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Rune Factory 5: Early-Game Tips

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When first starting Rune Factory 5, it's easy to miss certain gameplay elements so I compiled some helpful tips to help you complete the first few hours. I have many more Rune Factory 5 walkthroughs in store so hang around if you'd like even more guidance.

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Tend to crops faster

Early in the game when you haven't upgraded your hoe or watering can, you might be impatient watching the animation for every single square. However, if you plant in vertical lines then you can till soil and water plants faster by pressing the interaction button at just the right time; right before the animation finishes. The animation will complete faster and your character will automatically move to the next square thus allowing you to complete your task in half the time. This also applies to using your sickle on plants, harvesting plants, and hitting rocks or wood that happens to be in a line. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

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My crops will grow bigger and stronger than ever

Upgrade your bakery first

A key part of crafting in Rune Factory 5 involves eating recipe bread. This special bread can be purchased from Sweet Hearth Bakery and Lackadaisy Restaurant. Lackadaisy only sells cooking recipe bread but the bakery stocks all kinds. Eating recipe bread will teach you a new recipe if your skill level is high enough. However, at the beginning of the game the amount of bread that you can purchase every day is very limiting. The good news is that as soon as you upgrade Sweet Hearth at Studio Palmo, you'll unlock the ability to purchase up to 4 recipe breads every single day. Unlocking recipes helps you craft better equipment and food; both of which are important for progression.

Rune Factory 5: Upgrade your bakery first screenshot
Do you have any cinnamon babka?

Restore your RP with Pickled Turnip

One of the first vegetables that you'll grow are turnips. These vegetables can be turned into a dish called Pickled Turnip that will restore 100 RP when consumed which goes a long way in the early hours of Rune Factory 5. In order to craft Pickled Turnip, you will need to get a Cooking Table from Studio Palmo. This piece of furniture is actually given to you for free when you visit Studio Palmo and it can be collected from the wooden platform near the door after talking to the folks who work there. Finally, be sure to pick up some cooking recipe bread from Sweet Hearth to unlock the recipe. It will be the second simple recipe that you learn.

Rune Factory 5: Purchasing and Placing Furniture

Split item stacks

If you want to separate a stack of items, it's actually quite easy. Simply interact with the item in your inventory (A on Switch) then press the same button again. One item from the stack will be removed and placed in a separate slot. You can now selectively ship or gift just one of a stack of items instead of the whole lot of them.

Ship one of every item

Rune Factory 5 doesn't officially have an Item Catalog but you can get pretty close if you are diligent about shipping one of every item that you find. Approach a shipping bin and choose "Look at shipping history" to see a catalog of all items shipped including descriptions, stats, and information on how much money you've made shipping that item. A good way to ensure you ship every new item is to drop by the shipping bin at the end of every day and ship any item that is listed as "Not shipped". Remember that the status won't actually change to "Shipped" until 8AM the next day.

Rune Factory 5: Ship one of every item screenshot
The delivery person is going to be busy!

Quickly top up your RP before entering a dungeon

At the entrance to most dungeons, you'll see either a blue flower or a blue crystal. If you hit the blue flower with a sharp item such as a sword, you will gain some rune points. The same can be said for hitting blue crystals with your hammer. This can be handy to top up your RP before entering a dungeon if you've managed to expend a bunch of it along the way.

Don't squander your SEED points

After completing the story, you will unlock new directives from Eliza at Rigbarth Outpost. Some of these are very handy but they cost quite a bit so only use SEED points for things that you really need such as expanding your bag or storage and any festivals that you can't miss. A lot of SEED points are provided when completing wanted monster quests but you don't double-up on them if you complete the same wanted monster quest multiple times. Consider saving at least 3000 SEED points for post-game fun. Head here for more info:

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