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Indie Game of the Year Awards 2018

The best indies for console this year

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There sure have been a ton of amazing indie games in 2018 so here are our favourite ones in 9 categories.

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Hollow Knight screenshot
This knight's journey is far from hollow

These first 3 categories are for hardcore experiences that veteran gamers will surely appreciate. v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

Hollow Knight Metroidvania of the Year

Metroidvania games don't get much more memorable or haunting than the moody and rewarding Hollow Knight. Its combat is visceral, the world is gorgeous, and there's just enough sinister atmosphere to keep you on edge from start to finish. Although there have been a lot in 2018, Hollow Knight is our Metroidvania of the year.

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Death's Gambit Souls-like of the Year

Souls-like may be a divisive term but let's face it; it's a genre now. For some reason, many Souls-likes are 2D and Death's Gambit is a highly underrated game that fits this description. Although it suffered from many bugs upon release, what's here makes for an undeniably challenging, captivating, and satisfying journey. As a result, Death's Gambit is our Souls-like of the year.

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Everspace Roguelike of the Year

When you think of Roguelikes, space combat games usually don't come to mind. However, Everspace is a phenomenal experience that'll thoroughly test your abilities to plan ahead and use your wits to emerge from epic encounters in space unscathed. As yet another extremely underrated indie, Everspace deserves to be our roguelike of the year.

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Unravel Two screenshot
These yarny friends unravel one great adventure

Next up, these few categories cater to more casual gamers while still offering satisfying challenges.

Unravel Two Co-op Game of the Year

The original Unravel remains one of the best and most unique 2D games ever created and gamers weren't expecting the sequel to be so different. Thankfully, it surpassed expectations and the result is one masterfully accomplished cooperative adventure that'll have you and a friend working through super-tricky situations in its beautiful world. Unravel Two is undoubtedly our co-op game of the year.

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Aegis Defenders Tower Defense Game of the Year

As another co-op game, Aegis Defenders has you and pal gather resources then unleash everything you have to slaughter hordes of monsters that encroach on a point of interest which you must protect at all costs. It combines action and exploration perfectly only to crescendo in epic tower defense battles. Without question, Aegis Defenders is our tower defense game of the year.

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Yoku's Island Express Genre-blender of the Year

Game developers don't get enough credit for cleverly combining genres so we made an award just for that. Yoku's Island Express mixes a Metroidvania world with pinball gameplay to craft an undeniably addictive campaign that's full of adorable sights and sounds. No game has blended genres as well as Yoku's Island Express so it's our genre-blender of the year.

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Bridge Constructor Portal screenshot
If you thought the test chambers in Portal were hard, you haven't played Bridge Constructor!

Finally, these last few games are sure to provide memorable indie fun. Plus, you can see which title won our indie game of the year.

Bridge Constructor Portal Crossover of the Year

The Bridge Constructor franchise contains my favourite construction-based puzzle games while Portal offers mind-bending puzzles presented in ingenious scenarios. So, when you combine the two; you're left with a must-have super-tough stage-based puzzler that'll put your grey cells to the test. As such a clever concoction, Bridge Constructor Portal is our crossover of the year.

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Octahedron 2D Platformer of the Year

Speaking of clever games, Octahedron is a 2D platformer where you deploy your own platforms. It may sound simple but the gameplay changes dramatically throughout the campaign thus offering a refreshing and constantly exciting dynamic that'll keep you hooked. When you factor in the large amount of content, awesome music, and distinct visual style, Octahedron is our 2D platformer of the year.

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Dead Cells Indie Game of the Year

Dead Cells is not only the best indie game of the year, it's one of the greatest indies of all time. Its combat and controls are spot-on while the opportunities to enhance your character are plentiful and satisfying. The imaginative combination of procedurally generated and predefined stage designs is just the icing on the cake. Congrats, Dead Cells; you're our indie game of the year!

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