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Pinball FX3: The Last Jedi Table Pack Breakdown

Something good came from the movie

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Don't let the mediocrity of the most recent Star Wars film keep you from checking out these two new Pinball FX3 tables.

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Many Star Wars fans found a lot to love in the movies that released over the past few years. I, however, am not one of them. Regardless of your thoughts on the recent movies, these tables are sure to provide some good times for pinball novices and wizards alike. v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

The Last Jedi

This table tells the story of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, taking key scenes from the movie and recreating them in pinball table form. The scenes can be activated by repeatedly hitting the proper lane on the table then selected using the left and right bumpers. One of the best parts of any Pinball FX table is seeing how they find new ways to take licenses and specific scenes from a franchise and implement them into their table. For this specific table, you're able to shoot down TIE fighters using your pinball and an appropriately placed ramp and partake in a bit of Fathier race betting (those weird furry horse creatures). Oh, and you can use BB-8 to take over a First Order walker and shoot down stormtroopers. Awesome!

The Last Jedi table is one of the most newbie-friendly tables I've ever played. The scene activator lane is massive and located right in the middle of the table. Virtually anyone should be able to trigger and participate in the fun scenes and extras that this table has to offer.

Pinball FX3: The Last Jedi screenshot
Can you tell from this screenshot how many flippers this table has?

Ahch-To Island

Considering The Last Jedi table is quite simplistic, it should come as no surprise that the Ahch-To Island table is far more complex and built for more advanced pinball players. For those unfamiliar with the movie, Ahch-To is the island where Luke Skywalker has marooned himself and where Rey and Chewie go to seek out his assistance. On this table, you can play as either Rey, Luke, or Chewie and work towards unlocking each of their two special modes. You can swap between characters and work on completing the goals in any order you wish although novice players will probably want to stick with a single character as they get more familiar with the table.

Each of the three characters has their own challenges including Rey training to become a better Jedi, Chewy on the hunt for some delicious Porgs, and Luke tearing himself away from drinking weird creatures' breast milk just long enough to go fishing for some dinner. Despite not being very good at it, I really enjoyed this table. There are lots of things to work towards and the ramps are fast and plentiful. I even managed to activate the awesome R2-D2 multiball where he charges up your pinballs for extra points!

Pinball FX3: Ahch-To Island screenshot
Get off the table, R2!

With just two tables in this pack, Zen Studios tried to include something for everyone. While I preferred the far simpler The Last Jedi table, I had a surprising amount of fun with the Ahch-To Island table as well despite not being able to make much progress. Both tables are great additions to the Star Wars Pinball lineup which now sits at a whopping 16 unique tables.

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