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Mary Plays Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3

Chloe's story comes to an end

Mary Billington

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Now that episode 3 has finally arrived, I enjoyed the opportunity to experience more of Chloe's drama. Warning: spoilers are ahead.

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At the very end of episode 2, we saw her attending dinner at Rachel's home where her father finally explained who the woman was that Rachel saw him kissing. She's her real mother. It was a really confusing way to end the episode and thankfully episode 3 clears it up and digs deep into all of the questions that were unearthed during that dinner. v1d30chumz 18-208-187-128

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I don't think Chloe will leave Arcadia Bay that easily...

Episode 3 starts with what can only be described as an interactive abstract art piece where Chloe and Rachel peer through binoculars as they watch the enactment of Rachel's birth mother meeting her father for the first time fifteen years ago. It was a doomed relationship due to her mother's addiction to drugs and partying. Eventually, her father broke it off completely, vowing to hide Rachel from her mother's destructive actions. Rachel heads up to her room and Chloe follows. To get Rachel's attention in order to cheer her up, I attached an orb with holes in it to a flashlight and turned it on so that the room looked like it lit up with stars. Rachel has a fascination with outer space and thankfully, it was all that was needed to grab her attention and start the healing process with a lengthy discussion.

After the scene at Rachel's house, Chloe is thrown into another one of her dreams where she sees her dad; only this time, she's on the stage from episode 2 and they're pretending to be in a car. People Chloe knows are watching and judging them. The scene ends with her dad's fake car being hit by a real truck (as it always does). I could really sense how troubled Chloe was in this scene and how much she was dealing with, especially with the added pressure of everyone she knows judging her every move. It's interesting to see the side of Chloe that is affected by what other people think of her because she usually hides it so well.

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I didn't know you could get injured playing tabletop RPGs

Chloe finally decides to go back home (after promising her mom and her mom's boyfriend David in episode 2 that she would never go back). I walked into her mom's room and found a card she had out from a previous Mother's Day. This prompted Chloe to realise today was in fact Mother's Day. She walked down the stairs to find her and David playfully talking over breakfast. David reached out an olive branch, explaining how he has gone through loss himself after a friend of his died while he was in the army. I decided to take the photo of him and his buddy that he offered me as a way of saying I'll try to make this relationship work. Up until now, David has been pretty off-putting but seeing that he's now moved in and how happy he makes Chloe's mom, it's shining a different light on him. Oh, and I said Happy Mother's Day (as well as admitted that I had no gift to give her).

Rachel is determined to see her mother although her dad forbids it. Chloe decides to fix up a junkyard car so that she can drive them if they can find her. This was the most interactive part of the episode as I had to fix parts of the car to get it running. Once it was running, Rachel showed up followed by Frank (the drug dealer who knows something about Rachel's mother) and his friend Damon Merrick. Damon doesn't want the girls asking questions about Frank's clientele and things quickly escalate when Rachel hits him with a wooden plank and he stabs her in the arm in response. Chloe quickly rushes Rachel to the hospital and thankfully, she arrives in time despite the massive blood loss. At the hospital, Chloe ran into her old friend Mikey who was there for injuries sustained in episode 2 (I think due to my decisions but I'm not completely sure). We played some tabletop games and his cool older brother even joined in.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 3: Hell is Empty screenshot 3
Shut up and give me that cute little hot dog man!

After the trip to the hospital, Rachel gave Chloe information on how to get into her dad's private office to try and find more information on her mother. She's not going to give up that easily! Chloe breaks in and ends up starting a text message conversation with Damon on a phone. Apparently, Rachel's dad has been working with Damon and is way more involved with him than he would let on. Chloe convinces Damon to meet her (or Rachel's dad, so he thinks) and she arrives at the old burned down barn from episode 1 where she finds Rachel's mother tied up. Another fight breaks out and again, Frank arrives to save the day. Chloe talks with Rachel's mother and she convinces Chloe not to tell Rachel about what her dad has been up to. She wants her to have a normal life and thinks the truth would hurt her too much. When I went back to the hospital after to meet up with Rachel, I decided not to tell her.

The closing scenes were of a couple teenagers hanging out and enjoying their time so I think I made the right decision. I looked at the choices other people made and it looks like a 50/50 split when deciding whether or not to tell Rachel the truth. It's not usually that evenly split so congrats to the developers for making the story so engrossing that it's that hard of a decision!

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What a cool tie-in to the original game!

Episode 3 made for a nice ending to Life is Strange: Before the Storm as it answers the questions that were raised in earlier episodes. However, it barely touches on what happens in the original Life is Strange which takes place after the events of Before the Storm. I would like to see an additional episode that sets the stage for those events but right now, it seems like a mostly separate story. I'm still looking forward to the bonus episode to be released next year where I get to play as Max in her life before meeting up with Chloe again in Arcadia Bay. What are your thoughts on episode 3? Did you choose to tell Rachel the truth or leave it be? Let's discuss below!

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Gameplay video for Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 3: Hell is Empty
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