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Onimusha: Warlords Boss Guide

Save Princess Yuki like a champion

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If you're having trouble with the tricky bosses in Onimusha: Warlords, this guide is for you. I beat the game twice and most of these bosses three times. My first time fighting them wasn't easy but there are a few tricks you can follow to have a much easier time.

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General Tips

  • Weapons can be upgraded at save points. I recommend having a level 2 weapon before the first Marcellus fight and a level 3 weapon before entering the Demon World.
  • Turn all of your herbs into medicine at save points by using souls. Never eat herbs without turning them into medicine.
  • Most bosses' attacks can be parried by holding the parry button (L1/LB). Unless you're surrounded or the boss uses a special attack, you can rest easy while holding the parry button.
  • Recharge your magic power at every opportunity because magic attacks are a huge help for beating bosses.
  • Power jewels are found all over the place and increase your maximum life. Likewise, magic jewels increase your max magic power. It can be quite a challenge to find all of them. Don't forget to use them when they're in your inventory!

Useful Equipment

  • Holy Armor can be found at the keep during the lever puzzle with Samanosuke and Kaede before the first Marcellus fight.
  • Great Armor is behind the waterfall in East Area before Hecuba. It can be hard to see because the waterfall is in the way.
  • The Bow is found in a puzzle chest in the south-eastern most room on the ground floor of the keep near the demon door.
  • To get the Matchlock, you need to find a statue key in a chest behind a level 3 red lock in West Area. Then, unlock the level 3 blue lock in West Area to go into the statue room. Put the statue key in the statue to unlock the way to a treasure chest.

With those helpful tips in mind and equipment unlocked, let's get to the bosses! v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

Osric The Marauder

Move up to Osric and slash at him a couple times then move back when he's about to hit you. Don't try to hit him four times or you're much more likely to get hit yourself. Be patient while hitting him between attacks and he'll go down eventually. Watch Osric's animations and get out of the way of his charging attack; keep in mind, he does two successive charging attacks. Osric seems to choose his next attack based on a cycle so you can easily predict what he'll do next. Defeat Osric and you'll get the Enryuu fire sword / Kouen orb!

Onimusha: Warlords - Osric screenshot
Attack then run back; rinse and repeat

Marcellus The Swordsman

Be sure to pick up the Holy Armor at the lever puzzle beforehand. Marcellus comes at you with a large shield so it can be tough to hit him. It eventually breaks and you can destroy it much faster using magic attacks. You could move around Marcellus to try and get behind him but this is annoying since the camera moves frequently. Once the shield is destroyed, hold the parry button and attack with your highest level weapon whenever you have an opening. Marcellus' attack pattern is unpredictable so it's hard to avoid taking some damage; at least he can no longer defend himself without his shield. Once you beat him, you get the Shippuu wind weapon / Arashi orb!

Onimusha: Warlords - Marcellus screenshot
This guy is guarding the Arashi on The Keep's roof for some unknown reason

Stylado The Doppelganger

Now that you have all the weapons, you can switch between them to unleash 3 distinct magic attacks which is a great tactic against the rest of the bosses. Unfortunately, you might be low on magic if you didn't recharge before the Kaede sequence. It's hard to hit Stylado because of his parry but you can do the same to avoid taking any damage. I recommend switching to the Shippuu because it's the fastest weapon and you can get hits in much more often while using it smartly, hitting him when he's about to use his magic attack or right after he uses it. Stylado doesn't have much health so weaken him with magic then keep hitting him and you should be good.

Onimusha: Warlords - Stylado screenshot
Looks like a throwback to Link v Dark Link

Hecuba The Queen Bee

There is a magic pool right before Samanosuke takes the boat to the lighthouse so you'll hopefully have full magic for this fight. Plus, the Matchlock is also very useful. Ground Hecuba with the wind magic attack and then unleash the fire or lightning special, whichever weapon is currently at a higher level. Once you run out of magic, you'll have to sit back and continue to deal damage with the Bow or, preferably, the Matchlock. If you don't have magic, a ranged weapon, or ammo for whatever reason then you'll be in trouble and you'll have to kill the minions for more magic power. Anyway, listen out for Hecuba's "Die!" cue so you can parry her attack.

Onimusha: Warlords - Hecuba screenshot
Everything about Hecuba is disgusting...

Marcellus Reborn

Only enter the Demon World once you have full magic and at least one level 3 weapon. There will be a cutscene where Guildenstern berates you for making it this far then he sends Marcellus to kill you. First, pick up the medicine in the chest then use all of your magic attacks to destroy Marcellus' shield and if you still need to deal more damage, try to circle him just like you did in the first battle.

Once his shield is broken, the Shippuu is very useful or you can just use your highest level weapon. Hold down the parry button and move away from his special attack when he uses it then attack whenever you have an opening. He attacks 4 swings at a time so just move in after the fourth swing. It's not a perfect strategy and he can be fairly unpredictable but it gets the job done.

Onimusha: Warlords - Marcellus Reborn screenshot
Guildenstern (AKA Red Skull) sends one guy to do his bidding then teleports out; what a dud!

Fortinbras King of Demons

After Marcellus, recharge your magic and save it before the final fight. Make your way down the passage to Fortinbras' chamber and pick up 2 medicines off the ground. Looks like you made it just in time to stop the Dark Ceremony. Use your magic attacks and hit Fortinbras as much as you can with your strongest weapon. Fortinbras has five attacks and I'll explain how to avoid each of them:

  • Flame breath: when he starts to breathe fire, run to the back corner of the room and wait there because it's a safe spot.
  • Punch attack: Fortinbras will punch you sometimes or use his wind attack but you can just parry it.
  • Purple lasers: these will appear from above. You should have plenty of time to move out of the way though.
  • Eye laser: sometimes, Fortinbras will shoot a purple laser from his eye. If you're close, there's nothing you can do but if you're far away, you can dodge this. Be careful because he sometimes does this a few times consecutively.
  • Death grip: when he's near death, Fortinbras will sometimes grab you and try to do this instant death attack. When he starts squeezing you, spam all the buttons as fast as you can and you'll break free.

As long as you dodge the lasers and the flame breath every time, Fortinbras is a pretty easy fight. Just drink your medicines when you get weak, spam the attack button and enjoy the sound of his "ROOOAARRGHH" over and over.

Onimusha: Warlords - Fortinbras screenshot
Samanosuke arrived just in time to crash the Dark Ceremony!

Congratulations, you beat the game! Samanosuke frees Princess Yuki and Yumemaru then you get to see the story of our friends unfold in the ending sequence. If you have any questions or your own tips for these bosses, let us know in the comments section below!

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Onimusha: Warlords - Fortinbras Boss Fight
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