Mega Man 8: Bolt Locations Guide

Mega Man 8: Bolt Locations Guide

A walkthrough for finding all 40 bolts

A.J. Maciejewski

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For over two decades, gamers often struggle to acquire every single bolt in Mega Man 8. If you're one of those gamers then I hope you find this guide helpful. Well, let's get to it; here's my guide for how to obtain all 40 bolts!

Mega Man 8 screenshot 1 (Frost Man stage)
Frost Man's stage sure has a lot of tricky bolts


  1. A little into the stage, push the button on the ground then enter the skull that emerges to go to an underground area filled with water. Here, once you ascend for the first time, enter a secret room to the top-left via a false wall.
  2. At the beginning of the next screen, simply follow the downward-moving platforms in order to go through the floor and voila!
  3. You'll see the final bolt just lying on the ground on your way out of this area.

Tengu Man

  1. Within the first area, leap from the second-last purple platform to get the first bolt. It can be annoying but if you time it perfectly then the bolt is yours!
  2. [Homing Sniper required] Once you enter the giant ship a little after the continue point, use a Homing Sniper missile at the ceiling with a bolt logo on it. You could also use Astro Crush on this panel.
  3. This next one is conveniently on the ground right after the mid-boss.
  4. Once you're jumping on purple platforms again, let the third one fall then leap to the right and you'll get the last bolt.
Mega Man 8 screenshot 2 (Clown Man stage)
The Rush Bike sure is handy in Clown Man's stage

Frost Man

  1. During the first snowboard segment, jump up to an optional platform after a pink rabbit skates around and slide underneath the narrow passageway to get the first bolt.
  2. A little bit later and while you're still snowboarding, don't jump off the two falling platforms so you can fall to a ledge and collect the second bolt.
  3. Shortly after the continue point, you'll see a hard-to-reach bolt. To acquire it easily, place a Mega Ball on the ground next to the ledge then jump on it to bounce up and to the left.
  4. A bit down the road from the previous bolt, you have to work your way up to an ice launcher. First, go to the right of it and take out the two floating whales so they don't annoy you. Then, hop on a Mega Ball to reach the ledge with the ice launcher. Finally, jump on the button then quickly hop to the ice block and it will carry you to the fourth bolt.
  5. [Astro Crush required] Upon entering a room with an icy floor, use Astro Crush to break through. Head to the bottom then use another one to uncover the bolt.
  6. [Astro Crush required] Further up in the same room, use Astro Crush to retrieve the bolt from the ice and hop on a Mega Ball to reach it. Alternately, you can use the Flame Sword or a Flash Bomb to break the ice.

Clown Man

  1. [Rush Bike required] To reach the bolt beyond the large gap under a low ceiling, ride the Rush Bike to easily jump to it.
  2. After the mid-boss / continue point, take out the shield enemy then grab the bolt after him. Be careful not to fall through the boxes!
  3. [Flame Sword required] Within the pirate ship, hop on a Mega Ball to ascend the skull platform on the left then slash the Flame Sword at the barrel to uncover the third bolt.
  4. From the previous bolt, hop all the way to the top-right. It can be pretty annoying but you can do it! Tip: you can safely stand on the platform with green eyes in order to take out any surrounding enemies.
  5. [Tornado Hold required] When you reach the part with question mark blocks, work your way to the row that has two blocks, a gap, then three blocks. Enter the middle of the three blocks on the right to go to a secret area. Here, use a Tornado Hold to hover up to the last bolt. Phew!
Mega Man 8 screenshot 3 (Grenade Man stage)
Grenade Man's stage seems to be annoying Mega Man

Grenade Man

  1. In the area where you destroy big blocks, work your way down and be careful not to let the silver blocks fall as they might block your path. Once at the bottom, keep the bottom-right green block intact and let a silver block fall on top of it. Hop on a Mega Ball on top of the silver block to reach the bolt.
  2. Shortly after, hop on the time bomb platforms to reach the next bolt. Easy!
  3. [Flame Sword required] Right after the mid-boss / continue point, use the Flame Sword to light the fuse and uncover the third bolt.
  4. In the part with the exploding platforms, quickly dash to snatch the bolt before the platforms explode. To make it easier, wait until the enemy spawns and take them out before they light the fuse. That way, you'll have a bit more time as it respawns.
  5. At the end of this explosion-filled section, dash as fast as you can to reach the last bolt before it falls into the abyss.

Duo (mid-stage)

  1. Hop on a Mega Ball to reach the ladder near the beginning and grab the bolt to the left of the enemies.
  2. From the first bolt, head to the right and use Thunder Claw to swing across the spike pit.
Mega Man 8 screenshot 4 (Search Man stage)
Yes, there's a hidden bolt behind these plants in Search Man's stage

Astro Man

  1. In the first maze, push the pink switch then push it again and slide under the door before it fully closes. Head down two ladders then work your way left and slide under a narrow passageway. Push another pink switch then head left, fall down, and head right. Slide under the newly open door and there's your first bolt!
  2. During the quicksand tower segment, quickly dash to snag the bolt then dash out and keep going!
  3. Right after the continue point; grab it during the disappearing platforms section. It's super-easy, dude.
  4. Within the second maze, head right then go down two ladders. Head left and over a gap then push a pink switch. Jump to the left and push the green switch. Go down and to the right then hop on a Mega Ball (or Tornado Hold) to go up the gap where the pink door was. Go up and to the left and down two ladders. Run right while avoiding the pink switch, jump up a ledge using a Mega Ball, avoid the green switch, then finally grab the third bolt. And I thought the first maze was tricky!

Sword Man

  1. In the Flash Bomb section, it's on the floor in the first room.
  2. In the Thunder Claw section, quickly grab it on the bottom-left of the third room.
  3. Right after falling off a waterfall of lava on your raft, shoot a Flash Bomb at the miscoloured ceiling then quickly jump to the ladder, climb up, and grab the last bolt all the way to the left.
Mega Man 8 screenshot 5 (Search Man stage)
Search Man's stage makes good use of the Thunder Claw

Search Man

  1. Within the third room, the first bolt is hidden behind the flora in the bottom-right corner.
  2. In the next room, head up. At the top and to the right a bit, use a Tornado Hold to hover to the top of the screen then use a Thunder Claw to grab onto the top node. Swing to the right, climb the ladder, and enjoy your much-deserved bolt!
  3. [Flame Sword required] From the previous bolt, fall all the way down and use the Flame Sword on the cluster of six spiky plants to reach the next bolt.
  4. After descending a ladder later in the stage, you have to use the Thunder Claw to swing past a spike pit. Right after the first node, latch onto a second node with a perfectly-timed Thunder Claw to acquire the last bolt.

Aqua Man

  1. [Astro Crush required] After the mid-boss / continue point, use Astro Crush in the second room, swim up, and grab your first bolt which is on the right-hand side.
  2. In the next room, go to the bottom-right and use a Tornado Hold to lift the spike ball out of the way then slide and collect your second bolt.
  3. [Astro Crush required] Above the previous bolt, swim across the spike pit (if you flooded the stage by using Astro Crush) then descend the shaft and collect the third bolt just to the right of the second spike platform.
  4. After getting the third bolt, die and continue. Instead of swimming across the spike pit, climb the ladder to eventually descend another shaft. Here, hug the leftmost wall and you'll get the final bolt in the entire game! Congrats!
Mega Man 8 screenshot 6 (Aqua Man stage)
Who knew there were alternate paths in Aqua Man's stage?

There you have it; all 40 bolt locations. If this guide helped you out then let me know in the comments below. Also, be sure to ask any questions if you need a bit more clarification and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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