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Rune Factory 5: How to Capture and Recruit Monsters

Tame with hearts, skulls, and crosshairs

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The in-game descriptions for how to capture, recruit, and tame monsters aren't great in Rune Factory 5 as they can sometimes leave you wondering what you're doing wrong. But don't worry because I'm here to help!

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Capturing wanted monsters

Wanted monsters can be added to your request list by talking to Captain Livia. After choosing a monster to hunt, go to the location that is listed on the wanted monster request and look for a monster that has a glowing red aura around them. Hold down the button that you usually use to stun a monster (ZL on Switch) until you see a red crosshair icon and don't let go early or it won't activate. After seeing the crosshair focus in on the monster, you will capture them if you have a little luck. You can then return to Captain Livia to claim your reward for capturing the wanted monster. If you're having trouble, try attacking them to get their health down first. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

The ability that I described in this process is known as spell seal and it has some surprising uses so read here for one of them:

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For a complete list of all wanted monster requests and where to find them, visit our Rune Factory 5 Wanted Monsters location guide:

Rune Factory 5: Wanted Monster Locations Guide
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These bad dudes are coming with me

Recruiting monsters

Most monsters can be tamed by giving them simple gifts such as grass, herbs, and fodder. It may take a few tries because there is some luck involved but if you see a heart icon immediately after giving them the item then they like it and the longer the heart shows, the more they like it. If it follows up with a skull and crossbones then you're unlucky and need to feed them again. Different items have a higher chance of taming monsters so you can either keep feeding them more of the same item or try to switch it up.

However, if you just see a skull and crossbones with no heart, you don't have any space in your barns to house them. The first barn available only has space for 4 monsters so you'll need to go to Studio Palmo to upgrade it or purchase an additional barn to recruit more.

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Hey, they ain't so bad after all...

Moving monsters between barns

After you've captured a lot of monsters, you may want to organise them a little. To do this, approach them and choose to "Take along" then go to the barn where you want the monster to live. Finally, approach them again and choose "Send back to barn" then the monster will now reside in that barn. 😊

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I wish my guinea pigs got along this well

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