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Pinball FX3: Williams Table Pack Vol. 3 Breakdown

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Similar to their previous Williams table packs, Zen Studios' newest addition to its Pinball FX3 lineup includes 3 iconic digitally recreated tables featuring both modernized and classic versions.

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For the unfamiliar, the modernized versions have flashy graphics added and easier ball physics that Zen is known for whereas the classic versions are similar to their physical counterparts and feature more realistic and challenging physics. Anyway, let's get to the tables! v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Theatre of Magic

Theater of Magic is a high-scoring novice-friendly table that quickly became one of my favorites. This addictive and excellent table allows you to hide in and escape from a magic trunk, sneak into a trap door, and trigger 8 different illusions. On the modernized version, you'll find a magician standing over the table who watches as you play. A magic wand appears every time you launch your ball and a spinning trunk (which also appears on the realistic version of the table) allows you to rack up some major points. The single best part of the table is the magician narrator who will regularly tell you exactly where to aim. As an amateur player, this is extremely helpful because it's already hard enough for me to keep the ball in play, let alone know where to aim to trigger events and boost my score.

Pinball FX3: Theatre of Magic gameplay video →
Pinball FX3: Theatre of Magic screenshot
Do you have what it takes to become a part of The Alliance of Magicians?

Safe Cracker

Safe Cracker is one unique table. You actually have unlimited balls to play with but only a limited amount of time to complete the table objectives. If you lose a ball and there's no time left on the clock then it's game over. Fortunately, there are ways to extend the time so that each attempt doesn't end too quickly and you'll want to keep an eye on the clock in the middle of the table to know exactly how much time remains. There's also a game board on the top of the machine that you access by lighting lamps at the top of the table and it represents breaking into a bank. It's played by using the flippers to stop a spinner and move forward a certain number of spaces. You'll land on both good and bad spaces as some reward you with points and others will send you back to the playfield.

Safe Cracker felt like the most complex of these 3 tables but I still had a good time with it. I didn't always know exactly what I was doing but on the remastered version of the table with the gentler physics, I was usually able to trigger the board game. The fun premise and great sound effects made it quite a lot of fun to play even though I never got very good at it.

Pinball FX3: Safe Cracker gameplay video →
Pinball FX3: Safe Cracker screenshot
Assault the Vault is Safe Cracker's hectic multiball mode

The Champion Pub

It's Knuckles O'Brian vs. The Kid in this table based on a real life pub boxing match. Before you can pick a fight, you have to do some training by hitting an old timey punching bag with your pinball or shooting lit ramps. Once you build up enough health, you can start the fight by hitting the corresponding hole on the left side of the table. After that, slam Knuckles O'Brian with your pinball and avoid his punches to win the fight. The skillshot on this table is really cool. You hold the launch button and it rotates through a variety of bonuses then you let go at the right moment to score major points or increase the purse value on the table. The table itself is easy to comprehend but it's fairly challenging and I found myself getting side-outs frequently, especially in classic mode.

Pinball FX3: The Champion Pub gameplay video →
Pinball FX3: The Champion Pub screenshot
That's one stereotypical angry-looking Irish dude!

This DLC pack is probably my favorite of the classic Williams table releases that Zen has done so far. All 3 tables have an amazing sense of charm and are highly enjoyable to play over and over again.

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Gameplay video playlist for Pinball FX3: Williams Pinball Volume 3 Table Pack
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