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Indie Game of the Month Awards September 2020

Games that will leave a Legacy

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's time yet again to shine the spotlight on some truly stand-out indie games so here are my 12 favourite games from September.

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OkunoKA Madness 2D Platformer of the Month

OkunoKA Madness follows in the tradition of Super Meat Boy yet it consists of large stages that you must utilize nifty abilities to master. For those who love super-challenging indies that'll test their gaming mettle, you certainly can't do much better than this indie gem. v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

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OkunoKA Madness screenshot
Why do those saw guys want to stop me so badly?

Alwa's Legacy Metroidvania of the Month

I love when indie developers step up their game and create sequels that outdo their previous efforts and with that in mind, Alwa's Legacy is a fantastic follow-up to Elden Pixels' Alwa's Awakening. For the unfamiliar, you play as Zoe who goes on an extraordinary Metroidvania adventure. What Alwa's Legacy accomplishes that few games in the genre do is allow you to explore its game world at your leisure while it remains exciting to explore every nook and cranny. Throw in a bunch of cool abilities that frequently make traversal feel like a series of puzzles and you're left with one charming and innovative Metroidvania adventure.

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Alwa's Legacy screenshot
I prefer taking the elevator, too

GORSD Multiplayer Game of the Month

GORSD may be the most underrated game from September as it offers intense arcade-style battles with impressively unique gameplay. Trying to paint the battlefield requires a lot of quick-thinking, strategy, and skill and it all adds up to one fantastic multiplayer formula.

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GORSD screenshot
It may look simple but these battles are intense!

Journey of the Broken Circle Casual Game of the Month

Journey of the Broken Circle is a heartwarming tale with accessible gameplay and it's hard not to relate to a circle with a wedge missing who's desperately trying to become whole. Rolling around and utilizing quirky upgrades makes for one varied and lovely campaign.

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Journey of the Broken Circle screenshot
That's why I keep eating salt water taffy

Paradise Killer Adventure Game of the Month

Not many detective games actually make you feel like a detective yet Paradise Killer's open campaign where you interrogate a cast full of oddballs will compel you to solve the mysteries at hand. It's definitely a crazy game and one that all adventure game fans should play.

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Paradise Killer screenshot
Why would I trust a fellow who clearly doesn't have a heart?

Kingdom Rush Origins Strategy Game of the Month

The Kingdom Rush series is full of phenomenal tower defense games and it's awesome that they're now releasing on Switch. Kingdom Rush Origins is a welcome addition to the line-up so if you enjoyed the other 2 then you're sure to have a blast with this, too.

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Kingdom Rush Origins screenshot
I wish these baddies would stop trying to invade my little treetop village...

No Straight Roads Genre-blender of the Month

No Straight Roads is one of those games that took me completely off guard. Its gameplay combines 3D platforming, beat 'em up combat, and rhythm mechanics which helps flesh out its highly imaginative and colourful game world. It's indie originality at its best.

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No Straight Roads screenshot
Mayday and Zuke sure know how to slide into action!

Hotshot Racing Racing Game of the Month

As a long-time racing game fan, Hotshot Racing took me back to the days when Ridge Racer was the epitome of racing fun and I thoroughly enjoyed its tight gameplay, minimal stylish visuals, and awesome music. Plus, there's a wonderful cast of characters, too.

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Hotshot Racing screenshot
Who said racing games need to look realistic anyway?

Hades Roguelike of the Month

I'm sure everyone has either played Hades or at least heard of it and its popularity is well-deserved as it offers open-ended combat that rewards experimentation while being set in a brilliant game world. Do you have what it takes to escape the Underworld?

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Hades screenshot
Chaos seems like a friendly chum

Ginga Force Shoot 'em Up of the Month

Ginga Force is another game that took me by surprise. As a shmup fan of over 20 years, I tend to be quite critical of the genre yet Ginga Force blew me away with its captivating cinematic qualities, fun customization mechanics, and tight shooting gameplay.

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Ginga Force screenshot
Oh, I don't plan on calling it quits any time soon!

Tamiku Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

Another thing that game developers do which always wins me over is create a retro-style game that feels authentic yet is completely original. Tamiku's balloon-bursting campaign is full of delightful single-screen action and I highly recommend it to any arcade fan.

Tamiku Review Award image →
Tamiku screenshot
Will this win story of the year as well? Probably...

Touhou Luna Nights Indie Game of the Month

Finally, the overall best indie game from September is definitely Touhou Luna Nights. As a huge fan of Symphony of the Night, its aesthetics immediately clicked with me and on top of that, its clever use of time manipulation is absolutely incredible. If you enjoy 2D action adventure games with a strong strategic element then you're sure to love what Touhou Luna Nights has to offer.

Touhou Luna Nights Review Award image →
Touhou Luna Nights screenshot
No blade can defeat Sakuya Izayoi!
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards September 2020
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