finally, the overall best indie game from November is Monomals. Its unique premise of controlling a headphone cable in vibrant underwater levels is outstanding and its gameplay is tight and challenging, too. So, if you enjoy colourful indie games that are jam-packed with rewarding fun then definitely check it out. I almost forgot; there's also a cool little music maker that you can tinker with, too! 🎵

Monomals Review Award image →
Monomals screenshot
Which other game lets you play as a headphone cable?
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards November 2021
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