Lego Dimensions: Series 1 Level Pack Review Roundup

Lego Dimensions: Series 1 Level Pack Review Roundup

A six-pack of blocky fun

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Now that all six series 1 Level Packs for Lego Dimensions have been released, I revisited our Lego friends in this comprehensive guide for every single set. To learn even more about each pack, be sure to visit the links to my reviews that are located within every section.

The Simpsons

Simpsons in Lego form is just as fun and colourful as the cartoon. This Level Pack has you re-enacting the events of The Simpsons episode "The Mysterious Voyage of Homer". In the adventure world, you whip around Springfield as Homer in the pink family car taking breaks to watch some Itchy & Scratchy on the familiar family TV. Fans of The Simpsons were given a lot of eye candy in this expansion, although it lacked some notable Springfield locations and a few voices from the main cast.

The Simpsons Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: The Simpsons Level Pack screenshot
I'm glad Marge wasn't around when Homer decided to drive on the lawn

Portal 2

Chell is again taken to the depths of a secret research facility where she must solve complex puzzles with her trusty Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and Weighted Companion Cube. Playing these puzzles in miniature form is almost as enjoyable as the Portal 2 game itself, but definitely cuter. Once you find your way out of the level, you'll be sure to get lost in the crazy complex multi-tiered layout of the adventure world and wish you had a Lego map!

Portal 2 Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Portal 2 Level Pack screenshot
It's nice to see Chell get along with a Sentry Turret

Back to the Future

TT Games paired with the makers of the Back to the Future franchise to release this bricky iteration close to the celebration of Back to the Future Day 2015. Glide around on your hoverboard as Marty McFly through Hill Valley in 1895, 1985 and 2015. Being able to enjoy the adventure world in all three times is a hoot, but the level seems to focus more on video clips than it does gameplay.

Back to the Future Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Back to the Future Level Pack screenshot
Marty never knows what Doc is up to but it's probably something cool

Doctor Who

Doctor Who puts Marty McFly's time travel to shame by utilizing his mighty Tardis in this Level Pack. Being able to play as all 12 doctors helped in putting this add-on to the top of my list of recommended Level Packs. It's a blast scooting around many familiar settings from the series on the back of K-9 in the adventure world. Also, being able to fight Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Daleks in the new level is just awesome. Hopefully you won't miss the doctor's sidekick as she doesn't play much of a role.

Doctor Who Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Doctor Who Level Pack screenshot
A Cyberman and Dalek admire Doctor Who's dog show


Just when the Ghostbusters movie franchise is getting a reboot, this Level Pack is released to whet your appetite while you wait for the new summer blockbuster. The story level and adventure world leaves a lot to be desired and mostly has you running and driving around a dull cityscape as Ghostbuster Peter Venkman (who sounds like he's stuck in a ghost chamber himself). Battling the oh so cute giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is the level's highlight, yet driving the Ecto-1 with the siren wailing has its charms, too.

Ghostbusters Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters Level Pack screenshot
The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a lot smaller than I remember...

Midway Arcade

Boasting the most content overall, this Level Pack contains 23 full retro arcade games (even if they aren't controlled as well as they could have been). Though the level is short and rather dull, the adventure world is where this Level Pack shines. Creating a totally new world out of many classic arcade game franchises was a great idea and exceptionally well executed. You'll enjoy flying around this expansive amalgamation of all things Midway for hours of retro-style gaming fun.

Midway Arcade Level Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Midway Arcade Level Pack screenshot
I sure hope they accept plastic quarters at this arcade
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