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JoyMasher on Blazing Chrome

Bringing back the spirit of Contra and Metal Slug

A.J. Maciejewski

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Retro-loving indie devs JoyMasher already wowed gamers with Oniken and Odallus but now, they're taking their talents to the run 'n' gun genre. I recently asked them a few questions about their upcoming game Blazing Chrome so let's see what they had to say.

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Blazing Chrome screenshot 1
I hope that blue goop isn't poisonous!

[A.J.] Hello. Can you tell us about you and your team at JoyMasher? v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

[Danilo] For Blazing Chrome, we're actually only three people working full time: Thaís Weiller (producer), Iuri Nery (programmer), and me, Danilo Dias (artist). As you guys can see, we're a very small team and we love retro games!

[A.J.] Your upcoming game Blazing Chrome certainly wears its influences on its sleeve as it looks like a continuation of the Contra series yet features some visual touches clearly inspired by Metal Slug. What elements do you feel will make it stand out as a unique game?

[Danilo] We added a lot of different stuff in Blazing Chrome: the fast gameplay and visuals of Contra, the vehicles of Metal Slug, some stages with mechanics inspired by the bike section of Battletoads and there's even a faux 3D stage totally based on Space Harrier. As with our previous games, this mix of different influences is our recipe for a fun game that is not a clone of a specific game but the sum of parts that we love from lots of them.

Blazing Chrome screenshot 2
That lone robot soldier doesn't stand a chance

[A.J.] Blazing Chrome looks like an authentic SNES-era run 'n' gun experience. To what extent did you go to ensure its authenticity? Were there any 16-bit limitations that you had to break?

[Thaís] We maybe broke some rules with the amount of small particles onscreen but nothing really big. We've tried to stick with a graphic level that resembles something between a Sega Mega Drive and a crazy Sega arcade board. That's why we didn't use any bloom effects or alpha transparencies. We stuck with most of the limitations of that era and even tried to keep 64 colors onscreen like the old Mega Drive.

Blazing Chrome's influences

To whet your appetite for this super-fun run 'n' gun experience, be sure to read Alex's Contra III: The Alien Wars retrospective as well as my reviews of Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, and Metal Slug 3.

[A.J.] From what I heard in the trailers, Blazing Chrome's music is very similar to the soundtrack of the original Mega Man X. Were there any other musical influences in composing its soundtrack?

[Danilo] Yeah, there are also influences from some Konami games like Sunset Riders and even TMNT (haha). We used a lot of different styles of music in our soundtrack and our music guys (Dominic Ninmark and Tiago Santos) are very talented!

Blazing Chrome screenshot 3
Eat my laser, you Tremors-looking son-of-a!

[A.J.] Vehicles and weapons allow run 'n' gun games to diversify their core gameplay. What firearms and vehicles are you most excited to see gamers play around with in Blazing Chrome?

[Danilo] I really like to see people playing with the energy whip (hahaha). Everyone laughs a lot and says something like "Whoa, this is pretty cool!" and as for vehicles, everyone during PAX had a good time using the mecha suit while destroying everything. It is super-nice to see people having such a good time.

[A.J.] Haha, awesome. Co-op arcade-style games have implemented all sorts of continues / lives systems over the years. How will this work in Blazing Chrome?

[Thaís] We used the same system as old games. If you run out of lives, you can borrow some lives from your friend. Continues are unlimited and if both of you get a game over, you restart the level at the area where you died. That's why all stages have three areas; it works like a checkpoint system.

Blazing Chrome screenshot 4
Why not shoot enemies from as many angles as possible?

[A.J.] Will there be any references to your past games (Odallus or Oniken) that fans can look out for in Blazing Chrome?

[Danilo] There are lots of references from Oniken (hehehe). You guys just have to look out for it!

[A.J.] Contra is remembered for a lot of reasons and one memorable aspect is its use of the Konami code. Will Blazing Chrome have a similar cheat or any other Easter eggs that players can keep an eye out for when they get a chance to play the game?

[Thaís] We didn't put any cheat codes in but Blazing Chrome has a lot of unlockables so be prepared for lots of extra content.

Blazing Chrome screenshot 5
Why run 'n' gun when you can hoverbike 'n' gun?

I personally can't wait for Blazing Chrome to finally release. Are you looking forward to it? Let's chat in the comments below!

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Blazing Chrome: Mission 4 Gameplay
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