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Innovative Indie Games (Part 3)

5 creative indie endeavours

A.J. Maciejewski

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Indie games that push boundaries to offer something new are a treat so allow me to introduce a handful of nifty indies.

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Clumsy Rush Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Games that have inherently frustrating controls are pretty much their own genre at this point and Clumsy Rush is a very fun example. v1d30chumz 34-239-154-240

Clumsy Rush screenshot
These jelly hippos sure are hard to control...

Clumsy Rush has you and a friend race through obstacle courses. However, winning is definitely not as simple as it sounds. For starters, you play as hippos that are extremely difficult to effectively move. You basically tap 2 shoulder buttons to make their left and right legs swing which results in your hippo rotating. Figuring out how to walk straight is a steep challenge as the longer you hold the buttons down, the more they'll swing their legs. Also, before crossing the finish line, you must collect a crown that has the tendency to run away. Thankfully, you can dash but you can't dash when wearing the crown or else it'll fall off. All of this works together very well to create a laughter-filled competitive funfest but it's very disappointing that only 2 players can compete simultaneously. The gameplay also wears a little thin after a while as once you experience all of the hazards and gimmicks, it becomes quite repetitious.

If you want a silly indie to play with a friend then Clumsy Rush makes for a rather enjoyable yet short-lived competition.

Clumsy Rush gameplay video →

Touring Karts Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

As a fan of kart racers, the idea of playing one in VR excited me and thankfully, Touring Karts delivers the goods.

Touring Karts screenshot
Kart racing in VR is wild stuff!

Touring Karts may not be the most visceral kart racer but its simple gameplay is highly enjoyable. The main twist is that you can combine any 2 power-ups to create new ones which allows for a vast array of cool items that help mix the gameplay up. All of that being said, Touring Karts' main appeal is definitely its VR implementation which is absolutely fantastic. Simply racing on the tracks and being able to look around had me hooked right off the bat and once I saw tracks changing as I played and witnessed plenty of funny animated backgrounds, the whole experience really wowed me. When you factor in 8 player online multiplayer, upgradable vehicles, enjoyable challenges to master, and a wealth of control options, you're left with one fully-featured must-have VR kart racer.

Overall, Touring Karts is such a great VR kart racer that I hope to see many more similar games down the road.

Touring Karts gameplay video →

Must Dash Amigos Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Racing games where you run around aren't very common, especially overhead ones so let's check out Must Dash Amigos.

Must Dash Amigos screenshot
Hurry; the pinatas are gaining on you!

Must Dash Amigos is yet another simple racing game. You essentially run around courses as a goofy character while using power-ups and trying to outrun your opponents as well as stampeding enemies. It's such a basic and intuitive formula and for the most part, it works well enough. That being said, the simplicity of it all makes it rather monotonous after a while and some track segments are downright irritating such as areas where you can easily fall into water, etc. On the plus side, you can play with up to 4 local players and there's a bonus battle mode where you can fight your friends in fun arena battles. I also enjoy the silly lighthearted aesthetic of it all.

There are many better racing games out there but Must Dash Amigos is definitely unique enough to warrant a few rounds.

Must Dash Amigos gameplay video →

Avicii Invector Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

There's a wide variety of rhythm games out there but I bet you haven't played anything quite like Avicii Invector before.

Avicii Invector screenshot
I suck at this game but it's still a blast to play

To be quite frank, I've never been a fan of Avicii's tunes even though I generally love electronic music. With that said, it's very sad that Avicii left us at such a young age yet his legacy lives on in many ways. One such way is this fantastic rhythm game! Speaking of which, Avicii Invector is simple to learn yet difficult to master. On the surface, you merely tap buttons to the rhythm. Some of these prompts will have you jump to different surfaces of triangle tunnels so if you miss these, you'll have to hop there on your own so you don't miss more prompts. Some sections will have you soar through the air without prompts as you try and fly through rings. Needless to say, all of this comes together to create one unique formula and it's great fun to master. Heck, there's even a weird story thrown into the mix.

Fans of rhythm games or Avicii or both definitely need to play Avicii Invector with its unique and creative spin on the genre.

Avicii Invector trailer →

Last Labyrinth Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If you enjoy escape rooms and want a substantial dose of horror mixed in, you need to give Last Labyrinth a try.

Last Labyrinth screenshot
If you ever wanted to master an escape room with a strange little girl, play this

I didn't know what to expect when I started playing Last Labyrinth. For the unfamiliar, it's a VR game and unfortunately, you can't play it without a headset. Anyway, upon starting it, I was rather impressed with its extremely dark setting and strange premise. You play as a person bound to a wheelchair and the only thing you can do is look around and flash a laser pointer. Doing so makes a little girl who speaks a made-up language go to things and ask you if you want her to interact with something. Once you nod your head, she'll do things like open a door, push a button, or pull a lever. The puzzle rooms themselves are very tricky to figure out and whether you do or not, the resulting scene will have you on the edge of your seat as you'll either have a near-death experience or just perish. It can be brutal to watch and I had to close my eyes at a few parts but I'll be darned if it isn't an incredible and immersive game.

Last Labyrinth is simply a wonderful VR game for escape room enthusiasts with its challenging puzzles and dire situations.

Last Labyrinth gameplay video →
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