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Minecraft Dungeons DLC Review

Are the expansions worth it?

A.J. Maciejewski

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Since its release back in May, Minecraft Dungeons has seen some fun-filled DLC packs but are they worth purchasing? Here's my review.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens Review Xbox One ★★★★☆

To start things off, let's explore the hazardous jungle where plenty of dastardly creatures and possibly some delightful treasures await. v1d30chumz 3-236-138-35

Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens screenshot
These jungle mobs can surely put you in a sticky situation

Before I begin, allow me to explain how you can acquire these DLC expansions. If you already own the Minecraft Dungeons base game or downloaded it via Game Pass, purchasing the Hero Pass Upgrade will grant you Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and the Hero DLC which contains a Hero Cape cosmetic item, a couple of additional skins, and a pet chicken that you can adventure with. You could also buy the 2 expansions separately but the Hero Pass Upgrade is less pricy and you get those fun bonuses, too. If you don't already own the base game and don't have Game Pass then I recommend getting Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition which has all of those things and the game, too. Finally, Howling Peaks is included in the Season Pass along with 3 additional expansions that, as of writing this, will be released later. If you want it all, I definitely recommend buying the Season Pass as well because you'll save a few bucks in the end.

With all of that out of the way, Jungle Awakens released back in July and it provides a few lengthy missions and its own unique story where you traverse the jungle to investigate a shard of the Orb of Dominance. The 2 story missions (Dingy Jungle and Overgrown Temple) are jam-packed with fun encounters and plenty of secrets. Plus, the new mobs like poisonous vines and moss-covered skeletons are enjoyable to take on and the end boss (Jungle Abomination) is quite a challenge as it summons mobs mid-battle and has quite a lot of health. When it comes to gear, the ocelot armour is pretty cute and you can equip a couple of nifty whips, too. Oh, and there's a secret level called Panda Plateau where you try to save pandas from the aforementioned vines and it acts as a welcome extra.

Jungle Awakens has quite a distinct setting that manages to be both memorable and a little eerie. Throw in interesting enemies and gear and you're left with a worthwhile expansion which features a couple lengthy story missions that are fun to take on with a friend.

Minecraft Dungeons: Jungle Awakens gameplay video →

Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter Review Xbox One ★★★★☆

From adventuring through the humid jungle to traversing a frozen wasteland; here's Creeping Winter in all of its frosty glory.

Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter screenshot
I hope those cubic fellows remembered to pack their coats!

Creeping Winter is the second of the Island Realms and it originally released back in September. Again, it features a couple of story missions as well as a secret stage and a respective Daily Trial. Anyway, both Frosted Fjord and Lone Fortress are enjoyable levels that are filled with tricky enemies. In fact, some parts can be rather frustrating such as when walls unexpectedly rise all around you thus trapping you when an Iceologer summons a chunk of ice to fall on your head. While all of this is going on, you may be slipping and sliding all over the place. However, these mechanics actually work together to add a decent amount of challenge and playing with a friend is even more of a blast when the gameplay becomes this chaotic, especially once an Illusioner shows up and you have to figure out which copy of it is the real one. The Lost Settlement secret mission is quite fun, too, with its cool frozen abandoned mine environment.

Whether you're slipping around an icy patch or collecting its frosty armours and bows, Creeping Winter is an excellent addition to Minecraft Dungeons. Just make sure you're ready for some truly tricky scenarios before getting your winter boots on.

Minecraft Dungeons: Creeping Winter gameplay video →

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks Review Xbox One ★★★★☆

If you like the idea of scaling a windy mountainside that's brimming with puzzles and dastardly mobs then Howling Peaks is just for you.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks screenshot
It may be windy up here but it's far from easy breezy

Last but certainly not least, Howling Peaks just released a few days ago and it's the piece of DLC that actually made me want to dive back in to Minecraft Dungeons with my gaming chum so we could play through all of these expansions together. Anyway, Windswept Peaks and Gale Sanctum are this pack's story missions and just like in the other 2 add-ons, they have you traversing a grueling environment in search of an Orb of Dominance shard. Scaling the mountainside area involves tasks such as avoiding gusts that will push you off ledges and activating elevators to ascend to new heights. Meanwhile, new enemy mobs will use the power of wind to literally sweep you off your feet but once you acquire the Updraft Tome and give them a taste of their own medicine, it makes dealing with their shenanigans completely worth it. It is kind of annoying falling off ledges, though, so bring plenty of patience on this mountain expedition.

Howling Peaks' secret mission is Colossal Rampart where you trek through gusty ancient ruins while taking on hulking beasts known as Ravagers. It's fun stuff indeed and the gear is cool, too, with Climbing Gear that makes wind have less of an effect on you, new bows and knives, and the very snazzy-looking Emerald Gear. Using all this swag to finally take down the Tempest Golem is super-satisfying.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, Howling Peaks will blow you away with its clever wind-based gimmicks and elaborately-designed levels.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks gameplay video →
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