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PaRappa the Rapper PSP: Add-On Songs Download

Even more songs? I gotta believe!

A.J. Maciejewski

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If you own a PSP then you may have a copy of PaRappa the Rapper. Did you know that you can download eight additional remixed songs for it? That sounds like a good reason to boot up the classic rapping rhythm game again, but where can you get these songs? Although they have been removed by Sony and finding them may be quite difficult, you can get them all right here!

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Are you tired of seeing this screen whenever you select "Add-On Songs"?

Although this free DLC was originally featured on the official PaRappa the Rapper PSP web site, it was taken down years ago. Lucky PaRappa fans got to download the following list of songs for no additional charge: v1d30chumz 3-235-173-74

  • Stage 1 Music A
  • Stage 1 Music B
  • Stage 1 Music C
  • Stage 1 Music D
  • Stage 2 Music A
  • Stage 3 Music A
  • Stage 4 Music A
  • Stage 5 Music A

But enough history lessons, let's get to the download already!

PaRappa the Rapper PSP screenshot 2
Now that's more like it!

You can download and install all eight of these tracks in one convenient zip file using these instructions:

  1. Download the zip here (13.7 MB)
    Note: if the page simply refreshes after you try to download the file then an anti-virus program on your computer or an extension of your browser is disabling you from downloading it.
  2. Connect your PSP via USB cable to your PC or plug your Memory Stick directly into your computer
  3. Copy the folder "UCUS98702MUSIC" from the zip archive
  4. Navigate to your PSP's "\PSP\SAVEDATA" folder
  5. Paste the "UCUS98702MUSIC" folder into "\PSP\SAVEDATA"
  6. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that this save file is for the North American version of the game. If your copy is from another region then you may be able to rename the folder to match your version's code in order to get it to work, but it's not guaranteed to.

PaRappa the Rapper PSP screenshot 3
Stressed out chickens are even more fun with some fresh beats

Now you have a reason to keep rapping until your heart's content. Maybe we'll see PaRappa the Rapper 3 one day and have even more reason to drop ill rhymes! Anyway, leave a comment to let me know that you're digging the new tunes.

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