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PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Astebreed

A cinematic shoot 'em up

A.J. Maciejewski

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The library of PlayStation Plus games is huge and one hidden gem that any shmup fan will certainly love is Astebreed so let's take off.

Astebreed is available with at least a PlayStation Plus Extra subscription (Essential < Extra < Premium). ➕

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Shoot 'em ups don't get much more visually impressive than this

Astebreed released a while ago so you could have easily overlooked it but thanks to PlayStation Plus, you can now conveniently try it out and experience what you've been missing. For starters, it's a cinematic journey with a surprisingly deep story that touches on topics from artificial intelligence to family. Although it's gripping stuff, the in-game dialogue is in Japanese and it can be hard to read the subtitles when you're in the heat of combat so if you don't understand Japanese, I recommend playing on a lower difficulty setting at least once so you can enjoy the story. That's something I never thought I'd say about a shmup but that's what makes Astebreed special. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

When it comes to gameplay, Astebreed is one intense shoot 'em up that features a wide variety of scenarios that scroll horizontally or overhead. As you blast at enemies, you can move your homing weapon's radar with the right stick, smash enemies with a blade attack, dash out of harm's way, and unleash a special move whenever its gauge is full. This may sound like a lot but it's all handled very intuitively so once you master the controls which doesn't take long, you'll become amazed by the amount of carnage you can inflict on enemy forces. Of course, getting a high score multiplier and chaining enemy kills adds even more satisfaction to the formula. 😊

Astebreed Review

Astebreed is a rare shoot 'em up that's entertaining to play for yourself as well as watch someone else play. This is due to the outstandingly flashy visuals that feature tons of striking effects, awe-inspiring space backdrops, and non-stop action. In fact, the gameplay even shifts throughout stages as you'll occasionally and seamlessly transition from side-scrolling to a 3D perspective. Meanwhile, the soundtrack is excellent with its energetic arcade vibes and the effects perfectly reflect every projectile and melee attack to make everything come to life. What more could you possibly want when it comes to presentation in a shoot 'em up?

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Help; I'm taking hits from all sides!

Astebreed is a phenomenal shmup that any genre fan must play. With a ton of variety, outstanding presentation, and an unexpectedly gripping story, it's sure to become your next shmup obsession. Stay tuned next week for another hidden gem for PlayStation Plus! 😄

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