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PlayStation Plus Hidden Gem: Relicta

A mind-bending sci-fi puzzler

A.J. Maciejewski

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There are many great games on PlayStation Plus but I bet you haven't played anything quite like Relicta so get your grey cells moving.

Relicta is available with at least a PlayStation Plus Extra subscription (Essential < Extra < Premium). ➕

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What's better than a Power Glove? 2 Power Gloves!

There have been many first-person puzzle games ever since Portal released yet Relicta offers a very unique spin on the genre with its simple premise that results in a vast collection of elaborate large-scale puzzles. At its core, all it involves is moving boxes to pressure pads in order to open the way forward so you can continue on your quest but things rapidly become much more complicated when you're introduced to many gameplay twists and gimmicks that'll likely make your head spin. 😵 v1d30chumz 35-172-230-154

Before getting to that, let me just say that Relicta is a surprisingly beautiful game with many detailed environments to explore. From the massive sci-fi laboratory hub to frozen wastelands and lively jungles; there's a lot to take in. Meanwhile, its story has you play as a physicist whose daughter may be in danger so it's up to you to uncover the mysteries of Chandra Base which is set on an abandoned moon. The voice acting is well-done albeit a bit awkward in parts but it still comes together to make for one engaging adventure. 🌑

Relicta gameplay video →

Back to the gameplay; Relicta simply has you point at boxes then tap 3 buttons. 2 of the buttons swap a box's polarity to red or blue and the other button toggles its hover state. Opposite-coloured boxes attract while the same colour repel each other and the challenge is all about figuring out how to move the boxes in a way that allows you to forge ahead. This will sometimes involve levitating boxes up columns, figuring out the order of pressure pads to trigger, and even standing on one as it repels across a chasm in its hover state. 🕴️

As you can imagine, things get complicated very quickly in Relicta and scenarios may involve many steps to work past as they are often set in large sandbox-like environments so it can be a daunting game at times. However, I never got discouraged and always managed to figure things out eventually thanks to some out-of-the-box tactics and perseverance. The fact that there are collectibles to discover on top of solving the intricate puzzles adds some replay incentives, too. Oh, and there are a couple of additional free DLC packs to add even more value. Specifically, you get the Aegir Gig and Ice Queen expansions which include plenty of additional puzzles. 😄

Relicta screenshot 2
I haven't even reached the next puzzle yet and I'm already intimidated

Relicta is a fantastic first-person puzzle game and it would make an excellent VR title so I hope that it gets PlayStation VR functionality at some point. In the meantime, it's great that anyone with a PlayStation Plus Extra subscription can enjoy it so definitely give it a go. 👍

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