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Tips to tackle difficult dungeons

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Last Monday, I reviewed Moonlighter which is a very fun roguelike where you take on dungeons, fight bosses, and sell items in your shop. It has a ton of replay value but jumping into the adventure can be a little bit daunting. That's why I wrote these twelve guidelines to help you make the most out of your experience. So, let's get right to it!

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Prioritise buying weapon upgrades

You need strong weapons above all else to successfully progress through the game. After all, being able to kill enemies quickly means you take less damage because fights don't take as long. A good rule is to buy the next tier of weapon before fighting the next Guardian. In other words, you should have a tier 1 weapon for the Golem guardian, a tier 2 weapon for the Forest guardian, and so on. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Get more potions than you think you need

Collect as much jelly as you can and turn them all into potions at the potion shop. Make more potions than you think you'll need. It's better to have too many potions than be forced to turn back before reaching the lucrative third floor of a dungeon.

Get the bow early

The first dungeon (Golem dungeon) has many enemies that are safer to attack from a distance than with the two starter weapons. The most notable are the golem guards which move up to you slowly and try to swing at you with their two-handed swords. The bow is great not only for the Golem dungeon but for the rest of the game, too. There are plenty of enemies in Moonlighter that aren't safe to approach with melee weapons because they have odd movement patterns, etc.

Moonlighter screenshot 1
A demonstration of using the bow in the Golem dungeon

Get to the third floor as often as you can

The most money in all four dungeons can be made on the third floor. Try to reach it in each dungeon to acquire plenty of rare and valuable items. Pro tip: the rarest items can be found in gold chests that are located in certain rooms.

Roll to avoid attacks

Pretty much every attack in Moonlighter can be avoided by rolling. If you come across particularly annoying enemies, you can roll in any direction to avoid taking damage. You can even roll through them and strike them from behind.

Use the merchant emblem just before the third floor

The merchant emblem takes you back to Rynoka and you can also teleport back to your current place in the dungeon. It's well worth the increased cost of the pendant because you're able to raid the third floor which has the best loot. The merchant pendant has an increasing cost depending which floor you're on so use it at the end of the second floor for the best value.

Use the merchant emblem before a boss room

If you upgraded your bed, you have a certain amount of bonus health that can be restored by returning to Rynoka. With the merchant pendant, you can return to Rynoka, replenish your supplies, and go right back to the boss room with all of your bonus health.

Moonlighter screenshot 2
I have 250 bonus health and three shields against Energy Flux because I returned to Rynoka first

Use steel armor

There are three sets of armor in Moonlighter and each has four tiers. Leather has the highest speed and lowest health, steel has the highest health and lowest speed, and iron has average health and speed. Speed isn't very important because rolling around is still the fastest movement so you may as well pick steel as it has the highest health.

My preferred setup: sword & shield and bow

The bow is great for picking off enemies safely from a distance. It's also my preferred weapon against every boss except the Golem king and the last boss's second phase. For my other weapon, I prefer the sword because it's one of two weapons that swings in an arc which is important as you can swing to keep weaker enemies away from you and even kill enemies that are off to the side. The other weapon that swings in an arc is the big sword but that has too much of an input delay. With the sword & shield, you also get the shield which is useful against annoying enemies like the wind blasters in the forest dungeon.

Required supplies for crafting weapons and armor

If you use steel armor with the sword & shield and bow, you should collect these materials for each part of the game. In this example, I don't craft weapons that deal elemental damage. If you want to use different weapons, change the materials in the list accordingly.

  • Golem: 28 hardened steel, 44 iron bars, 13 foundry rests, 10 twigs, 2 rune tools, and 21,000 gold
  • Forest: 12 ancient wood, 15 magic wood, 4 bulbs, and 260,000 gold
  • Desert: 15 desert steel, 12 flammable dust, 6 thermo magnetic engine, and 800,000 gold
  • Technology: 10 copper reel, 6 wolfram rock, 6 copper reel, and 1.6 million gold

Look out for thieves

When you're selling items, you can tell if someone's a shoplifter from the mask above their head when they enter your store. First, they'll walk around for a bit. Next, they'll turn back and forth a couple of times. Then, they'll walk to grab an item. At that point, you have to grab them with L2. If you always keep an eye on shoplifters, you can easily catch them.

Moonlighter screenshot 3
Watch for the mask bubble to easily know if someone's a shoplifter

Your journal tells you each dungeon's item prices

Bring up your journal to look at the price of each item. There's a list for each dungeon as well as a fifth category called "merchant". At the top of the list is the highest price for any item found in that dungeon. You don't need to actually find any items to see this. Click the gold coin to see the minimum price for a dungeon as well. I've listed the numbers below for your convenience.

  • Golem: 2 to 3,000 gold
  • Forest: 60 to 5,000 gold
  • Desert: 100 to 20,000 gold
  • Technology: 500 to 40,000 gold
Moonlighter screenshot 4
You can see the most valuable item in the Technology dungeon is worth 40,000 gold

Thank you for reading my Moonlighter guide. Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the comments below.

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