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Nintendo Switch OLED Model Review

A worthy undocked upgrade

A.J. Maciejewski

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Can you believe Nintendo Switch has already been around for 4 and a half years? Well, it now has a new OLED Model and it's quite cool.

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This new dock sure is swanky


Right off the bat, let me just say that if you primarily play Nintendo Switch docked then there is a very marginal difference between the original console and the OLED Model. In fact, the only noteworthy addition in this mode is its larger internal memory of 64 GB but that's still not much, especially if you have a 512 GB microSD card like I do. But, this isn't really what the OLED Model is good for. v1d30chumz 44-212-99-248

Specifically, if you play Switch undocked then that's where the OLED Model really shines both literally and figuratively. The most stand-out feature is obviously its OLED screen which is of course as much of an upgrade as comparing an LCD TV to an OLED one. In other words, it's a huge difference. The contrast really makes the visuals pop with true black and vibrant colours on display. Speaking of which, you also have the option to swap between Vivid and Standard colours with the former being default. Both look awesome to me... 😅

On top of all of that, the sound quality is fantastic. I played a lot of Metroid Dread on this sucker and the audio is noticeably improved over the original model. It's incredibly immersive as you can make out the high and low frequencies much easier which has the potential to add a great deal of atmosphere to any game. Keep in mind; this audio upgrade is via the new speakers so if you play with headphones on then you won't notice any difference. Anyway, as someone who's a bit of an audio snob, I'm rather impressed!

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The heavy-duty stand is one surprising upgrade


Physically, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is almost identical to the original iteration except it has a heavy-duty stand that nearly spans the entire back of the console. Not only that; you can also adjust it to certain angles so you can optimize how you place it on a tabletop. I must say that this feature delighted me considering the flimsy stand on my launch Switch is completely broken and mangled.

The only other substantial difference is the dock which looks slick; unlike the original's mostly utilitarian design. It actually looks awesome next to my PS5 as if they were designed as a pair. On top of looking great, the dock also has a LAN cable port which could be handy if you don't have a strong Wi-Fi signal and want to play a game online or download something quickly. I probably won't use it, though.

Peripheral compatibility

First of all, I'm sure every Nintendo-brand peripheral works with the Switch OLED Model. However, I love my third-party Switch Pro Controller clip mount (the Fixture S1) and I can't use it at all with this because the console is slightly wider and doesn't fit in the grip. I tried forcing it in and I can't do it. So, if you rely on a similar accessory then please keep this in mind before taking the plunge.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model size comparison photo
Oh, if it weren't for that extra millimeter or so...

If you primarily play Nintendo Switch portably then the OLED Model is a fantastic upgrade that your eyes and ears will love. However, if you only play Switch docked then this is certainly not much of a step up nor is it meant to be.

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Unboxing video for Nintendo Switch OLED Model
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