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Playing Video Games vs. Going to Sleep

Keep gaming or catch some Z's?

A.J. Maciejewski

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We've all been there; it's past 2AM and you can't put the controller down but what's the better option? Do you throw in the towel and go to bed or keep playing? Let's finally make a decision on this conundrum that's plagued humankind for decades.

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Photo of Mary playing games and drinking coffee
Mary must stay well-caffeinated for her overnight gaming sessions

Sleep is important

As years go by, folks are getting less and less sleep yet more and more studies are published about how important sleep is. In fact, sleep researchers could not be clearer that getting a good night's sleep enhances your memory, improves your mood, assists in fighting off illness, and even helps you lose weight among other things. These are all very important aspects that are making me want to go to sleep right now instead of writing this silly article. On the other hand, I frequently find it difficult to get to sleep when I'm in the middle of a particularly immersive game. I'm sure you've been there, too; you're fighting a tough boss or simply traversing a wondrous world that you don't want to leave and as soon as you prematurely put the controller down, you can't stop thinking about it. What's a gamer to do? Well, for one thing, you could just keep playing. After all, YOLO! Does anyone even say that anymore? v1d30chumz 3-236-65-63

Video games are beneficial, too

I've rarely played video games until 3AM then felt great the next day which would make anyone assume that it's a bad idea. However, I have also had loads of nights when I just couldn't get to sleep so I'd get out of bed and play a puzzle game like Tetris which would get my brain nice and relaxed then I'd easily fall asleep once my head hit the pillow again. Another type of situation that I found helped my overall well-being is when I was a teenager and everyone was asleep but I'd be up playing some kind of JRPG. Getting lost in its world all by myself really made me forget about the stresses of being a teen. In a way, video games can be downright therapeutic and in rare and hopefully infrequent cases, that could actually be more important than getting a couple more hours of sleep.

Photo of A.J. playing Switch in bed
Little does Mary know, I'm actually in bed playing Switch

Well, this was definitely an unexpected Versus match-up but it was fun to discuss. Now, I must make a decision and the winner is...

Winner Going to Sleep

If you asked me 20 or so years ago, I'd definitely say that playing games is more important than getting a good night's sleep but now that I'm a full-grown bear, I realise just how important sleep is. Plus, it's currently the end of November so it's about time for me to put on an extra layer of fat and get to hibernating. Until next time; keep gaming and stay healthy, chums!

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