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Indie Game of the Month Awards October 2021

A Tale of Indies

A.J. Maciejewski

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Is it November already? You know what that means; it's time to shine the spotlight on the very best indie games from October. Hooray!

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The Lightbringer 3D Platformer of the Month

The Lightbringer is a beautiful game where you control a little fellow who found himself a boomerang and using it to collect goodies, solve puzzles, and fight enemies is a great deal of fun. Plus, the large and intricate stages are quite a treat to explore. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

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The Lightbringer screenshot
How did I wander onto this construction site?

UNSIGHTED Metroidvania of the Month

UNSIGHTED isn't a Metroidvania in the traditional sense as it's an overhead game that plays a lot like the original Legend of Zelda. However, it does have an expansive map that you gradually uncover as you earn more core abilities and acquire key items which makes exploring the many elaborate dungeons a satisfying experience. You're also timed as you play because a disease has inflicted your world so do you have what it takes to save your friends from biting the dust? Here's hoping because this is one phenomenal action-packed Metroidvania that you definitely should not miss.

UNSIGHTED Review Award image →
UNSIGHTED screenshot
Hey, where did everybody go?

ConnecTank Co-op Game of the Month

I love cooperating with my gaming chum as we master all sorts of fun games together and ConnecTank completely took us by surprise with its clever concoction of real-time strategy, puzzle, and even light beat 'em up elements. It's one epic tank-battling experience!

ConnecTank Review Award image →
ConnecTank screenshot
If you've ever wanted to fight a giant hamburger then here you go

Asdivine Saga RPG of the Month

I thoroughly enjoy playing through old-school retro-inspired RPGs and Asdivine Saga is a fantastic one with a lovely cast of characters and rewarding party growth mechanics. So, if you enjoy RPGs as they were in the good old days then I highly recommend it.

Asdivine Saga Review Award image →
Asdivine Saga screenshot
This beast doesn't stand a chance with these fairy spirits on our side

Evertried Strategy Game of the Month

Evertried is one of the most interesting games that I've played all year as it's essentially a spin on the Mystery Dungeon formula where you move at the same time as your enemies except it has many strategic layers applied to it with RPG elements stripped out. Very cool!

Evertried Review Award image →
Evertried screenshot
And how long will that take approximately?

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Puzzle Game of the Month

Playing through the innovative mind-bending puzzle-filled stages of Tandem: A Tale of Shadows completely knocked my socks off when I played it for our annual Halloween games round-up. Manipulating shadows while outsmarting enemies is a blast so give this one a try.

Tandem: A Tale of Shadows Review Award image →
Tandem: A Tale of Shadows screenshot
Looks like that giant bug spotted me; oops!

The Riftbreaker Genre-blender of the Month

The Riftbreaker seamlessly blends twin-stick action with real-time strategy elements to craft one superb gameplay formula where relentless aliens constantly try to destroy everything you create. It's brutally challenging but that's what makes it so satisfying.

The Riftbreaker Review Award image →
The Riftbreaker screenshot
Fun fact: I built this city on rock and roll

Skul: The Hero Slayer Roguelike of the Month

Skul: The Hero Slayer is a game that'll appeal to folks who have a lot of patience as they retry over and over again while learning enemy patterns and slowly enhancing their abilities. I absolutely loved it and if you fit that description, you'll love it, too!

Skul: The Hero Slayer Review Award image →
Skul: The Hero Slayer screenshot
There are more Groots here than in that new Guardians of the Galaxy game

Gley Lancer Shoot 'em Up of the Month

Gley Lancer is a classic Sega Genesis shoot 'em up and this updated port does a phenomenal job of modernizing it. Heck, it even has the option to turn the gameplay into a twin-stick shooter. How cool is that? The answer is very. It's very cool indeed.

Gley Lancer Review Award image →
Gley Lancer screenshot
Let's do it, Lucia!

UnMetal Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Although there are many retro-inspired games in the indie scene, few attempt to be spoofs of classic games so UnMetal stands out with its take on the classic 2D Metal Gear games. Its gameplay is great, too, so you'll laugh and have fun while you take in its wacky world.

UnMetal Review Award image →
UnMetal screenshot
Good thing these fellows are looking in the opposite direction

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey VR Game of the Month

As a long-time fan of Puzzle Bobble, it was amazing to see Bub and Bob in the virtual reality realm and thankfully, Vacation Odyssey is a super-fun puzzle game that adapts the classic arcade bubble-bursting gameplay well to a 3D space and it's quite cute to boot!

Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey Review Award image →
Puzzle Bobble 3D: Vacation Odyssey screenshot
I've heard of Bob's Burgers but Bob's bubbles?!

KeyWe Indie Game of the Month

To cap off this month's awards is a game that exceeded my expectations by an impressive margin. KeyWe offers co-op gameplay that's varied, challenging, adorable, and innovative as you complete work in a remote post office as a couple of kiwi birds. If that sounds like something you and a friend will enjoy then don't hesitate to pick this wonderful indie up. It's more fun than popping bubble wrap!

KeyWe Review Award image →
KeyWe screenshot
It's cheap labour but these hard-working birds don't seem to mind
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards October 2021
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