Mega Man 7: How to Unlock Versus Mode

Mega Man 7: How to Unlock Versus Mode

The Blue Bomber meets Street Fighter

A.J. Maciejewski

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It may be a fantastic single player game but Mega Man 7 also has a secret competitive multiplayer battle mode. If you'd like to experience it yourself then all you have to do is follow this simple guide.

Mega Man 7 screenshot 1
Fun fact: this password also gets you to the end of the game with everything unlocked

In order to unlock Versus Mode, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the password from the above screenshot (1415, 5585, 7823, 6251) without pushing start
  2. Hold L and R then push start
  3. Invite a friend over and enjoy!

Yes, it's really that easy. So, let's take a look at Mega Man and Bass's special moves!

Mega Man's move list

  • Slide = down, down, jump
  • Slash = down to forward, shoot
  • Evade = up, up

Bass's move list

  • Air dash = (in mid-air) forward, forward, shoot
  • Rising kick = forward, down, down-forward, shoot
  • Evade = up, up
Mega Man 7 screenshot 2
Mega Man and Bass duke it out

Well, that's Mega Man 7's Versus Mode! I hope this short guide helped you get more fun out of this Super NES classic. If it did, leave a comment below. Also, are you aware of any other special moves? There sure aren't very many.

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