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LucidSound LS1X Review

A quality lightweight gaming headset

A.J. Maciejewski

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LucidSound just launched their LS1X and LS1P headset models and after using the LS1X, I must say that I'm impressed.

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Photo of LucidSound LS1X box and headset with a PlayStation 4 controller
It may say Xbox One on the box but you can use it on PS4 just fine

First of all, the LS1X and LS1P models are basically the same except the LS1X has a green accent while the LS1P has blue. Either model will work on both consoles so just pick up whichever colour you prefer. That being said, if you plan to use this headset on Xbox One then make sure that you have the newer model Xbox One controller because the older models do not have headset jacks. Unfortunately, I only own the old controllers so I couldn't test the headset out on Xbox One but I did on PS4 and it works great! v1d30chumz 35-175-107-185

Up to this point in time, I've been using an awful headset that barely works so anything would have been better than that. After trying out the LS1X, I couldn't believe how much clearer everything sounded and I even asked people online as I tested it out if it sounded good and everyone said "Yes, loud and clear!" That reminds me; the default volume on my PlayStation 4 was a bit too loud for the microphone so I highly recommend adjusting that in the PS4's audio device settings menu before diving into an online game.

The first thing that impressed me about the LS1X is how lightweight the headset is. After playing Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville for an hour or so, I actually forgot that it was on my head. There is only one headphone speaker which I actually prefer because you can hear the gameplay clearer when folks are just chatting in one ear. Also, the microphone is impressively adjustable in that you can position it however you wish and it'll stay in place. I suggest positioning it underneath your mouth so people can't hear you breathing. Anyway, there's a clear mute indicator on the microphone that's red whenever the mic is muted which initially confused me because red usually means record. To toggle muting, you simply tap the outside of the headphone and to raise or lower the speaker's volume, you turn a dial that surrounds the outside of the headphone. It's simple and intuitive stuff indeed.

Photo of Mary modelling the LucidSound LS1X headset
Why does Mary always change her voice whether she's a Plant or a Zombie?

LucidSound has a wide range of headsets and the LS1X is currently the least pricey by far which is surprising considering how high quality it is. Because of that, it gets my wholehearted recommendation yet it makes me wonder how much better their other headsets are.

Official trailer for LucidSound LS1 thumbnail
Official trailer for LucidSound LS1
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