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Rune Factory 5: Rigbarth Maze

Make bank with Orichalcum Ore

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Rune Factory 5 has a tough post-game dungeon that's an excellent resource for levelling up as well as making a ton of cash by mining the ores within. So, let's explore Rigbarth Maze after I explain just how to access this mysterious and rewarding dungeon.

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Rune Factory 5: Rigbarth Maze location screenshot
Here's where Rigbarth Maze is on the map

Where is Rigbarth Maze?

If you're like me then you've walked up to the tower in the middle of Pharos Woodlands on multiple occasions while wondering if it's unlocked yet. After you approach it, there's just a black void with no interaction and no way to walk into it. However, inside this tower is actually a new dungeon that can be unlocked after clearing the story. The floor maps appear to be copies of existing floors from other dungeons all mixed together but with much more challenging enemies and different ores which are highly valuable. v1d30chumz 44-192-38-248

How to enter Rigbarth Maze

After finishing the main story, approach Eliza in Rigbarth Outpost, scroll down to Extra Directives, and then select Rigbarth Maze to unlock it. The maze costs a hefty 3000 SEED points so if you don't have enough, I recommend completing all of the wanted monster quests because you'll be rewarded a lot of extra SEED points upon completing some of them. If you exhaust the list of wanted monsters, you can simply visit dungeons while hacking and slashing at enemies which eventually got me up to the 3000 required SEED points. The Patrol Crest (also received from completing wanted monster quests) will help with this as it increases your SEED points acquisition rate.

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Rune Factory 5: Rigbarth Maze entrance screenshot
Finally, we can head inside

What's special about Rigbarth Maze?

Once you unlock Rigbarth Maze, you'll find the dungeon at the base of a big tower in Pharos Woodlands. Enemies in Rigbarth Maze start at level 120 so if you're not quite there yet then you may want to level-up more in the later dungeons. That being said, I was already around this level when entering Rigbarth Maze for the first time and I still found it to be incredibly challenging. This also means that it's a great spot to continue to level-up your skills if you're capable of taking down at least some of the monsters.

In addition to being a perfect location for grinding, Rigbarth Maze is also great for finding ores that are trickier to gather. Orichalcum Ore can be found on the first floor which is used in the recipe for one of the higher level armours known as the Lamellar Vest. This vest boasts +254 defense and +140 magic defense; making it way better than any previously craftable armours up to this point. Orichalcum also has a high selling price. In fact, I made over 200,000G in one day from selling Orichalcum Ore after just one measly trip to Rigbarth Maze. On top of Orichalcum, you can find diamonds and big crystals; both of which aren't too common outside of Rigbarth Maze.

If you'd like to know what else you can find in Rigbarth Maze, make sure to check out my Rune Factory 5 material list:

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Rune Factory 5: Orichalcum Ore screenshot
How much Orichalcum Ore can I stuff in my pockets?

How to get past the Yellow Dragons

When you reach floor 3, you'll be faced with Yellow Dragons that have exceptionally high defense. At first, I wasn't able to do any damage to them at all with what I thought was very good equipment so I started thinking outside the box. One way to defeat the Yellow Dragons is to make a bunch of failed dishes and start throwing them at the dragons. Failed dishes do 20% HP damage so it only takes 5 to down a Yellow Dragon. You might also get lucky and accidentally tame one like I did! Be careful, though; having a tamed Yellow Dragon in your party actually heals the other dragons when it attacks so you should simply send it to the barn straight away.

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