Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Story Pack Review Roundup

Lego Dimensions: Series 2 Story Pack Review Roundup

Beasts, busters, and Batman

Mary Billington

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With Lego Dimensions having a fresh type of pack in its series 2 lineup, I've spent a lot of time playing through all of the new content. Here, I'll break down each Story Pack and provide links to my reviews for each one so please, enjoy!

Fantastic Beasts

With the launch of J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts movie, this Story Pack complemented its release. The included gateway was a lot of fun to assemble and it looks swanky and even has some cool movable parts. It's definitely the most interesting one out there. Anyway, the magician Newt Scamander and the handy mole Niffler provide quite a wealth of abilities, making them some handy characters to have on your portal. Running around 1920s New York sure looks cool but the adventure world leaves something to be desired when compared to the more interesting and varied options out there.

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Fantastic Beasts Story Pack screenshot
Newt Scamander brings some magic to New York City


It became clear that there would be a theme to the Story Packs when they unveiled yet another one based on a brand new movie. This pack provides a new gateway for you to build and place on your portal along with the charming Abby Yates and a miniature Ecto-1 vehicle. Each level was a Lego representation of a scene or two from the movie and it packed in quite a few entertaining boss fights to boot. Again, the adventure world wasn't all that special as it didn't really bring anything new to the table.

Ghostbusters Story Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: Ghostbusters Story Pack screenshot
Abby Yates is eager to start busting ghosts

The Lego Batman Movie

Fans of Lego Dimensions were treated to two characters in this pack (Batgirl and Robin), making it the best value out of all the available packs at the time of its release. Of course, the Batwing figurine was included as well as yet another gateway to build. The gateway is quite lackluster, however, and is absent of any interesting features. Keeping in line with The Lego Batman Movie itself, there are many hilarious moments to enjoy and a multitude of cameos from other franchises' characters. As a result, there are a lot of laughs to be had despite the levels feeling a little on the short side.

The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack Review
Lego Dimensions: The Lego Batman Movie Story Pack screenshot
Batgirl tries to remember where she parked the Batwing
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