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PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Gabbuchi

Satisfy your hunger for puzzles

A.J. Maciejewski

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I'm in the mood for tricky puzzle games and there are few games better for that than Gabbuchi so get ready for a munchtastic time.

Gabbuchi is available with at least a PlayStation Plus Extra subscription (Essential < Extra < Premium). ➕

Gabbuchi screenshot 1
How is Gabbuchi going to eat its way out of this one?

At its core, Gabbuchi is a 2D platformer where all you do is run and jump your way to a delicious heart-shaped cookie. If that sounds simple then you'll be in for a surprise because the gameplay is actually quite challenging. That's right; Gabbuchi is one of those games that looks basic thanks to its monochrome visuals and minimal aesthetics yet it'll have you scratching your head as you try to work out just how the heck to solve each of its many challenging stages. v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

So, what makes it so tough? Well, in order to reach each cookie, you'll need to eat smiley-face blocks that are in your way. The thing is; Gabbuchi can only eat blocks that match your current colour so you'll have to swap between red and white. Another side of this is that you can only stand on the opposite colour to your current one because otherwise, you'll eat the floor and fall right through. I guess Gabbuchi has a rather insatiable appetite! 🤭

Gabbuchi gameplay video →

You might be wondering what kind of situations you'll find yourself in when you play Gabbuchi so let me give you a few examples. One of the main challenges relies on your ability to carve out paths and ensure certain blocks remain so that you can use them as steps. As you do so, you may need to change colour in mid-air so your head hits the ceiling instead of eating a valuable block or be able to land on a block without falling through. Trying to wrap your head around when to change colour and which blocks should remain is much more challenging than it sounds and that's what makes Gabbuchi so much fun because it's simple at its core yet super-tough to master.

The campaign within Gabbuchi is enormous and will take you a long time to complete. Not only does working through the levels require a lot of time and skill, you can also fully complete each one by fulfilling a couple of optional goals: specifically, eat as many blocks and item pick-ups as you can to satisfy Gabbuchi's hunger as well as accomplish that within a limited number of colour changes. Doing this becomes brutally tough in the later levels so you can end up spending hours upon hours with Gabbuchi if you want to perfect everything. 🏆

Gabbuchi screenshot 2
Satisfying Gabbuchi is sometimes quite a tricky feat

As someone who has discovered Gabbuchi through PlayStation Plus, let me just say that I'm impressed. It's awesome that there are so many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered and I hope that I helped you enjoy a few that may have flown under your radar. Stay tuned each and every Friday as I have many more PlayStation Plus treats to share with you! 😄

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