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Rune Factory 5: Purchasing and Placing Furniture

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Purchasing furniture in Rune Factory 5 can be tricky if you're not used to the mechanics so let me describe the juicy details just for you.

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Accessing your lumber and stone

Acquiring furniture and upgrading buildings requires a lot of lumber and material stone. However, even if you have the required materials in your bag then it just won't do as lumber and material stone is consumed from your Lumber Stone Box directly when visiting Studio Palmo. You will receive the Lumber Stone Box through a request early in the story then place the box somewhere handy on your farm and approach it then choose "Toss in all lumber and material stone on hand". Now, when you go to purchase furniture at Studio Palmo, your total lumber and material stone will include everything you have. v1d30chumz 44-210-77-106

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I have so much lumber and stone; time to go shopping!

Sending furniture to your house

Rune Factory 5 has a new system for purchasing furniture that isn't obvious at the start. If you've been trying to purchase furniture and choose "Send it to my house" but you're told that there isn't any space then you're in the right place. The exact message is: "OH NOES! That storage area is already full of furniture. Please try making your purchase again after emptying it!" This isn't referring to the big closet storage area in your room which is what I initially thought. In fact, early in the game, you'll be given a wardrobe in your bedroom that is placed on a raised wooden platform. This platform is where furniture that you purchase goes when you select the option of having it delivered straight to your home. Approach the wardrobe and choose "Pick it up" then move it off the platform. Now, when you go back to Studio Palmo, you can purchase furniture and have it sent home. Yay! 😊

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This sure as heck beats Rent-A-Center

Placing furniture neatly

Approach a piece of furniture and select "Pick it up" to hold it. While holding it, press the right shoulder trigger (ZR on Switch) to rotate it. You can also press the right shoulder button (R) to walk slowly and strafe. This allows you to carefully determine the spot to place your furniture and also walk backwards. If the furniture turns red then you need to move it to another spot to place it. While placing against a wall, you can walk up to the wall then hold the right shoulder button as you take a few steps back until you reach a good spot.

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All of my weight training is finally paying off

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