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PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Baja: Edge of Control HD

Accessible off-road racing

A.J. Maciejewski

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There aren't many off-road racers nowadays so thanks to PlayStation Plus, let's take a ride to the past with Baja: Edge of Control HD.

Baja: Edge of Control HD is available to play with a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription (Essential < Extra < Premium). ➕

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What's this roller coaster doing in the middle of nowhere?

Baja: Edge of Control originally released for PlayStation 3 back in 2008 and although it isn't as fantastic of a racing game as its contemporary competitor MotorStorm, there's still a lot of fun to be had with it. However, it looks kind of dated at this point in time so thankfully, Baja: Edge of Control HD released for PlayStation 4 in 2017 and it features enhanced 4K visuals so let's check it out. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

When I started playing Baja: Edge of Control HD, it immediately clicked with me and even though it took me a few attempts to actually win a race as I got used to the ins and outs of how it plays, I had a blast right from the get-go. At its core, it's a very intuitive racer as you accelerate, steer, and brake around tight corners but the aspect that really makes its gameplay shine is the freedom that you have to cut corners and forge your own path with the main track merely being a suggestion. Sure, a timer will eventually count down when you're off-track for long enough but you definitely have plenty of time to drive wherever you wish. This especially makes the races with significant verticality more enjoyable as you can decide how to scale hillsides and work through the muddy terrain as you wish.

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Besides its sense of freedom and intuitive gameplay, Baja: Edge of Control HD is also highly accessible as it features a wealth of options to set your next race up however you desire. For example, you can enable manual transmission if you want to show off your skills, enter cheat codes to unlock everything faster (try SHOWTIME, SUPERMAX, and GHOST), toggle between arcade and sim physics, alter the AI difficulty, disable vehicle damage, and more. Throw in split-screen and online multiplayer, a lengthy career mode where you can learn the ropes at your own pace, and tons of tracks and tunable vehicles and you're left with a substantial racing package. 🏎️

As I just mentioned, Baja: Edge of Control HD includes a large variety of tracks and vehicles. For starters, the tracks range drastically from flat deserts to steep hillside climbs and there are some lovely lakeside views, quaint villages, humble islands, and even a track that features an overhead roller coaster. It may not look as impressive as a modern racing game but the amount of variety still holds up beautifully. When it comes to vehicles, you can drive anything from a cute little dune buggy to a big ol' souped-up truck and tinkering around with your ride in career mode will allow you to adapt it to your play style as well. There's a full licensed soundtrack, too, with oodles of rockin' tunes from artists such as Rise Against although the consistent product placement can cheapen the experience at times. 🪧

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Sometimes, races can be a real uphill battle

I forgot how much I loved off-road racers so I'm very happy that I discovered Baja: Edge of Control HD thanks to my PlayStation Plus subscription. Have you played this racing game hidden gem yet? What do you think about it? 😊

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