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Mega Man 1 Boss Order / Weaknesses Guide

Fight the original Robot Masters

A.J. Maciejewski

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The first Mega Man paved the way for one incredible series so let's revisit the Blue Bomber's roots with some tried and true strategies.

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Mega Man 1 Boss Order / Weaknesses

The original Mega Man only features 6 Robot Masters and they can be quite tricky to take down. Although you could fight Bomb Man first, I recommend taking care of Guts Man right off the bat because he's rather easy if you dodge his attacks effectively and his weapon is useful in some of the stages. Anyway, here is the boss order that we'll follow in this guide complete with their weaknesses: v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

  1. Guts Man / Mega Buster (Hyper Bomb for 2nd encounter)
  2. Cut Man / Super Arm (Fire Storm for 2nd encounter)
  3. Elec Man / Rolling Cutter
  4. Ice Man / Thunder Beam
  5. Fire Man / Ice Slasher
  6. Bomb Man / Fire Storm
Mega Man 1: Mega Man being copied screenshot
I'd say there's only one Mega Man but this boss has me confused

Guts Man Mega Buster (P)

For this first Robot Master, we'll use Mega Man's trusty Mega Buster. Guts Man will jump and when he lands, Mega Man will get stunned unless you time your jump for right before Guts Man lands then jump again to avoid the rocks that he throws at you. If you simply jump around with some good timing while attacking aggressively, you'll be sure to end Guts Man's life before you bite the dust.

Cut Man Super Arm (G)

Now that we have Guts Man's Super Arm (G) weapon, we can use it to lift certain blocks made of brick in Cut Man's stage. Thankfully, it's his weakness, too. To defeat Cut Man, all you need to do is throw the 2 blocks at him with Super Arm so be careful not to miss and waste one. Specifically, it's best to throw each one his way as soon as he lands from a jump in order to catch him off guard.

Mega Man 1: Guts Man and Cut Man screenshots
Rock does beat scissors after all

Elec Man Rolling Cutter (C)

Halfway through Elec Man's stage, be sure to use the Super Arm (G) to remove the blocks in order to receive the Magnet Beam (M) which will come in handy in many of the trickier stages ahead as it allows you to create your own platforms in mid-air. During the boss fight, Elec Man causes massive damage so jump to the blocks as soon as the battle begins then try to leap over his electricity throughout the battle. All it takes is 3 lucky hits with the arching Rolling Cutter (C) and you'll claim victory. 🏆

Ice Man Thunder Beam (E)

Ice Man's stage can be rather tricky, especially with the disappearing blocks so don't be afraid to use your new Magnet Beam (M) in order to gain more steady footing in the challenging segments. During the fight with Ice Man, unleash a few Thunder Beams (E) and he'll go down in no time. Is he the easiest boss in the entire game? I'd say; yes, he is indeed. 😊

Mega Man 1: Elec Man and Ice Man screenshots
Elec Man looks so cool while Ice Man can't help but be a cutie

Fire Man Ice Slasher (I)

Using the Magnet Beam (M) in Fire Man's stage is a good idea, too, as it makes it much easier to traverse. When you reach Fire Man, he takes 7 hits with Ice Slasher (I) but luckily, his attack is very easy to dodge as all you need to do is keep jumping and shooting to win.

Bomb Man Fire Storm (F)

This level isn't all that hard and Bomb Man is quite a pushover, too, so shoot 7 Fire Storms (F) his way and he'll be toast. Make sure to run out of the way when he throws a bomb and keep in mind that Fire Storm temporarily attacks everything around Mega Man when you shoot it so you might want to stay close to Bomb Man for some potential extra hits. I wonder if he's related to Bomberman. 💣

Mega Man 1: Fire Man and Bomb Man screenshots
Time to light up Bomb Man's wick

Yellow Devil Thunder Beam (E)

In this first Wily stage, we'll use Super Arm (G) and Magnet Beam (M) to work past the obstructions and tricky jumps. Now, the Yellow Devil is the most annoying boss in Mega Man 1 but there's a clever trick to defeating it. Jump over the blocks at the 2 lowest rows as they fly in and as soon as Yellow Devil assembles, you can shoot Thunder Beam (E) at its eye that temporarily opens. However, instead of having to do this 7 times which will be exceptionally tough, you can quickly pause and unpause as soon as your Thunder Beam attack lands and if you do it right, the boss will go down fast. To be clear, you need to pause the game; not enter the weapon select menu so no matter which version you're playing, you must tap whatever button corresponds to the NES select button.

Mega Man 1: Yellow Devil screenshot
Whether you call it the Rock Monster or Yellow Devil; I call it annoying!

Robot Masters Revisited: Part 1

Next, we'll have to fight Cut Man and Elec Man again. Unfortunately, there are no blocks in Cut Man's new arena so we'll fight him with Fire Storm (F) or Mega Buster (P). Use whichever you prefer keeping in mind that Fire Storm is a bit more useful but it's a good idea to conserve it for the stage boss. Anyway, Elec Man can easily be defeated with his weakness Rolling Cutter (C) as we did before. ✂️

Copy Robot Fire Storm (F)

This dastardly Copy Robot is a lot like Cut Man as you should use Fire Storm (F) to beat him as he jumps around. That being said, you'll need to land a whopping 14 hits so be aggressive while staying close to him and carefully weaving through his attacks.

Mega Man 1: Cut Man, Elec Man, and Copy Robot screenshots
Mega Man fights a couple of familiar foes and himself

CWU-01P Super Arm (G)

In this next stage, you can recharge your weapons by defeating enemies with your Mega Buster (P) while being propelled through the tunnel. After, the CWU-01P boss can be defeated by beating 7 enemies that emerge. For the first 3, shoot Mega Buster (P) rapidly at them. Then, throw the blocks at the remaining 4 enemies with Super Arm (G) and the battle will quickly be over. Aim carefully!

Mega Man 1: CWU-01P screenshot
CWU-01P can be tough but it sure is easy with my strategy

Robot Masters Revisited: Part 2

As you progress through the final Dr. Wily stage, you'll fight the other 4 Robot Masters so just use the same strategies and weapons as before. Oh, and make sure to collect the Yashichi item that's early in the stage as it'll fully recharge all of your weapons and health. As a reminder and in the order that you'll fight them: Bomb Man is weak against Fire Storm (F), Fire Man can easily be dispatched with Ice Slasher (I), Ice Man can't stand Thunder Beam (E), and Guts Man... well, we'll use Hyper Bomb (B) on him this time which makes the fight a bit simpler. Now that I mention it, this particular fight is the only good reason to ever use Hyper Bomb. Weird, huh? 🤔

Wily Machine 1: Part 1 Fire Storm (F)

For this first phase, use Fire Storm (F) by aiming it at the boss's cannon which should end the first half of the final boss in 7 measly hits. Plus, you can jump close to its cannon while shooting in order to deplete its health meter much faster than if you kept your distance.

Wily Machine 1: Part 2 Thunder Beam (E)

Last but not least, you have to ask yourself 1 question: do you want to cheat or beat Mega Man 1 legit? If the former, simply shoot Thunder Beam (E) then use the pause trick that I discussed for Yellow Devil. You may have to do it in multiple sessions seeing as you have to hit it 28 times. Anyway, if you'd rather take the legit route then just keep shooting Thunder Beam at Dr. Wily while carefully dodging the energy balls that he fires in a spiral pattern. Congratulations on beating the very first Mega Man game! 😄

Mega Man 1: Fire Man and Wily Machine 1 screenshots
It's cute that Dr. Wily thinks that hunk of junk will hold up
Mega Man 1: Robot Masters Revisited thumbnail
Mega Man 1: Robot Masters Revisited
Which Mega Man Robot Master Are You?

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