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Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books Guide

Get all caches and achievements, too

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Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books is a short yet tricky game so here's the entire walkthrough to help you 100% master it.

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Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Intro screenshot
Get ready for one wet and wild adventure

Smell of asphalt

  1. Head down and to the left, grab the golf club that's in front of a shopping cart, and then go all the way to the bottom-left to get a cache 💎 from beside a tree
  2. Get another cache 💎 to the right of a tree that's all the way right above the sand, go up, talk to the woman, and enter the alleyway to the right
  3. Walk to the makeshift elevator up the stairs at the end, open your backpack 🎒, select and toggle the golf club, interact with the elevator, and head all the way up for a 3rd cache 💎
  4. Take the elevator down 1 floor, interact with the first window, head inside (you have to interact with the open part of the window), and open the drawer on the right for a fuse
  5. Push the couch on the left side of the room down-right, obtain the cache 💎 and key chain 🔑 from the floor, use the key chain 🔑 on the door, and then exit out the window
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Smell of asphalt screenshot
It definitely smells like asphalt, I'll give you that

Let there be light!

  1. Use the key chain 🔑 on the far right window, go inside, walk a bit to fall down, open the window on the left, go inside room 101, and snag your 5th cache 💎
  2. Back in the hallway, use the key chain 🔑 on room 102, go inside, jump the gap, slide the couch left, and grab the cache 💎 from beside the bed
  3. Obtain the microfilm 🎞️ from the shelf past the couch and crates, go back to the hall, exit via the open window, move up 1 floor, and enter the far right window
  4. Cross the gap via the plank of wood, open the fuse box to the right, equip the fuse, interact with the fuse box, and go back outside the window
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Let there be light! screenshot
These young whippersnappers should show a little more respect

Grab the popcorn

  1. Descend one floor, enter the open window on the right, walk into the stairwell, ascend one flight, and grab the cache 💎 from the cardboard box
  2. Keep going up, push the refrigerator along the way, exit the stairwell at floor 3, and acquire your 8th cache 💎 from behind the plant at the end of the hall
  3. Equip the key chain 🔑, enter room 301, get the 9th cache 💎 from the couch, and arrange the "Everything is connected" puzzle by flipping panels until the line is continuous with no dead-ends (see the screenshot below)
  4. Go inside the secret room, pick up the plug 🔌, interact with the power socket, equip the microfilm 🎞️, and use it on the projector 📽️
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Grab the popcorn screenshot
Here's how to solve the puzzle; pretty easy, right?

Who needs insurance?

  1. Go all the way back to the starting area, examine your jeep 🚙, use the key chain 🔑 on the auto shop door, head inside, and collect the cache 💎 from the barrel
  2. Move the 3 crates so that they're on the 3 upper floor buttons (leaving the lower one unpressed) and push the blue lift from under the vehicle
  3. Equip the golf club and use it on the generator that's at the top to make the vehicle descend and then grab the loose tire from the vehicle
  4. Head back to your jeep 🚙, equip the tire, use it on the jeep 🚙, open your backpack 🎒 to ensure that you have all 10 caches so far, and then interact with your jeep 🚙 to travel
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Who needs insurance? screenshot
Warning: don't shove golf clubs into generators in real life

Not so smart after all

  1. Get your 1st cache 💎 for the 2nd half of the campaign from in front of a rock up-left then go down a bit and grab another cache 💎 that's to the left of a rectangular slab
  2. Pick up the tow hook that's attached to the blue vehicle, run around the right rock, place the hook on your jeep's front bumper, and interact with the jeep 🚙
  3. Hold the tow button while alternately steering left and right, exit once the vehicle is out of the way, and collect 2 caches from the new area; one next to a left tree 💎 and another behind a rock all the way right 💎
  4. Obtain the crowbar that's next to the balloon animal statue, use it on the 3 manholes, head inside each, and the last one will lead you to the museum
  5. Get a bunch of spoiled milk bottles 🍼 from the left vending machine then throw them on the floor as the cleaning robot 🤖 approaches to form a path that'll lead it right up to the electrified water
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Not so smart after all screenshot
Perhaps I should have loosened the brakes first...

You can not pet the wolf!

  1. After the robot is decommissioned, pick it up 🤖, ascend the stairs, cross the board, grab a valve handle, equip the cleaning bot 🤖, and head inside the water door 💧
  2. Use the valve handle on the valves to make the left gauge spin clockwise and the right spin counter-clockwise then exit the room and enter the electrical room ⚡ while having the cleaning bot 🤖 equipped
  3. Get your 5th cache 💎 from the cobweb at the top, use the golf club on the transformer while spinning the stick counter-clockwise, exit, and snag your 6th cache 💎 to the left of the stairs
  4. Head up the stairs, pick up the cache 💎 that's on the right planter, disconnect the plug 🔌 from the outlet, go back to the electrical room ⚡, and turn the power back on with the golf club
  5. Exit, go up all the stairs, talk to the guy 🧔, exit to the top-right, and to work past this stealth segment, watch the wolves' 🐺 field of vision and carefully advance as they move
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - You can not pet the wolf! screenshot
These wolves make me feel like Solid Snake on Shadow Moses Island

Quick hands

  1. Get your 8th cache 💎 from right in front of the top of the stairs then exit via the top, walk through the hallway, enter the exhibition, and grab the cache 💎 in the left corner along the wall
  2. Interact with the spirits' book 📙, equip it, put it back, go back to the room before the hallway, and walk around while picking up picture frames 🖼️ and placing them on the middle of the left wall
  3. Head down the secret passage, interact with the computer 🖥️, enter the password 951, open the safe, and grab the final cache 💎 from the safe to the right which will unlock "The true treasure hunter" achievement 🏆
  4. Collect the badly made replica 📘 from the safe, equip it, go back to the spirits' book 📙, interact with it, leave, and then head right (back to the treasure room) as soon as the earthquake is triggered
  5. If you want to get "The legend continues ..." achievement 🏆, equip the spirits' book 📙, swap it with the badly made replica 📘, ensure that the badly made replica 📘 is in your backpack 🎒, and quickly trek all the way back to your jeep 🚙 to finish the game and get the "That was close" achievement 🏆 as well
Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Quick hands screenshot
This final scene was written and directed by Jordan Peele
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Like No Other: The Legend Of The Twin Books - Complete 100% Walkthrough
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