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PlayStation VR Games 2019

Swords, pizzas, and dioramas

A.J. Maciejewski

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Almost 3 years after its debut, PlayStation VR is still going strong with many fantastic titles to choose from so here are 5 recently released games for the platform that you might enjoy.

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Sairento VR Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If you've ever wanted to feel like you're starring in a sci-fi action movie then Sairento VR is here to satisfy your very specific wish. v1d30chumz 3-235-186-94

Sairento VR screenshot
Using the gun and the sword simultaneously is the way to go

Sairento VR is an incredibly intense and fluid first-person action game that puts you in the shoes of a ninja who's a member of the Silent Ones and it's your job to take out a terrorist group that's invading Tokyo. To play, you need 2 PlayStation Move controllers and in either hand, you can equip a sword or gun and you can even wield 2 swords or 2 guns if you wish. Movement is mainly accomplished via holding a button to aim jumps and considering you can double-jump, leap off walls, and slide when you land, you're looking at possibly the most acrobatic VR game yet. Jumping around while slashing and shooting at dozens of relentless enemies within complexly laid out environments definitely makes for the most intense VR experience that I've had so far. On top of all this, Sairento VR is packed with challenges and even features online multiplayer. My only complaint is that there are some minor performance issues.

Note: if you prefer physical media then you should definitely pick up Sairento VR at your local video game retailer on August 13.

No VR game comes close to delivering as much action-packed combat as Sairento VR so sharpen your blade and get ready to fight.

Sairento VR gameplay video →

Medusa and Her Lover Review PlayStation 4 ★★☆☆☆

Some games have very cool concepts yet they aren't executed all that well. Unfortunately, Medusa and Her Lover is one such game.

Medusa and Her Lover screenshot
Yes, it's hard to see with all those snakes in your eyes

When I first saw Medusa and Her Lover, I was amazed at its premise. One player wears the VR headset while controlling Medusa and another controls Gaios (her lover) simply by using a controller and looking at the TV. Whatever Medusa gazes at in the eyes turns to stone and this includes Gaios so you have to be careful while fighting enemies. Speaking of which, doing so has both characters team up as Medusa tries to look enemies in the eyes and Gaios slashes his sword. Medusa can run out of power but you can close your eyes to recharge although you may get attacked in this state. Anyway, although this sounds clever, the combat is ridiculously simple, especially for Gaios, and the entire game can easily be completed in 1 session. As a result, it feels like an arcade game and a very tedious one at that. I played with my wife and we only failed a few times yet we still managed to finish the game in about half an hour.

If Medusa and Her Lover had more engaging gameplay and featured a much longer campaign, it would be a worthwhile VR experience.

Medusa and Her Lover trailer →

Counter Fight 3 Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

Crazy Japanese games offer some of the most enjoyable and memorable gaming experiences so does Counter Fight 3 serve the fun?

Counter Fight 3 screenshot
One personal pan pizza coming up!

After seeing the first 2 Counter Fight games land on the PlayStation Store earlier this year, my interest was piqued although I didn't play them for whatever reason. Now that Counter Fight 3 is available, I finally decided to take the plunge and I'm glad that I did. At its core, it's a very simple game as all you do is serve customers pizza, spaghetti, and soda which involves simple tasks like spreading toppings and baking. Where the gameplay gets insane is in its random scenarios that involve zombies invading your restaurant and thieves coming in to steal your hard-earned points. Luckily, you have a couple of guns and a grenade to deal with them. Although the gameplay is fun and frantic, the randomness of it all is a bit too much. Heck, I didn't even get to play through the tutorial until it randomly showed up after 10 or so games. Plus, it's a very simple game that unfortunately doesn't have much longevity.

Sometimes, silly games are worth purchasing for a laugh and Counter Fight 3 is great for that but it does run out of steam quite fast.

Counter Fight 3 gameplay video →

I'm Hungry Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

Running a food truck seems like a cool thing to do nowadays so now you can know what it's like to do so in virtual reality.

I'm Hungry screenshot
Enjoy your hamburger and fries, you big doofus

Yes, it's another restaurant game! That being said, I'm Hungry is a lot less goofy than Counter Fight. Right away, I was impressed with its visuals which feature bright and colourful streets, lively customers, and some very cool kitchen gadgets. Speaking of which, preparing meals is accomplished through futuristic contraptions that look awesome when you use them yet they do a lot of the work for you so the challenge lies in your ability to quickly use each station while preparing burgers and such to the customers' liking. My main issue with I'm Hungry is that some things don't seem to make much sense. For example, the fry machine seems to always be full of fries yet you always have to make more and you must put all of your customer's food in a bag. Can you imagine getting an order of fries, ice cream, and a coke from Wendy's and having it loose in a bag? Aside from these complaints, it's quite a fun game.

If you need help with I'm Hungry then be sure to contact the developer / publisher Winking Corp on Facebook. They're very friendly.

Whether you prefer queso or hot sauce on your burger, you're bound to have some simple fun with running a food truck in I'm Hungry.

I'm Hungry gameplay video →

A-Train Express Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

City building games are difficult to adapt to consoles so does A-Train Express offer enjoyable city management simulation gameplay?

A-Train Express screenshot
Looking at dioramas of city sections in VR sure is nifty

Firstly, the only VR implementation in A-Train Express is being able to view segments of your city via cool dioramas in an office but I figured I'd include it in this article as a bonus. Anyway, A-Train Express is basically a console port of A-Train 9 which is a somewhat popular Japanese city management game. When I started playing it, I had no idea what I was doing so I kept struggling but to little avail. A tutorial would have helped immensely yet there is none to be found in-game. Now that I understand how to play, I must say that it's a very cool game. The main idea is to make your city profitable by minimizing costs and maximizing revenue. The key to doing so is building infrastructure that can transport materials and people. There's a ton of depth, too, as you can buy stocks and micromanage train routes, etc. My main complaint is that there really isn't any point to anything as it's merely a sandbox game without goals.

Tip: before playing A-Train Express, watch this very useful beginner's guide which helped me understand the basics of how to play it.

Enjoying A-Train Express depends on your propensity to experiment in order to learn its ins and outs. Impatient gamers need not apply.

A-Train Express trailer → Similar game: Railway Empire
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