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Mega Man 5 Boss Order / Weaknesses Guide

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We've faced some clever Robot Masters so far and Mega Man 5 has its very own collection of oddball bosses so here's how to beat them.

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Mega Man 5 Boss Order / Weaknesses

The order to take on the bosses in Mega Man 5 is straightforward. I'll get into more depth later but for now, here are their weaknesses: v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

  1. Gravity Man / Mega Buster (Star Crash for 2nd encounter)
  2. Gyro Man / Gravity Hold
  3. Crystal Man / Gyro Attack
  4. Napalm Man / Crystal Eye
  5. Stone Man / Napalm Bomb
  6. Charge Man / Power Stone
  7. Wave Man / Charge Kick
  8. Star Man / Water Wave
Mega Man 5: Beat password screenshot
Use this password if you'd like to start a new game with Beat already unlocked

Quick note before we begin: you can either use the above password or collect all 8 letters yourself to unlock Beat who is Mega Man's helpful bird friend. If you decide not to use the password and you need help finding the letters then refer to my guide for assistance.

Mega Man 5 Letters Location Guide

Gravity Man Mega Buster

Gravity Man is by far the easiest Robot Master to defeat with the Mega Buster so we'll tackle him first. The trick to beating him is to charge your Mega Buster and whenever Gravity Man reverses gravity, release your charge slightly before you line up with him horizontally. Make sure to run left and right to dodge his shots and after he takes 10 fully-charged blasts, this very easy fight will end.

Gyro Man Gravity Hold

Just like with Gravity Man, defeating Gyro Man is easy as all it takes is 7 Gravity Holds and you don't even need to aim. However, you can't deploy them too quickly because you'll waste your ammo and you only have just enough to beat him at full capacity. So, unleash each attack as soon as the screen stops flashing and you'll claim victory. Plus, you'll receive Rush Jet for your efforts. 😄

Mega Man 5: Gravity Man and Gyro Man screenshots
Oh, what a feeling when we're fighting on the ceiling

Crystal Man Gyro Attack

You'll see Eddie in this stage and once you do, you can keep entering and exiting the room until he spawns something cool like an E-Tank; as long as you don't collect anything that you don't want, of course. Anyway, to beat Crystal Man, you need to hit him with 7 Gyro Attacks which can be controlled after firing them. Basically, shoot them straight towards him and if he jumps in the air, you can tap up to make a Gyro Attack change its course upward and hopefully, straight towards him. Neat, huh? 😊

Napalm Man Crystal Eye

To snag the E-Tank early in the stage, jump into the left wall which is actually hollow then you can get another E-Tank from Eddie shortly after; how generous! Napalm Man is somewhat easy but he causes a lot of damage so don't be ashamed to use an E-Tank if you need to. You'll need to land 10 hits with Crystal Eye and luckily, each one shatters when it hits a wall which makes fragments bounce around the arena. You can only shoot one at a time and the fragments take a while to disappear so try to aim straight at him for efficiency's sake.

Mega Man 5: Crystal Man and Napalm Man screenshots
Napalm Man should probably watch his back

Stone Man Napalm Bomb

If you don't have an M-Tank on hand, you can get one by shooting then sliding through the right wall halfway through the stage in the room that's shaped like a backwards S. Plus, you can get an E-Tank by using Rush Jet later in the level then another from Eddie right after that; and here we thought Napalm Man was generous! Stone Man can be defeated with 7 Napalm Bombs which travel along the ground after launching them so try to get Stone Man to land on them when he jumps around. You can also aim them directly at him as he jumps around if you're close enough. Keep in mind that when Stone Man jumps high, he'll collapse when he lands which makes him temporarily invincible. However, you can shoot him as soon as he starts getting up which will cause damage so take advantage of that.

Charge Man Power Stone

After this very straightforward and easy stage, you can take down Charge Man by unleashing Power Stone 7 times. It's best to deploy it as you jump over Charge Man while he paces around but be careful because he can cause a lot of damage. He's also invulnerable when he charges and turns red so don't waste attacks at these points. In other words, winning this fight will require some timing.

Mega Man 5: Stone Man and Charge Man screenshots
Let's make like Charlie and Mac and throw rocks at a train

Wave Man Charge Kick

Take the top pipe for a 1-Up near the beginning of the level. Fighting Wave Man with the Charge Kick is a tad tricky but it's not so bad if you keep in mind never to attack him when he's next to the wall. This is because the Charge Kick is executed by sliding so you want to slide through Wave Man to avoid taking damage. Also, the water spouts will hurt you even when you try to charge through them so be careful. After 7 hits, he'll go down so keep sliding back and forth and the fight won't last long at all.

Star Man Water Wave

Despite the low gravity, Star Man's stage is short and simple. Water Wave is very effective against Star Man as it only takes 7 hits to win the battle. However, hitting Star Man is harder than you'd think because he's always jumping around so the key to success is timing. Try to hit him whenever he lands while keeping in mind that Water Wave travels along the ground. It's good that Star Man's shield isn't very effective, right? You'll get Super Arrow after claiming victory which is a nice bonus before the finale. 😁

Mega Man 5: Wave Man and Star Man screenshots
Seems like Wave Man sprung a leak

Dark Man 1 Water Wave

First of all, these Dark Man bosses are all weak against Beat but that means you'll have to charge it so it's better to use alternative weapons. In this Dark Man 1 encounter, I recommend using Water Wave as it only takes 10 hits to beat him with it and it also cancels his attacks which is cool. Anyway, he'll kind of home in on you so jump over him then keep blasting him with Water Wave and he'll go down after a little while. Also, it helps to slide when he speeds up so you can get further away from him.

Dark Man 2 Napalm Bomb

Take the right ladder at the start if you don't have an M-Tank and make sure to recharge your weapons throughout the stage whenever you can. When it comes to which weapon to use, you have a few valid options for Dark Man 2 but I find that the best weapon in this fight is Napalm Bomb as you can deploy more than 1 at a time and they travel along the ground, go through his shield, and bounce off the walls. It takes a whopping 14 hits but it's an easy fight as long as you jump over the boss and slide out of harm's way.

Mega Man 5: Dark Man 1 and Dark Man 2 screenshots
These Dark Man bosses can sure be a pain

Dark Man 3 Gyro Attack

To beat Dark Man 3, we'll use a combination of weapons. For starters, fire and aim Gyro Attacks at him as much as you can; 14 of them will do the trick. Meanwhile, whenever he stands still and his chest flashes, switch to Charge Kick then slide into the ring projectiles that he fires. Considering they're often difficult to dodge and they freeze you, Charge Kick is valuable because it makes you invincible when you're frozen and you may inflict extra damage if you're frozen mid-slide. Anyway, keep juggling these weapons and he'll go down soon.

Dark Man 4 Beat

Finally, we'll utilize Beat so hopefully, you have a full energy bar for him. All it takes is 10 hits with Beat and he'll automatically attack so you can focus on dodging Dark Man 4 which can be very tricky and he causes a lot of damage, too. Because of that, keep jumping around and don't be afraid to use an E-Tank or 2. After all, I personally find this encounter to be the hardest boss in Mega Man 5. 😅

Mega Man 5: Dark Man 3 and Dark Man 4 screenshots
Dark Man 4 is no match for my pet bird

Big Pets Crystal Eye

At the beginning of this level, drop straight down, fall off to the left, and then swing all the way to the right. Also, you can slowly recharge your weapon energy by shooting the chicken's eggs halfway through the stage. To defeat Big Pets (dumb name, right?), shoot the bottom spike platform then jump on it and when you're on it, shoot and jump on the next platform, and then shoot Big Pets' head with a couple Crystal Eyes. It only takes 7 hits so ideally, you should only have to repeat this process 4 times.

Circring Q9 Gyro Attack

This boss is slightly tricky as it flies in an erratic pattern and you can only hit it when it opens its side doors so hop on a moving platform then jump and shoot Gyro Attacks at it whenever you have the opportunity; Circring Q9 will go down after only 7 hits. Its ball projectiles cause decent damage so try to avoid them and use an E-Tank if you need to but be sure to have at least a few remaining to be safe.

Mega Man 5: Big Pets and Circring Q9 screenshots
Big Pets may be a silly name but it's one of my favourite bosses

Robot Masters Revisited

Before tackling the Robot Masters again, gauge how much remaining weapon energy you have and consider using your M-Tank if you have one in stock as this is perhaps the best time to use it in the whole game. Starting in the center and going clockwise, the doors lead to: Gyro Man, Charge Man, Napalm Man, Crystal Man, Star Man, Stone Man, Wave Man, and Gravity Man. Use the same weapons and strategies as we did before except you can use Star Crash against Gravity Man which makes the fight slightly easier. That being said, you may want to conserve Star Crash ammo for an upcoming boss and Gravity Man is pretty easy with the Mega Buster anyway. 😜

Mega Man 5: Robot Masters Revisited screenshot with weapon overlay
Equip the weapons shown here before entering each door (except maybe don't use Star Crash)

Wily Press Star Crash

The dastardly Wily Press only needs 7 hits from Star Crash for its defeat and to damage it, you need to deploy a Star Crash, jump, and then press attack again to launch it at the Wily Press whenever it slams down. The best strategy is to keep hopping back and forth over the center gap until the boss stops then move a good distance to the side and blast it with Star Crash once it's grounded.

Wily Machine 5 Super Arrow

This penultimate battle is easy as all you need to do is launch 7 Super Arrows at it while dodging its projectiles and trying not to get sucked into it. Also, try not to stand on your Super Arrows after shooting them or you may end up flying into Wily Machine 5.

Mega Man 5: Wily Press and Wily Machine 5 screenshots
Wily Machine 5 may look scary but it's quite a pushover

Wily Capsule 2 Beat

After the epic journey here, we're finally at the last boss! Defeating Wily Capsule 2 is somewhat easy if you keep Beat deployed the whole time as he'll automatically attack the boss while you try to dodge its projectiles. There should be just enough weapon energy for Beat to destroy Wily Capsule 2 in 14 hits so all you have to do is have a full gauge and stay alive. If you run out of Beat energy, you can use Gyro Attack (weak but effective) or charged Mega Buster shots (strong but tricky). Congrats on completing Mega Man 5! 🏆

Mega Man 5: Wily Capsule 2 screenshot
The Wily Capsule didn't work out last time but Dr. Wily tried it again anyway
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