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MediEvil vs. Luigi's Mansion 3

A Halloween showdown

A.J. Maciejewski

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It's Halloween Eve 2019 (All Hallows' Eve Eve?) and 2 spooky festive games just released so let's see which one brings the treats.

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Screenshots of MediEvil and Luigi's Mansion 3
Whichever game wins, MediEvil and Luigi's Mansion 3 are both great fits for Halloween


MediEvil is a classic PS1 game that originally released in 1998 and only recently got a brand new remake for PS4 just in time for Halloween. One thing that it accomplishes perfectly well is establish a ghastly sinister setting that's full of dastardly monstrosities and atmospheric levels with distinct themes. Traversing the haunted pumpkin patches or exploring an ancient castle while battling hordes of spooky baddies and hulking bosses can be a ton of fun and it's definitely bursting with Halloween vibes.

With all of that being said, the gameplay remains rather clunky and it's full of retro baggage that'll make you feel like it's '98 all over again. Of course, that was an excellent year for gaming but gamers have grown up a lot since then and our expectations for fine-tuned experiences are higher than ever. As a result, this MediEvil remake leaves quite a lot to be desired although if you're a fan of the original then I'm sure you'll love playing it all over again with its flashy new ghoulish graphics.

MediEvil Review
MediEvil screenshot
This witch in MediEvil always freaks me out

Luigi's Mansion 3

Meanwhile, Luigi's Mansion 3 is an absolute delight to play and it's fun for the whole family which contrasts with MediEvil as that may be a bit too haunting for the little ones. Anyway, the series debuted on GameCube back in 2001 with a launch game for the console. It was a huge departure from Mario's adventures as it wasn't a 3D platformer. Instead, it had you play as Luigi as you sneak around a haunted mansion while busting ghosts with a vacuum known as the Poltergust 3000 in the hopes of eventually rescuing Mario.

After a 3DS sequel and remake of the original, Luigi's Mansion 3 launched for Switch and it's a downright joy to play. The amount of gameplay variety will keep you entertained as you master the many floors of the haunted resort while Luigi tries to restore his friends from the paintings that they've found themselves trapped within. In addition to the exciting and varied campaign, I found Luigi's Mansion 3 to be the funniest game that I've played in a very long time. Almost every surprise and scenario that I encountered in my playthrough made me crack up and watching Luigi's reactions is nothing short of hilarious. It's the perfect family-friendly Halloween game.

Luigi's Mansion 3 Review
Luigi's Mansion 3 screenshot
Luigi's Mansion 3 is full of hilarious moments like this

I had a great deal of fun playing through these Halloween-themed games recently but I have to pick a winner which is...

Winner Luigi's Mansion 3

In my opinion, this Versus battle is a no-brainer. Luigi's Mansion 3 completely dominates MediEvil when it comes to gameplay, setting, humour, and fun factor. In fact, Luigi's Mansion 3 may just be my favourite Halloween game so far. It's so jam-packed with funny moments and rewarding gameplay that it's hard not to smile as you play it. To give MediEvil some credit, it definitely has a great setting with tons of varied environments so it's worth checking out but Luigi's Mansion 3 is the clear winner here.

That's just my opinion. Agree? Disagree? Vote now!

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Gameplay video playlist for MediEvil vs. Luigi's Mansion 3
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