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Life is Strange 2 Characters

Meet the cast of Dontnod's latest

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With the release of Life is Strange 2 comes a whole new cast of interesting characters. Here, I'll introduce you to the characters that debuted in Episode 1 but don't worry, this is 100% spoiler-free!

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Sean still has a lot to teach Daniel

Sean Diaz

Sean is a 16 year old boy who lives with his younger brother Daniel and his father Esteban in Seattle where he hangs out with his best friend, Lyla Park. He's forced into a newfound level of responsibility after a tragic event takes place at the beginning of the story. Daniel frequently gets on his nerves but he tries to put that aside in order to keep their spirits up while they deal with the tragedy. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Daniel Diaz

Daniel is the youngest in the Diaz household. He has a wild imagination which comes out in his creativity while working on his Halloween costume and his obsession with Minecraft. He seems to possess some sort of supernatural power when his emotions get the better of him as he flings objects across the room and creates explosions.

Esteban Diaz

As the fun-loving yet responsible single father of Sean and Daniel Diaz, Esteban works as a mechanic and runs his own shop. His two boys dote on him even though Sean tries his best not to show it.

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Brody drives the sleepy Diaz boys

Lyla Park

Lyla is forever friends with Sean Diaz. She worries about him and leaves him many messages when he suddenly leaves town and misses a party that they were supposed to attend.

Brett Foster

Brett is the next door neighbour of the Diaz family. He is confrontational by nature and picks a fight with little Daniel when he accidentally spills red paint on his shirt.

Brody Holloway

Brody is a friendly freelance writer who Sean and Daniel bump into at a gas station. When they get into a predicament, he offers to help them out even with the possibly that they could be in trouble with the law.

Hank Stamper

Hank and his wife Doris are owners of a gas station (Bear Station) in the forests of Seattle that Sean and Daniel happen to visit. Hank is outspoken about his support of the border wall and banning immigrants. Naturally, he becomes the antagonist of the first episode.

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Who knows where the journey ahead will take the Diaz family?

The cast of Life is Strange 2 is definitely interesting so far. Stay tuned for more coverage on this episodic drama-filled tale!

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