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Pinball FX3: Carnivals and Legends Breakdown

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Although Zen Studios excel at adapting existing franchises for their pinball tables, their original creations can be just as fun. Here we have a table full of roller coasters and another that stars Hercules so let's get flipping!

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Adventure Land

When you boot up Adventure Land, it's hard to know what to do because of the busy and flashy visuals. However, that just makes figuring out all the intricacies even more fun. For example, getting a bonus reward via a wheel, firing a cannon at a bunch of rotating slot cars, or earning a super skillshot by launching it using an aiming reticle is just awesome. There are so many ways to enter multiball mode and mastering how to activate each one will require a lot of practice. Good luck cutting to the front of the line! v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Pinball FX3: Carnivals and Legends - Adventure Land screenshot
The busier the table, the more fun it is!

Son of Zeus

Most pinball tables have missions that you carry out in order to accomplish fun tasks. However, Son of Zeus merely tasks you with surviving. Your character is Hercules and Hera is constantly trying to end his life. In fact, there are eight different modes in which she tries to do so. This table is fairly basic and it's very easy to get a ball out but some of the features really shine such as the snake in the middle that comes to life and an underworld mini-playfield underneath the table. It may be a tough table but there are a handful of ways to earn extra balls so that helps to alleviate some of the challenge. Overall, Son of Zeus is more hardcore than Adventure Land but it's still easily enjoyable for pinball wizards of all skill levels.

Pinball FX3: Carnivals and Legends - Son of Zeus screenshot
I wouldn't stand so close to that snake if I were you, Hercules

Carnivals and Legends does a great job of fleshing out Zen Studios' collection of completely original creations by providing two very different tables. Have you played them yet? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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Gameplay video playlist for Pinball FX3: Carnivals and Legends Table Pack
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