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Indie Game of the Month Awards October 2020

These indies take the Cake

A.J. Maciejewski

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Another month full of great indie games just passed us by so here are the 12 best ones that we've reviewed in October.

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Pumpkin Jack 3D Platformer of the Month

Pumpkin Jack feels like an old-school 3D platformer with an emphasis on tricky platforming segments as well as variety with fun boss fights and puzzles throughout. Although Halloween is behind us for the year, this is a great game to keep the spirit of the season alive. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Pumpkin Jack Review Award image →
Pumpkin Jack screenshot
October is definitely a fitting month to play Pumpkin Jack

Juiced! 2D Platformer of the Month

I absolutely love when I play games that do an outstanding job of recreating a classic era and Juiced! feels like a genuine DOS game from the early '90s with its quirky world, colourful graphics, and simple yet rewarding gameplay. Playing it brought back memories of sticking the latest Apogee Software floppy disk into my PC when I was a kid and enjoying a brand new challenging adventure. I sincerely hope that more indie devs try to recapture that era because that's when games could simply be silly and fun. What more could you want?

Juiced! Review Award image →
Juiced! screenshot
Few games will take you back to the '90s as much as Juiced!

MindSeize Metroidvania of the Month

Perhaps the biggest surprise in October was MindSeize because it wasn't on my radar at all for whatever reason so when I played it and realised how excellent of a sci-fi Metroidvania it was, I became quite impressed. If you enjoy the genre, you're sure to love it, too.

MindSeize Review Award image →
MindSeize screenshot
Is that you, Samus?

Jet Set Knights Co-op Game of the Month

I love single-screen arcade-style action and Jet Set Knights offers loads of tower defense fun where you survive waves of encroaching enemies. However, what makes it super-special is that it features a co-op mode that's incredibly exciting for a couch full of chums.

Jet Set Knights Review Award image →
Jet Set Knights screenshot
We must defend the princess from these goofy monsters

Cake Bash Party Game of the Month

If you like collections of fun multiplayer mini-games with a layer of beat 'em up chaos then you'll get a kick out of Cake Bash. Each of its games is carefully crafted to be fully-featured and there are a variety of silly environments to battle your friends within, too.

Cake Bash Review Award image →
Cake Bash screenshot
Warning: do not actually bash cakes

Undead Darlings -no cure for love- Dungeon Crawler of the Month

I'm a long-time grid-based dungeon RPG fan with Moraff's World introducing me to the genre way back in the day and Undead Darlings is a top-notch dungeon crawler with plenty of goofy humour, rewarding dungeons to map out, and it's full of memorable characters.

Undead Darlings -no cure for love- Review Award image →
Undead Darlings -no cure for love- screenshot
I cranked my EE up to 5.0!

Ikenfell RPG of the Month

Sometimes, an RPG comes out that blends previously established concepts in a brilliant way and Ikenfell captured my imagination with its magical world, strategic battle system, and charming retro graphics. If you love old-school RPGs then this is definitely one to play.

Ikenfell Review Award image →
Ikenfell screenshot
Ikenfell is a new kind of magic, that's for sure!

Touhou Spell Bubble Puzzle Game of the Month

Another big surprise from last month was Touhou Spell Bubble which came out of nowhere. As a huge fan of Touhou and Bust-A-Move, I just had to play it and I'm very happy that I did. It's perhaps my new favourite competitive puzzler which, from me, is saying a lot.

Touhou Spell Bubble Review Award image →
Touhou Spell Bubble screenshot
Bust-A-Move has never been so cute or fun

Spelunky 2 Roguelike of the Month

Of course, Spelunky 2 released recently and it delighted fans of the original by offering a familiar yet much more challenging roguelike formula. Do you have what it takes to master its many distinct locales? If so, let me know your secret because this game is tough!

Spelunky 2 Review Award image →
Spelunky 2 screenshot
Alto Singh is getting deja vu

Bartlow's Dread Machine Twin-stick Shooter of the Month

Here's another great co-op game and Bartlow's Dread Machine just happens to be a twin-stick shooter, too. Playing as metal puppets that are restricted to moving along preset maze-like paths is a very unique premise and I had a ton of fun playing this one.

Bartlow's Dread Machine Review Award image →
Bartlow's Dread Machine screenshot
Is Roosevelt really worth all this trouble?

Budget Cuts VR Game of the Month

Out of all the VR games that I've played this year, Budget Cuts stands out as an extremely unique experience with its use of stealth, humour, and portal-based movement. Sure, it can be frustrating at times but once you make progress, it's rewarding stuff.

Budget Cuts Review Award image →
Budget Cuts screenshot
Too bad my gun only shoots portals...

Unrailed! Indie Game of the Month

Finally, our overall indie game of the month award goes to Unrailed! When we started playing this clever concoction, it was hard to put our controllers down. All you do is build a train track by collecting resources and altering the terrain but it's all done so well that it'll make you want to play it again and again to see if you can make it further than your previous record. Game of the month material for sure!

Unrailed! Review Award image →
Unrailed! screenshot
Looks like it's the end of the line for this choo-choo
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards October 2020
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