Nintendo's Creativity Continues to Impress

Nintendo's Creativity Continues to Impress

Still in the game after all these years

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Being a gamer for over 25 years, I find it incredible how Nintendo manages to continually put a smile on my face. Although I currently find myself playing PlayStation 4 more than any other console, I always know that I can boot up my Wii U or 3DS and be taken away to imaginative worlds where characters come alive and there's plenty of fun to be had. I figured I would write this article to share my thoughts on some creative Nintendo titles and touch on what they have coming up in their future. So, please enjoy!

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker screenshot
Captain Toad sure looks happy starring in his very own game

Creating original experiences

There's no denying how creative Nintendo was back in their 8-bit days. In fact, they made such spectacular titles that they single-handedly revived the video game market, but have they offered much innovation since then? Many argue that they keep pumping out the same old games over and over again. This may be true to a certain extent and many gamers (like me) actually don't mind since the quality of their staple series has always gone above and beyond. However, I find Nintendo doesn't get enough credit for their original series since they seem to come and go without much praise. The recently released Splatoon has received more than its fair share of attention for its intense multiplayer matches set in an unorthodox world, but it makes me wonder why great games like Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Pushmo weren't as hyped. Those are wonderfully crafted and completely original titles that I absolutely loved playing. Here's hoping they take some chances and create even more innovative games down the road.

Reinventing the classics

Considering Nintendo has such a vast library of games, it must be easy for them to come up with ideas for reintroducing long-lost series. That being said, thinking of the perfect formula must be quite the process. One of the most notable early examples of reviving a series is Metroid Prime which was released over eight years after the previous Metroid game. The jump from a 2D side-scroller to a first-person adventure was enormous and even made many fans hesitant to accept it. Now, Metroid Prime has reached legendary status as one of the best games ever created. Over the years, Nintendo would continue to dip into their catalog to bring back series such as Punch-Out and Donkey Kong Country. They even reinterpreted the obscure 2D platformer Kid Icarus as a third-person shooter! I bet most people who played Kid Icarus: Uprising weren't even aware of the original at first. A favourite classic game resurrection of mine came in the form of the incredibly addictive NES Remix series. Replaying old NES games as a series of brief difficult challenges is just awesome. Who knows what they'll reinvent next? Could it be Hogan's Alley or Clu Clu Land? Probably not, but you never know.

NES Remix screenshot
Playing classic Nintendo game challenges in NES Remix can get intense!

Teaming up with the best

A recent strategy that Nintendo has adopted is to join forces with existing franchises and developers to add their brand to already successful formulas. Who would've ever guessed that Link would star in a Dynasty Warriors game called Hyrule Warriors? If you told me that five years ago then I'd think you were pulling my leg. Even more recently, Nintendo worked with GungHo to make a Mario themed version of their popular Puzzle & Dragons series for 3DS. It may not have met universal acclaim, but the fact that Nintendo is trying new things by collaborating like this is a refreshing move for such an established company. Keep in mind that this strategy doesn't just apply to games since Nintendo is working with Universal Studios to create rides and attractions at its amusement parks. Also, the plan for future Amiibo to be compatible with the new Skylanders sequel proves that they know how to show off their brand.

What the future has in store

One could only guess what Nintendo has up its sleeve. Collaborating with DeNA to produce mobile games and announcing a mysterious new console now known as the "NX" both sound like promising ventures. The few future titles that we know of will continue Nintendo's creative approach to gaming. After almost a decade of obscurity, Star Fox is finally returning in Star Fox Zero. Also, The Legend of Zelda is getting a unique installment known as Tri Force Heroes where you play as three different coloured and highly customizable Links. However, it's not always up to Nintendo to be creative since it's your turn to develop something imaginative in the new Super Mario Maker. I'm looking forward to checking out what fans of the series are capable of bringing to the table!

Pushmo World screenshot
Mallo stares off into the distance wondering what Nintendo will think of next

There you have it; my thoughts on some creative approaches that Nintendo utilizes to craft awesome gaming experiences. What are some of your favourite innovative Nintendo moments? What do you look forward to in the future? Let us know in the comments!

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