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PlayStation VR Games 2020

4 top-notch games for PSVR

A.J. Maciejewski

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When it comes to immersive experiences, nothing beats virtual reality so here are some recent fantastic games for PlayStation VR.

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Paper Beast Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

Developing games with abstract worlds that remain captivating must be challenging but thankfully, here's the incredible Paper Beast. v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Paper Beast screenshot
Don't worry; I don't know what's going on either...

I didn't quite know what to expect before playing Paper Beast. After the weird introductory sequence where you answer some seemingly invasive questions and interact with a goofy rock song, you're introduced to its abstract game world. There, you'll find strange beasts that are rendered with strips of paper that are animated beautifully. The gameplay merely involves observing your current situation and figuring out how to progress. Sometimes, this simply requires waiting but other times, you may have to think outside the box in order to put a series of events in motion. For example, you might have to terraform a desert to channel water to a dying creature or throw mud balls at a steep incline to be able to reach a ledge. Overall, the game world is absolutely mesmerizing, the audio is outstanding, and there seems to be some sort of overarching message but I may be too dumb to understand exactly what that might be.

Playing Paper Beast is like experiencing a Tim Burton style fever dream that'll keep you perplexed and intrigued throughout.

Paper Beast gameplay video →

Final Assault Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

There are oodles of World War II games but I've never played any in VR so let's see if Final Assault can take on the Axis powers.

Final Assault screenshot
Commanding your army can be tricky but it's super-rewarding

Final Assault is a real-time strategy game with tower defense elements. There are various modes to enjoy such as skirmishes, a story campaign, and even online multiplayer where you can challenge opponents one at a time. The gameplay flow has you move pieces around a board game then once you and your opponent land on the same tile, a battle commences. These battles have you select units from a tablet to send down predefined paths or you can command them to go wherever you want them to. When you consider the fact that there are many unit types such as planes, tanks, and soldiers; things get frantic fairly fast. However, each unit costs money to deploy so you have to wait for your funds to increase or you can snag chests that drop from planes for a quick buck. The resulting gameplay is tight, challenging, and incredibly fun. Plus, the detailed graphics and rewarding sound effects add a lot to the fun factor.

It pleases me to say that Final Assault may just be the best real-time strategy game that you can play in VR. What a great experience.

Final Assault gameplay video →

Good Goliath Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

If arcade-style games are more your cup of grog then you're sure to love the super-fun and super-silly Good Goliath.

Good Goliath screenshot
I usually don't like throwing things in VR but Good Goliath makes it fun!

Good Goliath is a simple game at its core. The goal is to basically make all of the villagers run away which involves throwing stuff at them as a giant monster. As you stand in your place, you can catch things like rakes and dynamite that villagers throw at you then throw them back. Heck, these fellows are so desperate that they'll even hurl themselves at you via catapults but you can snatch them out of the air and throw them at other villagers, too, which is just awesome. Each level consists of many waves and as you play, you'll see the village gradually crumble as you accidentally (or purposely) knock its buildings down. As if the core gameplay wasn't fun enough, you can try and collect hidden treasure chests as well. My only complaint is that the levels are a bit too long and will quickly tire your arms.

In the virtual world, being bad often feels good so if you want to stick it to a bunch of medieval villagers then you'll love Good Goliath.

Good Goliath gameplay video →

The Room VR: A Dark Matter Review PlayStation 4 ★★★★☆

Escape rooms are an enjoyable phenomenon and this VR sequel to the popular The Room franchise offers plenty of brain-teasing fun.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter screenshot
Be prepared to open many head-scratching puzzle boxes

To be honest, although I love escape rooms, I haven't really played a video game that captures the same magic. That being said, I can definitely say that The Room VR: A Dark Matter feels like a genuine escape room experience with its elaborately designed stages, tricky puzzles, and detailed and immersive visuals. One aspect that usually puts me off of these kinds of games is that I get easily frustrated and usually resort to using a guide. However, there's always so much to do in each stage of The Room VR: A Dark Matter that you'll find yourself consistently making progress. In other words, there's rarely a singular linear path that you must figure out. Instead, you can usually juggle tasks which makes the campaign much more rewarding and fulfilling. Once you finally piece everything together using your wits, glasses that reveal an alternate reality, and the occasional clue; it feels awesome to move on to the next chapter.

In the end, escape room enthusiasts will find a lot to love in the gorgeously atmospheric and puzzle-filled The Room VR: A Dark Matter.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter gameplay video →
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