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Jurassic World Evolution: Isla Matanceros Guide

Conquer the first of the Five Deaths

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Jurassic World Evolution tries to capture the magic of the film franchise by handing you the keys to your very own dinosaur theme park. Managing your park can be tricky business but if you've played roller coaster sims, you'll definitely have an easier time.

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You can make the dinosaur theme park of your dreams!

Starting out

You have to build your dinosaur park on a chain of islands called Las Cinco Muertes which is Spanish for "The Five Deaths". Why is it called that when there are clearly six islands? Anyway, the first island is Isla Matanceros, a sunny island with a good amount of park infrastructure already in place. It's the perfect spot to test your skills before you move on to less hospitable locales. Isla Matanceros is exactly what a tutorial mission should be: a place where you can experiment without getting overly punished. I'm impressed! v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

The first order of business is to build a Hammond Creation Lab which is where you use genomes to incubate and release dinosaurs. The first available dinosaur is the bird-like Struthiomimus. By selecting a dinosaur with the cursor, you can also view important metrics like hunger, thirst, health, and population. As you can see, the enclosure already has a good balance of water, forest, and grassland.

Make sure you build an herbivore feeder immediately. Dinosaurs need food, after all. Next, you should incubate a few more Struthiomimus as most dinosaurs need companions of their own species. After that, you can populate the enclosure with some other species. Be sure you only release herbivores into the starting pen and you should eventually make a second enclosure for your carnivores.

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If your dinosaurs aren't comfortable, they'll try to break out of their enclosures

Making new buildings

Every time you make a new building, there are two things that you always have to do: make a path leading to the entrance and power the building. Making a path is simple enough but providing power to your new building can be expensive. If it's not in range of your existing power grid, you may have to build a new substation. Substations expand your power grid but they have to be connected with power lines. Besides the Hammond Creation Lab, you'll also want to build an Expedition Centre, an ACU, a Ranger Base, guests facilities (like a clothes shop and a fast food restaurant), a couple viewing areas, and finally, a hotel.

Finding genomes

After you hatch a few dinosaurs, you'll soon be asked to find more genomes. First, you need to build an Expedition Centre. Then, you can send a team of archaeologists to different fossil sites around the world. After they return, you should study the fossils to discover new genomes and increase their viability. Each genome needs at least 50% viability to hatch dinosaurs and the more viability you have, the more likely new dinosaurs will hatch.

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More complete genomes = higher incubation success rate

Using the ranger base and ACU to deal with alerts

You must build an Asset Containment Unit (ACU) and a Ranger Base. The ACU is needed to tranquilise dinosaurs, move them back to their pens, and remove dead ones. Ranger bases are handy for medicating dinosaurs, resupplying feeders, and taking photographs. You can send the teams to do these tasks automatically or pilot the vehicles yourself. The management view is a very useful tool to find out which areas of your park need attention. Everything from sick dinosaurs to containment breaches are indicated with red icons. Use the shoulder buttons to easily select the ACU or a ranger team to send them to the areas that require attention.

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The three divisions offer new unlocks if you complete contracts for them

Research and contracts

Research in Jurassic World Evolution can be accessed either by scrolling through the menu or by selecting the science lab building. It's exactly what it sounds like: you pay a bunch of money, wait a while, and once completed, they offer new and permanent benefits. You'll definitely want a couple of essential upgrades like the ability to construct hotels for your guests.

You'll also be asked to take contracts which are various tasks given to you by the science, entertainment, and security divisions. Contracts aren't essential for the functioning of the park but they'll give you money for each contract you complete, increase your reputation with one of the three divisions, and decrease your reputation with the other two. Gaining reputation lets you unlock new things but beware because the other divisions might sabotage your operation if you neglect them too much.

Jurassic World Evolution: Isla Matanceros screenshot 5
If you want to improve your park rating, head to the island rating menu

After you create lots of different dinosaurs (with a second enclosure in place for your carnivores), some guest facilities, and a hotel (and assuming nothing disastrous happens), you should see your park rating skyrocket. Once your park reaches three stars, you should unlock the next park: Isla Muerta. After you reach four stars, you'll unlock Isla Nublar. If you've done everything in this guide and still don't have a three star park rating, click on your park's rating in the menu and you should see an overview of what the park is doing well and what still needs to be done. As always, if you have any questions or tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments below.

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