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Iris.Fall: A Step-by-Step Guide

Master light and shadow

A.J. Maciejewski

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Iris Fall may not be a long game but it's definitely perplexing at times so I wrote this walkthrough to help you figure out how to complete each of its 8 chapters. Plus, depending on your console, you'll earn a shiny platinum trophy or every single achievement by the end.

Iris.Fall: Intro screenshot
Prepare for a journey filled with light and shadow

Chapter 1

  1. Head left down the stairs then transform into a shadow when prompted and transform back after the bridge
  2. After the scene, run left, enter shadow form, and collect the item from the platform
  3. Go right and use the item on the central device to erect a platform then head up the ramp in shadow and exit the room
  4. In the dark room, examine the picture in the back, take the gear from the right side of the seesaw then place it on the left side, and ascend the ramp as a shadow to collect a puppet
  5. Interact with the 3 buttons on the table, move the bottom object to the right position and the other 2 all the way to the left, and collect another puppet at the top
  6. Place the princess puppet on the left of the stage, the prince on the right, and position them as seen in the photos above them (you may have to increase the brightness setting to see) then exit
Iris.Fall: Chapter 1 screenshot
Yes, puzzles get much trickier than this!

Chapter 2

  1. Turn into a shadow on the right to collect a cog then place the cog on the machine
  2. Solve the puzzles in the machine by moving the wires into place then pressing the buttons (see screenshot below)
  3. Enter the room up the ramp, place the rod in the top-right contraption, interact with the bottom-right contraption, and go up the stairs with the newly-formed ramp
  4. At the top, arrange the stairs so you can climb to the top-right, arrange them again so you can go to the bottom, and move them again there so your shadow can progress
Iris.Fall: Chapter 2 screenshot
Even though this is solved, it still doesn't look safe

Chapter 3

  1. Interact with the right lever on the circle 3 times and the left one twice then pick up the item at the bottom of the circle
  2. Place the item in the robot's hand then use the levers in front of it in this order: left, right, left, left, right, right, right
  3. Ascend the clock hands, walk into the bucket to the left of the fireplace for a trophy / achievement, and then interact with the puzzle at the back
  4. Move ahead 4 times by pressing: leaf, arrow; lightning, night, arrow; leaf, lightning, arrow; night, arrow
  5. Interact with the toy bear and press leaf, night, leaf, night, use the second lever at the top, and then the top-right one 4 times
  6. Examine the pictures to clean them and exit the level via the fireplace
Iris.Fall: Chapter 3 screenshot
Time to solve another puzzle

Chapter 4

  1. Solve the 3 puzzles on the cat statue by making pictures then pressing the right button (see screenshot below)
  2. On the bridge, stand close to the lights to shut down the eyes in this order: 6, 4, 1, 3, 7, 5, and 2
  3. Become a shadow, interact with the right gear 2 times, move left and press right 3 times, move right one and press right twice, move right and push right, move right twice and push left, and then move right twice and push right
  4. Transform back to your normal self and head right to complete the level
Iris.Fall: Chapter 4 screenshot
Assembling these pictures is less straightforward than it looks

Chapter 5

  1. For a trophy / achievement, run up to the cat 3 times and when you're done, interact with the controls in the middle
  2. To solve this puzzle, move the lamp right and press it, move it up twice and press, left and press, down twice and press, left and press, up twice and press, right once and press, and then move it down twice and press
  3. The cube puzzle that emerges can be solved by interacting with the fourth, fifth, and then third options
  4. Head up the stairs for another cube puzzle where you use options 1, 4, 5, 4 twice, and then 5 before solving another one ahead with 3, 5 thrice, 4, and 5 and then exit via the door
Iris.Fall: Chapter 5 screenshot
I wish I got more trophies for chasing kitties around

Chapter 6

  1. Go down the stairs then interact with the podium to place a book on it and reveal a puzzle with 3 rotatable nodes
  2. Interact with only the right-hand options for each node as follows: right twice, top, right twice, top twice, left thrice, top 5 times, right thrice, top, right thrice, and top thrice
  3. Examine the typewriter to your left and push options 2, 4, 3, 1, and then 3 and collect the shoe
  4. In the newly-revealed room, turn the light on from the ground, pick up the 3 butterflies, place the small one on the right hook, the large one on the center hook, and the last one then pick up the bell
  5. Enter the dark panel on the column, use the gears to slide the light, press the floor button, and grab the lantern as a shadow from the top of the puppet
  6. Press the floor button again, hang the lantern on the hook, interact with the gears again, and collect the teapot
  7. Back in the main room, place the bell in the contraption, press the right button, place the shoe, press the right button again, place the teapot, and rotate the wheel twice then move ahead to complete the level
Iris.Fall: Chapter 6 screenshot
I'd read but the pages are blank

Chapter 7

  1. Press the corresponding button for the cat bookmark in the top-right then flip between the pages (you can earn a trophy / achievement by flipping through more than 10 times)
  2. Select the middle page, enter the portal at the end, and collect the paper doll
  3. When back, choose the bottom page, enter the left portal, and collect the lollipop
  4. Run to the far right, select the top page, and enter the portal at the top for a music note
  5. Switch to the bottom page, stand in front of the eye door, select the middle page, and enter the top-right portal for a button
  6. Enter the eye door, place the lollipop in the glass receptacle, and then put the button on the puppet, the music note at the top, the paper doll on the floor, and the music note at the top again for another trophy / achievement
Iris.Fall: Chapter 7 screenshot
I didn't know M.C. Escher designed video games

Chapter 8

  1. Examine the machine, ascend the left stairs, use the levers to move the front platform all the way left, run left, and then press the button as a shadow
  2. Back at the levers, move the back platform left once, and then press another button as your shadow
  3. Move column 2 right, the front platform right 5 times, and press the third button which is on column 3
  4. Slide the front platform right twice and then press the fourth button which is on the back wall
  5. Move the front platform left once, the middle platform right 6 times, and columns 2 and 3 left then press the fifth button
  6. Finally, move the 2 front platforms and column 5 all the way right then exit up the ramp and across the bridge
  7. Keep moving ahead and interact with the puzzle at the end then solve the first one by placing the top doll in the top-right and the bottom one in the bottom-left
  8. For the next puzzle, place the left doll in the fourth available square on the top row, the center one in the bottom-right, and the right one in the bottom-left with 1 empty space below and to the left of it
  9. For simplicity's sake, the final puzzle solution can be seen in the screenshot below
  10. Run to the left, turn into a shadow, go right to be blocked by a puppet (required for an achievement), exit the shadow segment, head right, move the left slab 5 times, and the right one once
  11. Pull the lever, slide the large slab left 4 times, enter the shadow portion again, and ascend the ramp to your right
  12. Go over the bridge to snag a triangle, place it in its slot on the left of the bridge, press it, get the circle to your left, insert and press it, and collect the square to the right as a shadow
  13. Press the circle again, insert the square and press it twice, press the triangle, and move left as a shadow to be blocked and receive a trophy / achievement for your efforts
  14. Exit shadow form, head left, pull the lever, ascend the stairs, collect the lamp to your right, place it in the holder to your right, and insert another lamp to your right
  15. Collect the first lamp that you placed, go up the ramp as a shadow then remain in shadow form, place the lamp in the holder, run all the way right, collect the second lamp, and exit shadow form
  16. Place the lamp in the far left holder then interact with the new panel and press right then left for another trophy / achievement
  17. Press left one more time, enter the mouth, and interact with the bed to complete the game - congrats!
Iris.Fall: Chapter 8 screenshot
This looks a lot more complicated than it is
Gameplay video for Iris.Fall thumbnail
Gameplay video for Iris.Fall
Which amiibo Are You?

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