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If you're like me then you love jumping between all sorts of games so here are 8 recent Switch titles that are easy to pick-up-and-play.

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Kingdom Rush Frontiers Review Switch ★★★★☆

Ironhide Game Studio's much-celebrated tower defense series has finally made its way onto Nintendo Switch so let's get ready to battle! v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Kingdom Rush Frontiers screenshot
These little fellows will think twice next time they decide to invade!

My experience with the tower defense genre goes back to the original PixelJunk Monsters and over the years, I've played plenty of variations on the formula. For the most part, Kingdom Rush Frontiers plays things rather safe as its gameplay is generally what you'd expect. However, there are enough complications that slowly get introduced as you progress which really help flesh out the experience. The basics involve building various towers in order to prevent encroaching enemy hordes from invading your territory but you'll also deploy a hero who can do some serious damage, use skills that may make fire rain down from above, upgrade towers, and position your guards to slow enemies down. Considering there are many different enemy types, the graphics are fantastic, and the audio adds a layer of fun; you're looking at one enjoyable tower defense game. Plus, there are loads of levels to try and get 3 stars on.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers may bring the genre back to basics but it does everything so exceptionally well that you'll be hooked for hours.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers gameplay video → Kingdom Rush Review Kingdom Rush Origins Review

Exit the Gungeon Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Gamers have enjoyed entering the Gungeon for years but is it as fun coming out of as it is going in? Get your trigger finger ready.

Exit the Gungeon screenshot
Who knew you could dispatch enemies with the power of rock?

Back in 2016, I reviewed the fantastic Enter the Gungeon and last year, I took a look at the physical edition for Switch. Like most other indie gamers, I loved my time with the game and now, we have a little spin-off. In Exit the Gungeon, you play in a side-scrolling perspective instead of a bird's-eye view as you dodge, jump, and shoot your way through tricky enemy-filled situations and boss fights. The thing is; your weapon changes frequently and you'll never know what's next so you really have to stay on your toes and change up your strategy constantly. Although this sounds fun, I absolutely loathed when I got a subpar weapon such as guns that require charging as they left me feeling like a sitting duck. Overall, it's just a random mess that gets quite frustrating but it's still fairly enjoyable.

Although it often feels like luck dictates your success, Exit the Gungeon still boasts tight gameplay and a quirky fun-filled aesthetic.

Exit the Gungeon gameplay video → Let's Play Exit the Gungeon video →

Tower of Babel - no mercy Review Switch ★★★★☆

Here's a game that's best enjoyed with chums so if you're looking to add another game to your multiplayer collection, check this out.

Tower of Babel - no mercy screenshot
Oh noes! My tower gone done fell over...

Tower of Babel - no mercy is an incredibly simple game. All you do is tap a button whenever swinging floors of buildings line up with the base underneath and the goal is to build as tall of a tower as you can without it falling over. It may sound a bit too simple but once you play with a few friends, the gameplay really starts to shine. Anyway, there are a few modes including Co-op, Battle, and Selfish which actually combines the cooperative and versus rules in an interesting way. My favourite mode is Battle as you gradually watch your friends' towers crumble until someone claims victory. It's a ton of fun and when you factor in online multiplayer and cool special moves that mess with your opponents, you're left with one exciting game. Oh, and the graphics and sound are both cute and funny with loads of attention to detail. In fact, each character has their own silly animations and building types that really bring the game to life.

If you can't get enough multiplayer indies in your gaming diet then Tower of Babel - no mercy is a must-play that's sure to delight.

Tower of Babel - no mercy gameplay video → Similar game: Tricky Towers

Voxelgram Review Switch ★★★☆☆

There are a ton of Picross games out there yet you don't see many quite like Picross 3D so here's Voxelgram to help fill the void.

Voxelgram screenshot
These puzzles will give your brain a serious workout

Voxelgram has a very cool premise: you basically solve puzzles in order to bring life to a diorama by sculpting cubic objects into things like vegetables in a garden, kitchen appliances, objects on a beach, and various pieces of furniture. Doing so involves chipping away at 3D objects to eventually duplicate the desired item. You do so by following number clues that are dotted around the object's exterior which pertain to the number of voxels in the row or column along with if there are any spaces or not. There are 190 puzzles to solve as well as random puzzles so you can stay busy with Voxelgram for a long time. That being said, the controls can be very fumbly and they take a while to get used to. Even after solving many puzzles, I'd still find myself getting occasionally frustrated with the controls.

If you enjoy Picross 3D and want to play a similar game on Switch then Voxelgram will definitely provide hours of head-scratching fun.

Voxelgram gameplay video → More games that play like Picross

Bug Academy Review Switch ★★★★☆

Some indie games seem to come out of nowhere so imagine my surprise when I started playing the delightful Bug Academy.

Bug Academy screenshot
Those dastardly flies made off with my favourite block again!

Bug Academy is a simple game to play but a tricky one to describe. You essentially control a single fly who can latch onto objects and carry them around. In order to carry heavier objects, you can wake up fellow flies that are scattered around each stage and once you get a large horde of them, carrying things as you fly super-fast around the stage makes for one exciting moment. Each stage presents a unique goal which is where Bug Academy's gameplay shines brightest. You may have to deliver appliances, build towers, or even herd cows yet no matter what you have to do, the gameplay remains tight, quirky, and great fun. You can also attempt levels again in order to beat them in under their par time which adds replay value and the music is extremely catchy. What more could you want?

When it comes to indies, Bug Academy is definitely one of the most surprising. With varied and fun gameplay, I highly recommend it.

Bug Academy gameplay video →

Pooplers Review Switch ★★☆☆☆

Party games come in all shapes and sizes but have you ever played one that stars a cast of defecating infants? I didn't think so.

Pooplers screenshot
I don't want to know what the heck these babies ate...

That's right; Pooplers has you control a baby who poops bright paint wherever it crawls. Although I think it's hilarious and I laughed a great deal while playing it due to my immature sense of humour, it's a pretty subpar game. For starters, the babies are incredibly ugly and the gameplay is downright boring. One mechanic is that your mom chases you around and if she sees you pooping, she'll pick you up and put you in your crib which wastes time as well as changes your location. The goal is to paint the most floor in your baby's poop colour but when the gameplay simply involves moving slowly across the screen while trying to avoid your mom and occasionally using a power-up, you're looking at a very tedious party game. Or is it a party pooper? Whatever the case is, it's not a good game.

Even though it features a few different modes and simple multiplayer gameplay, Pooplers is still worth its weight in poop.

Pooplers gameplay video → Similar game: Splatoon 2

Brotherhood United Review Switch ★★☆☆☆

There are so many 2D retro-inspired action games that it's absurd so does Brotherhood United bring anything unique to the table?

Brotherhood United screenshot
That bank doesn't look very united to me

Brotherhood United begins with the most disturbing main menu sequence that I've ever seen as you basically tap a button to shoot a character in the head then witness the ensuing overly gory animation. Talk about leaving an awful first impression! Also, that level of "humour" persists throughout the game via plenty of brash cutscenes and repugnant character dialogue so if you enjoy that sort of thing; by all means, have fun! With that in mind, you probably won't have fun with the gameplay as it's extremely basic and uninspired. It plays a lot like Metal Slug as you shoot, throw grenades, slice nearby foes, and rescue hostages but it's nowhere near as enjoyable and that game released back in 1996. Seeing as you could play that instead, why would anyone want to play this dumbed-down take on it?

Its gameplay may be functional but Brotherhood United is so trite and stereotypical that it's difficult to recommend to anyone.

Brotherhood United gameplay video → More 2D Switch Games

Oxyjet Review Switch ★★★☆☆

Simple multiplayer games are a great way to pass the time and very few of them are as unique as the super-cool curling-inspired Oxyjet.

Oxyjet screenshot
It may not look like it but Oxyjet is one tense and engaging experience

Oxyjet can be played either locally or online with up to 4 players. The premise is that you control a space ship by tearing holes in its walls which makes oxygen leak thus propelling it forward. Of course, this also means that your oxygen depletes. The goal is to make your way to the centre circle and not run out of oxygen. Thankfully, you can patch up any holes by the tap of a button. By the way, it's basically a 1-vs-1 game but if you play with 2 players on a team then 1 will make leaks while the other will close them. There are a handful of nifty power-ups in play, too. The resulting gameplay formula is a constant tug of war that's impressively engaging and tense. However, the unconventional core gameplay can be exceptionally frustrating at times, especially against the incredibly tough AI.

If you enjoy multiplayer indies and want something out of the ordinary then Oxyjet is here to prove how fun a unique concept can be.

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