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Mighty No. 9: Fine Play Achievement Guide

Tricky moves for a little robot

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Sometimes, achievements can be downright confusing. Mighty No. 9's Fine Play system is nifty, but figuring out exactly how to trigger them can be a huge pain in the butt. So, here's a convenient list that'll hopefully help you obtain them all.

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The following is a list of how to achieve every single Fine Play during each boss fight. These earn you extra points as well as unlock certain trophies / achievements. Keep in mind, steps that require you to AcXelerate into bosses need the boss to be in a weakened state first. Anyway, let's get straight to the Fine Plays! v1d30chumz 18-204-56-185

Round Digger City

  • Explode the three sticks of dynamite before they start to move towards you
  • AcXelerate into it before it has a chance to do its charge attack

Pyrogen Oil Platform

  • AcXelerate into him after he says "Here it comes!" and dashes towards you
  • AcXelerate into him after he says "Crush!" and jumps in the air
Mighty No. 9: City and Oil Platform bosses
Round Digger and Pyrogen

Cryosphere Water Works Bureau

  • AcXelerate into her when she uses her ice spray attack
  • Use Pyrogen's or Battalion's weapon to knock her off the ice wall

Dynatron Power Plant

  • AcXelerate into her when she's releasing her electrocuting attack
  • Destroy all six bits before she deploys her shield (use Pyrogen's or Battalion's weapon)
Mighty No. 9: Water Works Bureau and Power Plant bosses
Cryosphere and Dynatron

Seismic Mine

  • AcXelerate into him while he's dashing with a white shield
  • Use Battalion's weapon to destroy the boulder when it's in his hands

Battalion Military Base

  • Simply slide underneath his regular shots
  • Later, slide under his turret shell attack
Mighty No. 9: Mine and Military Base bosses
Seismic and Battalion

Aviator Radio Tower

  • Cancel his bombing run attack by AcXelerating into him (when he shoots while flying down)
  • Later, cancel his vertical drop attack the same way (when he drops missiles)

Brandish Highway

  • He'll use a spinning blade attack so cancel it
  • Cancel the spinning blade attack when he does it in the air
Mighty No. 9: Radio Tower and Highway bosses
Aviator and Brandish

Countershade Capitol Building

  • Simply cancel his various attacks as quickly as possible (trust me, it's easy)

K9 Prison

  • Deflect his spray of shots with the shield
  • Force it to eat a shackle bomb after its eye is destroyed
Mighty No. 9: Capitol Building and Prison bosses
Countershade and K9

Nameless Robot Factory

  • Use Seismic's weapon to crash into one of his arms from behind after he fires it
  • Detonate at least 16 falling bombs (using Aviator's weapon is recommended)
  • As the final blow, AcXelerate into him while he charges

Trinity Battle Colosseum

  • In the first form, dodge all of the pink energy balls that it shoots out from the center of the room
  • In the second form, AcXelerate to absorb all four segments simultaneously (use Battalion's weapon to weaken them)
Mighty No. 9: Robot Factory and Battle Colosseum bosses
Nameless and Trinity
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Manami Matsumae plays Mighty No. 9
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