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PlayStation VR Games 2019 (Part 2)

Who needs the real world anyway?

A.J. Maciejewski

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2019 is coming to an end so I figured now would be a good time to discuss another batch of intriguing PlayStation VR games.

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Photo of Mary with Golem and BoxVR
It was hard to pull Mary away from these games so that I could play them

Golem Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If you want a cinematic experience that blends in mech combat via massive golems, here's a game that you don't want to miss. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Golem has you play as Twine who's bedridden after an unfortunate incident. However, from her bed, she can hold a magic wand to her eye which allows her to control dolls as well as hulking golems. Although the first chunk of the campaign is very story-heavy, you'll reach a point where the core gameplay solidifies. From that point on, you basically stomp around ruins as a golem who battles other golems and collects loot.

Golem screenshot
Fighting golems may be simple but it's super-rewarding

The combat involves blocking incoming slashes then attacking weak points when exposed. This may sound simple but some of the enemy golems are fast so the battles become quite satisfying, especially if you can uncover precious equipment in the process. The environments look fantastic and acquiring a wealth of cores, weapons, and masks makes for one fulfilling adventure.

When it comes to both its cinematic and gameplay elements, Golem manages to remain an enjoyable and engaging tale throughout.

Golem gameplay video →

BoxVR Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

Getting your body moving is important so if you're a real couch potato, BoxVR will whip your lazy butt into shape.

BoxVR screenshot
If you want a workout then this is a game for you

Although I mostly stick to my elliptical machine for daily exercise, I used to play Gold's Gym: Cardio Workout for Wii all the time. After playing BoxVR, a lot of memories from that time came flooding back. You basically jab, hook, and uppercut encroaching balls of light while dodging incoming lines and blocking certain symbols. It really is a simple gameplay dynamic but it definitely gets you moving and the high-energy soundtrack is perfect for getting anyone in the mood to exercise. I'm also very impressed with the amount of routines that you can choose from which range anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour. On top of all this, you can set daily goals, keep track of your stats, and challenge others online. It's the complete package and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a bit more exercise.

Few exercise games are as enjoyable and comprehensive as BoxVR so if you want to sweat while wearing a headset, give it a go!

BoxVR gameplay video →

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

I'm a sucker for cute games and The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is quite possibly the most adorable VR game out there.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets screenshot
VR games definitely don't get much cuter than this!

First, I'd just like to say that if you enjoy cute games as much as I do then you need to play The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets. In it, you listen to a grandfather narrate his memories with his 2 granddaughters. The gameplay simply involves rotating circular environments which contain a ton of details within their intricate designs. Your goal is to find every stolen pet in each environment and you can uncover bonus coins, too, if you're a completionist. Anyway, these pets are downright adorable and figuring out how to get them all can involve solving some rather elaborate and rewarding puzzles. For example, stopping a train so you can attach a hammer cart to it then stopping it at another point only to smash ice and reclaim a hairdryer which can melt snow may result in being able to discover a hidden pet.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets is not only super-cute, it's also genuinely one of the most original and clever VR games so far.

The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets gameplay video →

Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

Retro arcade enthusiasts will find a lot to love about the doubleheader that is Minotaur Arcade Volume 1.

Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 screenshot
Both Gridrunner and Goatup are delightful action-packed arcade games

Long-time game dev and fellow fan of the awesome electronic music band Underworld, Jeff Minter, has been making games since the early '80s. He and his partner Ivan Zorzin have created some super-fun modern games, too, such as Polybius and Tempest 4000 and now, they've made a compilation of 2 new arcade games. Gridrunner plays a lot like Centipede although it's much more action-packed and varied, especially when you get to its later stages which take place on 3D planes and can be brutally challenging to master. Meanwhile, Goatup is a simple platformer where you hop up a column as a goat while collecting random objects, nifty power-ups, and love from fellow goats. Things start to get hectic when the column's platforms thin out and it begins to scroll faster but it remains a very fun game. Both games are presented in such an authentic arcade-style way that it made me think of classics like Robotron: 2084.

Retro arcade game enthusiasts will get a huge kick out of Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 and the 2 adrenaline-fueled games within.

Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 gameplay video →

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

When Doctor Who debuted back in 1963, the very idea of a video game (never mind a VR game) was unheard of so let's check this out!

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time screenshot
Wow, this sonic screwdriver can do anything!

I honestly don't know much about Doctor Who but its universe always intrigued me so I figured I'd give The Edge of Time a try. From the start, I enjoyed the eerie atmosphere and Jodie Whittaker (the actor who portrays the current Doctor) provides an engaging performance that's full of silly quips, helpful hints, and interesting story exposition. The gameplay isn't far removed from your average first-person puzzle-filled adventure game which is probably the best way to describe this game: average. I mean, the atmosphere is great but the actual puzzles and exploration are quite humdrum complete with a very slow walking speed. Plus, I found it very annoying that I couldn't step over small objects and your character seems to not be able to come within a foot of any wall or obstruction.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time offers a gripping atmosphere and a great performance from Jodie Whittaker but besides that, it falls flat.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time gameplay video →

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens Review PlayStation 4 ★☆☆☆☆

You wouldn't expect a game with samurai in its title to play like Star Wars yet here's the very strange Reborn: A Samurai Awakens.

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens screenshot
Wait, what the heck am I supposed to do here?

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens certainly looks like a cool game as wielding lightsabers and being able to "use the force" in order to lift up enemies and throw them seems pretty awesome on paper. However, once you dive into the stages, all you're left with is repetitive combat and not much else. All you basically do is walk between waypoints and at each one; you fight waves of enemies. I couldn't believe how many enemies you're forced to battle at points; not because it's difficult but because it's so tedious. Namely, you can shoot them with a gun, wiggle your lightsaber around, or suck them up and throw them with your gravity hand. The latter is quick and painless but if you're out of power then you'll be amazed by how every enemy is a huge damage sponge. There's little strategy required, the boss fights aren't even fun, and you'll even come across loads of glitches that'll make you have to restart entire stages.

Seeing as there are much better combat-focused PSVR games out there, playing Reborn: A Samurai Awakens simply feels like a chore.

Reborn: A Samurai Awakens gameplay video →

VR Ping Pong Pro Review PlayStation 4 ★★★☆☆

You don't see many virtual reality sports games so here's one that's both challenging and impressively authentic.

VR Ping Pong Pro screenshot
This is probably the most realistic Ping Pong game out there

Right off the bat, let me just say that if you don't have the patience to learn how to play a game effectively after hours of practice then you won't enjoy VR Ping Pong Pro. I don't know; maybe I'm just bad at it but either way, there's no denying how realistic VR Ping Pong Pro feels. You really have to angle each serve and return perfectly to ensure that the ball lands in an allowable area that's tricky for your opponent to reach. Speaking of which, I'm not entirely familiar with the exact rules of table tennis and considering they aren't explained at all here, I had to merely feel my way through each match and gauge how to play by seeing what caused the other player to score, etc. Anyway, if you're a table tennis enthusiast then you'll want to pick this up but everyone else should remain cautious.

Although it feels authentic, VR Ping Pong Pro can be quite a frustrating game for those who aren't willing to train hard to win.

VR Ping Pong Pro gameplay video →
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