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ScourgeBringer Boss Guide

These sure are some tough bosses

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ScourgeBringer sure isn't an easy game thanks to its difficult boss fights so here are some helpful tips to take down these monstrosities.

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General tips

I beat every boss between a minute and a minute and a half and it's much easier to be successful if you have a good weapon. I highly recommend using a cross grenade if you can find one because it deals massive damage to bosses. Failing that, you can use a normal grenade launcher. You can find these weapons in the shop and don't forget to reroll by using your smash but keep in mind, that requires one of the upgrades at the tree. Because shop prices go up with each realm, I recommend buying a weapon as early as possible even if it's not the perfect one. Anyway, bosses attack in cycles based on the same attack patterns. They can also use different mechanics once they reach certain health thresholds. You'll heavily rely on the smash to deflect bullets back at the bosses so you should definitely start practicing and you can watch the linked videos in this guide if you want a demonstration. At last, let's get to the bosses! v1d30chumz 44-200-169-3

Judge BodyBoulder

  • This boss can glide over the room while shooting fireballs down so go to the floor and smash its bullets up for some damage
  • It will move to the side and shoot its fist across the room so you have to see it coming and avoid it and if Judge BodyBoulder is below 50% health, fireballs will come out from the impact point
  • It can move to the top then slam its fist down while firing bullets in all directions from the impact
  • It will move to the center and a ! will appear over its head meaning that Judge BodyBoulder is stunnable so stun it with your smash and if you're standing at the bottom and your timing is good, you can also smash its bullets up to deal damage
Judge BodyBoulder boss video →
ScourgeBringer: Judge BodyBoulder screenshot
I fought this boss more than any other

Judge CandleMask

Pro tip: there are safe spots underneath the ledges along the left and right walls.

  • Judge CandleMask will move to ground level and shoot a few bullets up which then fall down so stay on the ground
  • After it moves to the top and a ! appears over its head, I recommend standing at the bottom and smashing its bullets back at it for big damage and thankfully, the projectiles move very slowly
  • It will move to the side and shoot its laser across the arena so stay inside it and you're safe or if you're too far away, you can cut to the top of the room
  • Below 50% health, Judge CandleMask might shoot its laser in a circle rotating around so you have to dash across the room and at the bottom of the room, it shoots 8 bullets from nowhere so don't forget to smash them
  • It might move to the top of the room and shoot its laser down so make sure you dodge to either side
Judge CandleMask boss video →

Judge Bileranha

Pro tip: ensure you don't stay around its mouth for too long.

  • Judge Bileranha can shoot a few insects but you can kill them easily with your sword
  • It shoots a bunch of slow green projectiles that you can easily smash for consistent damage
  • The boss vomits green sludge at the ground and you can easily avoid it or stay below and smash the vomit then dash to safety
  • When the ! appears, Judge Bileranha will bounce around the room a few times so stay away from the impact point
  • Below 50% health, it might do the rest of these attacks; first, it may fire orange bones that you can smash but they spin slowly around the arena
  • It might shoot orange mayflies that you can easily avoid or smash like projectiles
  • Finally, Judge Bileranha might spray the ground with a continuous stream of green sludge so simply stay away while it does this
Judge Bileranha boss video →
ScourgeBringer: Judge Bileranha screenshot
What a disgusting beast for a disgusting realm

Judge NightWeaver

Pro tip: this boss fires bullets like none other and since we're in the Living Walls, all bullets go through terrain so utilise your smash.

  • Judge NightWeaver moves to the top and fires straight down so dodge to either side
  • When it moves to the side, it fires in an arc so use your smash
  • Occasionally, it will swing rapidly and fire blobs up which then fall down
  • Judge NightWeaver can move to the center and fire 4 blobs up at once which then fall down
  • Below 50% life, the boss disappears from the screen and rains blobs
  • When the ! appears, it suddenly fires a huge blast of blobs around the room and I recommend standing at the bottom and smashing the bullets up for massive damage
Judge NightWeaver boss video →
ScourgeBringer: Judge NightWeaver screenshot
Are you afraid of spiders?

Kriterion, Herald of Judgment

Despite being the last boss until the secret world, it doesn't have much health so the fight will come down to a few well-timed cross grenades. Also, I'm pretty sure the best strategy is to stay inside its body while attacking with your sword for most of the battle and only move when necessary. Keep in mind, you can wrap around the sides of the arena or drop through the floor to get to the ceiling.

  • It fires slow green projectiles around its body and you can smash them easily
  • When it fires fireballs left and right that wrap around the screen, stay calm and drop down as soon as they come near you
  • Whenever Kriterion fires the super laser around the bottom of the screen, the top corners are where you want to be and remember, you can drop through the floor and you can stun the boss if you're quick
  • Fireballs appear from nowhere in the corners of the arena but they're telegraphed with diamonds so you can see them coming

Kriterion, Avatar of Power

Once Kriterion, Herald of Judgment dies, it becomes Kriterion, Avatar of Power. Now, it flies around the arena while it fights you and will have a couple of additional attacks:

  • It waves its arms up and fireballs come up from the floor but you can safely dash diagonally up
  • It shoots fireballs to each side like before but it will also spawn extra fireballs near the top of the screen which you have to avoid
Kriterion, Herald of Judgment / Kriterion, Avatar of Power boss video →
ScourgeBringer: Kriterion, Herald of Judgment screenshot
Prepare for a quick but tough fight

Greed, the seeker of power

After you kill Greed, he stays dead unless you choose to revive him in the Wheel of Chaos by giving up all of your judge blood. Greed's attacks are virtually impossible to avoid without using your smash. It should be noted that you can wrap around the top and bottom but you have to smash the black clouds or you'll take damage.

  • He shoots blood around him in a circle which you have to move away from and smash back at him
  • Greed might start flying up and leave a trail of blood and he follows you so he's only avoidable if you dash
  • When the ! appears, Greed fires 2 cross grenades
  • His mouth might puff up then he'll shoot a red ball at you or 2 if he's below 50% life and each one splits into 2 more balls that fly around the room for a bit while leaving a trail of blood

EndMonger, the preyer of worlds

EndMonger is the final boss of the secret realm and he's one of the toughest bosses I've ever seen. Its attacks are nearly impossible to avoid consistently or maybe you can if you're more skilled than I am. The arena you fight him in is ridiculous. What were they thinking?!

  • EndMonger has a super laser that wraps around the entire arena so you have to go through the left edge and return to the center but you still have to avoid the black clouds
  • Whenever the ! appears above its head, it shoots its teeth at you
  • The boss moves inside you and shoots black clouds which is extremely annoying
  • Red lines appear to indicate lasers and the safe spots are different depending on the boss's position
  • Below around ⅔ health, it will shoot lasers continuously at you so calmly move around the boss
  • EndMonger can move off-screen and shoot black clouds at you which you can smash
  • Under ⅓ health, it can fire the super laser but horizontally and the boss moves down the screen so you have to smash the black clouds at the bottom and drop down to avoid damage
EndMonger, the preyer of worlds boss video →
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Video playlist of ScourgeBringer Bosses
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