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Rune Factory 5: Later-Game Tips

Silver, instant death, post-game directives, and how to change gender

Mary Billington

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If you've been playing Rune Factory 5 for hours and feel like you've hit a wall, these tips will certainly help you get over that hurdle.

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Finding silver

In order to forge mid-level farming tools such as the Quality Sickle, Lion Waterpot, Seasoned Hoe, Lumber Axe, and Skilled Pole, you will need access to silver. This precious metal can be found in a few locations later in the game. The first location is Gadeus Grasslands which is unlocked through the story after finishing Atohl's End. Look for a large light grey stone with grey gems sticking out of it that's nestled next to large rocks. You'll only find small quantities here but silver can also be found in the Forest of No Return which is unlocked through the story after completing Kelva Lava Caves: Nadir. Finally, silver can be mined in the Everlasting Darkness dungeon in abundance. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

Rune Factory 5: Material List
Rune Factory 5: Finding silver screenshot
This silver is about to get a taste of gold

Resisting instant death

In the later dungeons, you'll start to come across enemies such as Dark Orcs and Hell Ghosts that appear to be casting instant death with dark magic. Raising your resistance to dark doesn't seem to help and that's because the type of damage is actually called faint and faint resistance can be gained by upgrading certain shields with Warrior's Proof.

With that in mind, I highly recommend creating the curry manju dish instead as it has 100% faint resistance. This requires a steamer, pot, the curry manju recipe, and the curry rice recipe. You can purchase curry powder, rice, and flour from the Serendipity general store. You will then need one carrot and one potato. When you have the ingredients, create curry rice at your pot then use the curry rice and flour to create curry manju. Eat the curry manju before your next battle and you won't faint from the dark attacks. Phew! 😅

Rune Factory 5: Resisting instant death screenshot
Thanks to my new protection, these pests aren't so tough anymore

Switch to rune attacks in the later dungeons

If you're having trouble causing physical damage, try switching to rune abilities. You can increase your rune ability slots by talking to Eliza in Rigbarth Outpost and spending SEED points in the upgrades menu. After upgrading, you can assign 4 additional rune abilities by going to Rune Abilities in the Bag menu. You don't need to carry a staff to use rune abilities so you can equip your weapon of choice. Of course, the best rune abilities to use are the higher level ones. In very late-game, I used Darkness and Gatling Comet constantly. I also equipped Cure All so that it was easily accessible without using the shoulder button. Master Cure tended to be overkill as it uses a lot of RP.

Rune Factory 5: Switch to rune attacks in the later dungeons screenshot
Experimenting with these rune abilities can be quite fun

Post-game unlockable directives

When you've finished the story, visit Eliza in Rigbarth Outpost and scroll down to Extra Directives then you'll see some new directives that only appear after completing the game. One of these is Rigbarth Maze and its description reads "I can enter the Maze from the Guiding Tower in the Pharos Woodlands". Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to unlock this because it's got a hefty price tag of 3000 SEED points but it appears to let you enter the tower in Pharos Woodlands that has a save point in front of a black entrance.

Rune Factory 5: Rigbarth Maze
Rune Factory 5: Post-game unlockable directives screenshot
So, does my character know that they're in a game? How meta...

The complete list of extra post-game directives includes:

  • See enemies' levels
  • Disable EXP Gain
  • Disable Skill EXP Gain
  • Change gender
  • Increase enemies' levels
  • Disable town events
  • Purchase vacation home
  • Rigbarth Maze

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