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The eShop on Switch is jam-packed with oodles of indie games so here are 6 worthwhile multiplayer Nindies that offer plenty of fun.

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Destrobots Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Arena twin-stick shooters have been around forever but Destrobots is here to provide both competitive and cooperative arcade action. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Destrobots screenshot
Only 8 more waves to go!

For the most part, Destrobots is a standard multidirectional shooter where you control your robot of choice while running around an arena and shooting in 8 directions. As you play, you can break crates and collect power-ups which can change your weapon for a very limited amount of time, grant you a shield, and let you dash. There are also plenty of stage hazards such as traps and warps which help mix up the otherwise standard gameplay. Anyway, there are 2 ways to play: a competitive Versus mode as well as a cooperative Horde mode where you try to complete every wave within 9 themed stages. Overall, I enjoyed the 3D visuals and simple gameplay although it is a bit too basic. To be clear, it is challenging but the slow pace and barebones gameplay make it less exciting than its genre contemporaries.

Destrobots is a simple and fun arena shooter where you can compete or cooperate with up to 4 local players which is pretty cool.

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Goonya Fighter Review Switch ★★★★☆

Ever since classics like Power Stone, arena fighting games are usually a ton of fun but what if you mix in awkward floppy physics?

Goonya Fighter screenshot
This wiggly fighter is a lot more fun to play than it looks

Goonya Fighter is an arena fighting game where up to 4 players compete. If you're familiar with the quirky Gang Beasts and its goofy jelly-like physics then Goonya Fighter is similar although I actually prefer the physics here. The controls are super-simple as all you do is run around, punch, kick, jump, and guard. However, simply running may result in your character falling flat on their face so the challenge relies almost entirely on your ability to master the silly floppy character physics. After playing for a while, I started to pick up some cool strategies like jump-kicking and punching enemies just right so they fly outside the arena. It ended up being a ton of fun and when you factor in the absurd amount of characters, modes, and the goofy story, you're looking at a complete package. Oh, and online is a blast. I played a bunch of online team matches with my gaming buddy and there seems to be a large Japanese community still playing this.

There are many games that feature intentionally silly physics but few are as enjoyable as the wacky and delightful Goonya Fighter.

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Quest for the Golden Duck Review Switch ★★★★☆

There have been a fair amount of Pac-Man clones but not many of them feature an innovative multiplayer aspect so let's check this out.

Quest for the Golden Duck screenshot
I love Pac-Man and this is one cool multiplayer spin on the classic

As a huge Pac-Man fan, clones of Namco's classic arcade game often feel hollow in comparison. However, Quest for the Golden Duck slowly grew on me to become one of my favourite takes on the franchise. It definitely doesn't leave a good first impression with its somewhat generic visuals but once you learn how to play, it eventually becomes a challenging and rewarding game that's even more enjoyable with a friend. Plus, if you played the developer's other game Watermelon Party then you'll recognize the cast of characters who are actually pretty cute. Anyway, there's a co-op adventure mode which is where the gameplay really shines as enemies behave quite intelligently and it offers a satisfying co-op challenge. The Versus mode isn't as fun because at least 1 player has to control an enemy but it can be enjoyable if you're playing with 4 players. Overall, my gaming chum and I had a ton of fun with this one.

It may not look like much on the surface but Quest for the Golden Duck is an impressively challenging and rewarding take on Pac-Man.

Quest for the Golden Duck gameplay video → Pac-Man games

Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission Review Switch ★★★★☆

If you're in the market for a crazy over-the-top party game then Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission will definitely fit the bill.

Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission screenshot
That poor doggie ninja!

After enjoying Doggie Ninja The Burning Strikers earlier this year, I figured I'd try out Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission and I'm glad that I finally did. I don't know what it is about canine ninjas that makes for such a fun formula but it seems like every game that they star in provides excellent multiplayer entertainment. Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission is basically a single-screen arcade game where 4 players compete by smashing columns which spawns coins then whoever has the most coins when the time is up wins. Of course, you can throw columns into each other to steal coins and watching the little doggies slam into the camera is downright hilarious. The 3 modes are themed around different castles and introduce new mechanics such as iron blocks that fly through a whole row and explosive blocks.

Every match of Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission offers an exciting push-and-pull and it's best enjoyed with a couch full of 4 chums.

Doggie Ninja The Golden Mission gameplay video → Doggie Ninja The Burning Strikers Review

2048 Battles Review Switch ★★★☆☆

If you've played Threes! or one of its many clones and wanted to enjoy the formula in a multiplayer setting then here's a game for you.

2048 Battles screenshot
Numbers are so boring; why not pick a cool theme?

2048 Battles takes the classic formula of sliding tiles to combine them and adds an enjoyable multiplayer wrinkle to the equation. For the unfamiliar, you play by tapping any of 4 directions which makes all of the tiles slide in that direction and if 2 similar tiles touch, they combine and level up. The goal is to have the most amount of points when the match is over while also trying not to run out of possible moves which will make you automatically out. 2048 Battles takes this premise and adds power-ups as well as cool tile sets that are modelled after themes such as Ancient Egypt, the Wild West, Vikings, and Medieval Asia. Aside from all this, it's a mostly standard game that's fun for a few rounds but the fact that you can compete with up to 8 players simultaneously is definitely awesome.

If you want to play a simple and enjoyable competitive multiplayer version of Threes! then 2048 Battles is certainly worth checking out.

2048 Battles gameplay video → Similar game: Threes!

Timberman VS Review Switch ★★★☆☆

You may have seen it in arcades but Timberman is also available for Switch in a nifty VS adaptation so let's start the chopping!

Timberman VS screenshot
We're having fun but we definitely don't draw in the crowds

There's an arcade near me that I frequent (well, used to) which has a Timberman machine and whenever I visit, I'm always compelled to give it a few tries. Its gameplay is incredibly fast-paced, simple, and challenging. All you do is tap left or right to chop at a tree or column of some sort while avoiding branches from knocking you on the noggin. It's really that simple. The Timberman VS version on Switch features the exact same core gameplay except you can compete with up to 4 players. The challenge relies on going as quickly as possible without getting hit with a branch which stuns you. Whoever reaches the top first wins but you can also lose if your timer runs out. It's very simple but when you factor in 68 wacky character skins and a dozen stage themes, at least there's some visual variety.

It may not have long-lasting appeal but Timberman VS certainly provides plenty of frantic multiplayer fun for the time that it lasts.

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