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Rune Factory 5: Finding and Growing Fruit

And how to get that dang orange

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If you're enjoying Rune Factory 5, learn how to grow grape, apple, orange, and twinkle trees to make the yummiest smoothies in town.

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Finding apples

Fruit can be pretty hard to come by if you don't know where to look for it. If you can't buy an apple from the general store then you can find a single apple every day in the woods. After teleporting to Pharos Woodlands, follow the southeast path until you see a fork where one path goes across the stream and the other goes up a hill. To your left as you walk up the hill, you will see an apple on a tree that you have easy access to. Interact with the apple and go make yourself some fresh apple juice. 🍎 v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

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I can't wait to bring that sweet fruit home and make some apple butter for the morning

Finding oranges

In addition to the apple tree, you will also find an orange tree if you follow the Pharos Woodlands path directly east and look to your left before you reach the small dead-end path. To get the orange off the tree, you will need to use your spell seal. Hold down the spell seal button until you see the crosshair then let it go when the crosshair is on top of the orange. This actually took me a while to figure out. Anyway, you will then collect the orange so you can make some orange juice to go with your apple juice. 🍊

Rune Factory 5: Finding oranges screenshot
Who knew that simply snagging an orange could be so confusing?

Planting fruit trees

If one apple a day isn't enough, you can also grow apple trees along with orange, grape and twinkle trees. The seeds for all types are randomly dropped in a couple of locations on the map. Thankfully, they respawn every day which creates another random chance to collect the seed that you're looking for. Keep in mind that you should have the Foresight Crest equipped (obtained by raising your SEED rank) in order to reveal hidden items since seeds will not be visible without it. You can alternately have a companion follow you although the Foresight Crest is more effective as your companion may wander away thus making hidden items remain hidden until your companion is closer to the seed spawn point. If you need help raising your SEED rank for the Foresight Crest, here's my wanted monsters guide:

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The first tree seed spawn can be found by following the Pharos Woodlands path east then turning south into the dead end (it's very close to the orange tree). Interact with the tree stump and you will collect a seed. 🌱

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I always thought that grapes grew on vines...

The second spawn can be found in Kelve Volcanic Region by the northern-most pond of water that is next to the big dinosaur bones. On the northeast side of the pond, there is a winding tree trunk with moss on it that you can interact with to receive a tree seed. 🍇

Rune Factory 5: Planting fruit trees screenshot 2
Step aside Smucker's, there's a new jam superstar in town

When planting your tree seeds, make sure to hoe a 2-by-2 area to have enough space to plant it and that's about all there is to it. 😄

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