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Indie Game of the Month Awards September 2021

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With so many wonderful indies released in September, catch up on the very best with our awards in 12 distinct categories. Have fun!

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Aragami 2 Action Game of the Month

Aragami 2 may be a stealth game but it's also full of action as you carefully sneak around while dispatching enemy after enemy. This arcade-style approach makes for a ton of fun so if you want fast-paced stealth then this is one game that you need to check out. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Aragami 2 Review Award image →
Aragami 2 screenshot
How could such a sneaky game be so action-packed?

Centipede: Recharged Co-op Game of the Month

As a reimagining of Atari's classic arcade game, Centipede: Recharged offers oodles of fun via its arcade mode and supplementary missions. Although it's entertaining to play by yourself, getting a friend to tag along makes the gameplay really shine, especially because you have the ability to revive each other. So, if you have a friend who enjoys arcade static shooters as much as you do then you'll have a blast shooting all sorts of bugs and mushrooms in Centipede: Recharged. I hope to see you on the online leaderboards!

Centipede: Recharged Review Award image →
Centipede: Recharged screenshot
Blasting 'shrooms and bugs is more fun with a friend

Bonfire Peaks Puzzle Game of the Month

Practical puzzle games where you have to think outside of the box aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love them and Bonfire Peaks is one of the best. Plus, its eye-popping visuals and odd premise of burning all your stuff make its enjoyable campaign even more fun.

Bonfire Peaks Review Award image →
Bonfire Peaks screenshot
If I rest for a bit, maybe the solution will come to me

Lake Casual Game of the Month

Sometimes, all you want to do is relax as you experience a cozy story and for that, I can't recommend Lake enough. The branching plot where you form relationships with a variety of townspeople makes it a lovely game to watch unfold. Then, you can play it all again.

Lake Review Award image →
Lake screenshot
I don't think this fellow is gaming correctly

Lost in Random Genre-blender of the Month

Innovative genre-blenders are hard to come by but Lost in Random does a lot to stand out. From its action RPG gameplay to its card-based combat and real-time strategy board game arenas, there are a lot of elements to this indie gem and it all works together great.

Lost in Random Review Award image →
Lost in Random screenshot
Even goes to the mayor

SkateBIRD Sports Game of the Month

I might be one of a few gamers who thoroughly enjoyed SkateBIRD but I stand by that as it's one unique skateboarding game. After adapting to its slightly unconventional gameplay, I had a ton of fun mastering its many missions and it's super-cute and funny to boot!

SkateBIRD Review Award image →
SkateBIRD screenshot
This feathered fellow is no Tony Hawk but at least he's not published by Activision

Spelunky Roguelike of the Month

It feels like Spelunky released forever ago but it only just received a Switch port and it has held up even better than you'd assume it would. Figuring out its many traps and enemies is still a great deal of fun so if you enjoy challenging 2D action then it's a must-play.

Spelunky Review Award image →
Spelunky screenshot
It's been around a long time but Spelunky's back and award-worthy

Weapon of Choice DX Twin-stick Shooter of the Month

Weapon of Choice DX is a mind-blowing game with its psychedelic visuals, rocking soundtrack, and action-intense gameplay. In fact, it makes for such a great time that I couldn't put it down until I completed every single path through its story campaign.

Weapon of Choice DX Review Award image →
Weapon of Choice DX screenshot
What the heck is that thing and where did it come from?

Espgaluda II Shoot 'em Up of the Month

As another long-lost treasure that finally got a Switch port, Espgaluda II is a phenomenal shoot 'em up that genre veterans will absolutely love, especially considering just how intricately its many systems work together to make for one exhilarating arcade experience.

Espgaluda II Review Award image →
Espgaluda II screenshot
No one said this was going to be easy...

Flynn: Son of Crimson Retro-Inspired Game of the Month

I can't say enough good things about Flynn: Son of Crimson. It's the sort of game that came out of nowhere and knocked my socks off. I was specifically blown away by its variety of gameplay elements that add up to one jam-packed 2D action game; a true indie gem!

Flynn: Son of Crimson Review Award image →
Flynn: Son of Crimson screenshot
Feel Flynn's steel!

Traffic Jams VR Game of the Month

There are many unique formulas made just for VR yet I've never played anything quite like Traffic Jams. Having to simply point at folks then raise your hand to make them stop or wave them through sounds simple yet it's one frantic game that's full of hilarity.

Traffic Jams Review Award image →
Traffic Jams screenshot
Won't you take me to...

Aeon Drive Indie Game of the Month

Last but not least, the overall best indie game from September 2021 is Aeon Drive. I love intricately-designed 2D stages and this indie has you try to find the most efficient way through them so you can climb the leaderboards and be the fastest player in the world. As if that's not awesome enough, you have some incredible abilities like a dagger that you can warp to and there are oodles of collectibles, too!

Aeon Drive Review Award image →
Aeon Drive screenshot
Jackelyne wins indie game of the month just in the nick of time
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Gameplay video playlist for Indie Game of the Month Awards September 2021
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