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Shantae: A Step-by-Step Guide

Master the half-genie's original Game Boy Color adventure

A.J. Maciejewski

Written by for Guides on 🧞‍♀️

If you want to revisit Shantae's origins and play through her debut game for Game Boy Color, I have a guide that's sure to help you out.

A.J. has been obsessively gaming since the late '80s and is just as passionate about video games in 2022. 🐻

Note: there are slightly different variations of the original Shantae and I played the GBA enhanced version on Switch for this guide. v1d30chumz 18-232-56-9

Shantae: Intro screenshot
Time for your very first adventure, Shantae!

Scuttle Town

  1. Run right while avoiding the cannonballs; you can run by holding the attack button
  2. Work through the town while attacking enemies and the giant balls that they spawn from
  3. After talking to the old man, stand on the purple bricks until they disappear
  4. To beat the boss, avoid the cannonballs, fight the tinkerbats, and whip the barrel whenever you can
  5. Once you fall down, attack the barrels before the pirates throw them then jump to the middle once all 3 doors are blown up
  6. When you enter Scuttle Town, you can visit shops by rotating left and right then pushing up; heal at the bath house
  7. If you have 30 gems, buy some Vanish Cream at the item shop and if not, defeat some enemies outside the town gates
  8. When you're ready and have the cream, head left of town and go down at the ladder then use the cream by tapping up and attack simultaneously to walk past the gate and claim the Heart Holder
  9. Go back to Scuttle Town to heal and save then exit and go right this time
Shantae: Scuttle Town screenshot
Hey, Bolo; look how high I can jump!

Water Town

  1. Keep running right, snag a firefly from the top of a column at night, reach a save point, and keep going
  2. When you reach Water Town, enter Bolo's Gazebo and chat, exit town when you're ready, and head back left
  3. You'll eventually reach Bolo, save to the left, and then enter Dribble Fountain
  4. Whip the grate then crawl through, keep going until you fight a mini-boss, and drop down in the room to the left
  5. Crawl through a space to your left to collect a Warp Squid then go left, get a 1up in the bottom-left of the left room, head up and right, and memorize the pattern on the wall
  6. Fall down the hole, enter the sequence by whipping the column, collect the key after whipping it, and exit right
  7. Keep heading right, unlock the door, sprint over the columns, jump right, go up avoiding fireballs, memorize and input the next sequence, and get another key down the hole
  8. Head left if you want a 1up then keep going right and down, crawl right at the bottom for a Warp Squid, and keep going left
  9. When you see a sequence thing, whip the top block off then keep going and head left after ascending the column for a monster that drops a key
  10. Run-jump to the right, unlock the door, memorize the pattern, whip the loose sequence stone to go down the hole between the columns, and then follow it down the hole
  11. Keep whipping the stone to go down all the way, enter the sequence, get the key, go left and around to where the loose stone was, and unlock the door
  12. Free the labyrinth guardian ahead, perform the dance by tapping the dance button then pressing down once the first star is lit and left when it's lit again, and head back left to get a Warp Squid
  13. Keep going left, descend the column, follow along, ascend the column when you reach a crossroads, and go up twice through the hole in the ceiling next to the waterfall for the last Warp Squid
  14. Head down a bit and go left, ascend the column, and fight the enemies then the boss to the right by whipping its eye and dodging the waves by climbing as a monkey
Shantae: Water Town screenshot
Who put this Heart Holder up here anyway?

Oasis Town

  1. Go right, earn 300 gems (the snakes are easy to grind), keep going to Water Town, buy the Boot, and activate the Warp Squid Hut for a new dance
  2. Exit town and keep going left a long way, snag a Heart Holder with the monkey on top of a column platform in the scarecrow area, and enter Scuttle Town
  3. Buy a couple Vanish Creams and when you're ready, keep heading left of town while occasionally using the monkey, go down the ladder, and keep going left to Oasis Town
  4. Enter Sky's Hatchery for a scene, heal and buy items, go back through the ladder area, and head left afterwards until you see Wrench then enter the Golem Mine
  5. Follow along and go down at the crossroads, go down the lift until you see 2 circular windows, and go through the right one for a Warp Squid
  6. Go all the way down the lift, head right, turn Shantae red at the end, go left, stand above the blue enemy, guide it right and defeat it for a key
  7. Go up one floor on the lift, run right, unlock the door, run through the next room after using Vanish Cream (instead, you can use a secret ceiling hole to defeat the enemies), and go down at the end while swapping between red and blue to descend
  8. At the bottom, turn red, transform into the monkey, and leap up the left wall to the right of the red light to go past the blue light without using it
  9. Lure the enemy to your left through the maze and defeat it for a key then exit to the top-left, go left while jumping to a hidden passageway in the ceiling, and learn the Elephant dance
  10. Use the elephant to break the wall to your right, head back to the blue light, use it, take the secret passageway to move right, and trek all the way back to the lift
  11. Take the lift all the way up, go left and up, use the elephant to break the barrier, defeat the enemy for a key, and get a Warp Squid in the top-left of this room
  12. Ride the lift all the way down, turn red, use the lift to go up 2 floors, break the barrier to the right, keep going for another key, and then run all the way left past the lift and another barrier
  13. In the next room, enter a passageway on the left wall to defeat the enemies and get a Warp Squid, fall down the hole, defeat the enemy for a key, jump halfway up the shaft, stand next to the barrier, elephant-smash it, and get the final Warp Squid
  14. Head back to the lift, go down all the way, run left, smash the elephant statue, and follow the path ahead to the boss
  15. To defeat it, jump on its fist as the elephant, dash into its head, and then whip the jewel on its head as Shantae
Shantae: Oasis Town screenshot
Pro tip: play this Oasis Town mini-game to easily max out your gems

Zombie Caravan

  1. Use the Bolo dance to warp to Water Town, keep going right, snag the firefly in the first area at night, and find another firefly in the next area after climbing some rocks
  2. Keep going all the way to the forest and stay as high as you can to find yet another firefly at night then bash a couple walls with the elephant and enter the next area at night to access Zombie Caravan
  3. Deposit your Warp Squids at the wagon, enter the Keep Out wagon, win the race against Rottytops, run back to the swamp, and enter the Cackle Mound Labyrinth after talking to Rottytops
  4. When you reach a vertical section, climb the right wall as the monkey for a Warp Squid, head right, and hide in the dark to fend off enemies before advancing
  5. Keep going right and down, jump over the shadowy enemy, break the jar, whip the eye into the statue, get the key, run left, unlock the door, fall down the shaft, and go right
  6. Jump on the eye block when it's looking right, ride it over the spikes, get a 1up at the end, ride the block left, and hop on the next block when it's looking up
  7. Up here, ride a block right, snag a Warp Squid to the right, ride the next block up, ride left while ducking, and exit left
  8. Jump over the middle wall as the monkey, get the next key, fall down the hole in this room, go left, go back up the large column, keep going left, ride the block left, and then go up and left
  9. Hit the eye into the statue in the next room a few times to get a key, go back and ride right then down, and jump down the hole to the left
  10. Run right, ride the eye block all the way up for a Warp Squid, ride the block up again but go left, climb up and exit top-left, and get another key from a statue
  11. Go back down, unlock the door to the right, follow along, beat the enemy before falling down the hole, defeat the masks, fall again, head left, and go down to learn the Spider Dance
  12. Climb up as the spider twice, enter the right room, and immediately jump up as the monkey to where the background arrow is pointing for a Warp Squid
  13. Head right and ride the block up, go left, ascend the right shaft, go right, climb right along cobwebs when you see them, put the 2 eyes in the statue until they're facing up, and get the key then head back
  14. Go down the shaft that you ascended then go up the left shaft, exit top-left, climb the cobwebs, and exit right for the boss which is easy as long as you jump over it when it's in ball form
Shantae: Zombie Caravan screenshot
Watch where you're rolling, pal!

Bandit Town

  1. Warp to Water Town with Bolo's dance, buy some Float Muffins, run left and stay high up to eventually reach the large slippery triangle, climb up the middle as the spider for a Heart Holder, and run left to Scuttle Town
  2. Activate the Warp Squid Hut, run left of town until you reach a shaft with spikes on both sides, climb up as the spider, and grab a firefly at night atop the above rock
  3. Go down and right, use the ladder, head left to Oasis Town, go left of town, climb the rocks as the monkey at night for a Firefly, drop down to the left, bash the right rock with the elephant, and descend the ladder
  4. At the bottom, use a float muffin to cross the chasm for a Heart Holder, use another one to cross back, and keep going left through the level
  5. In Bandit Town, you can learn a bonus dance that lets you transform into a tinkerbat at Advanced Genies if you're playing the GBA version, and then progress the story at The Rusty Gullet
  6. Go right of town, climb as high as you can as the spider and monkey, exit top-left, keep going left until you reach a dead-end, use the spider to climb up-left, and enter Twinkle Palace Labyrinth
  7. Elephant-smash the ice, beat the enemy, move right, go up as the monkey, follow the path, and solve the picture puzzle by having the 4 center bits be the lightest blue
  8. Go back to the shaft, fall down, go right, fall down, jump past the left warp as the monkey to find a Warp Squid to your left, return to the start of this room, and run-jump off the ledge for another Warp Squid
  9. Climb the right wall as the monkey, exit top-right, follow the path, make a circle on the panels for a key, and go all the way back to the large room
  10. Exit bottom-left, keep going left, jump into the warp after the slide, warp left twice, hold left to land on a platform, go left, exit the vertical room top-right as the monkey, and get another key
  11. Descend the column room, exit bottom-left, enter a secret tunnel in the bottom-left to crawl to the ice block, proceed, and warp up, left, up, right, down, right, up, right, up, and up to reach the guardian and learn the Harpy Dance
  12. Work your way back to the column room (there's a false right wall in the warp-filled room), ascend the right shaft as the harpy, go right, crawl under the rightmost alcove for a Warp Squid, keep going directly right, follow along, and collect a key
  13. Head back to the single shaft room, jump up to the warp then go down, right, right, head right, ascend the thin shaft all the way up, go right, ascend a left shaft with spikes on either side, and follow along for another key
  14. Go back down, left, follow along, right, exit bottom-left in the big warp room, fly up as the harpy after the slide, and keep heading left at the top, follow along, grab a Warp Squid in the top-left, and proceed to the boss
  15. To defeat it, jump on its head as the Harpy a few times then hair-whip it when it lands and once it's defeated, fly left of the dungeon entrance as the harpy for a Heart Holder; you can also activate the Warp Squid Hut at Bandit Town if you want
Shantae: Bandit Town screenshot
To beat the tinkerbats, you must become a tinkerbat

Risky Boots

  1. At this point, you should be strong enough to fight the last boss but you can explore the world to find the rest of the Heart Holders, Warp Squids, Fireflies, and there are a few transformation power-ups but they're not all that helpful
  2. Once you're satisfied, warp to Scuttle Town, talk at Mimic's Dock, head left of town, down the ladder that goes to Oasis Town, fly up as the Harpy once you emerge in the desert, fly left, land on the platform, and interact with the telescope
  3. This dungeon is straightforward so keep going through it while using your transformations to smash into poles, climb around, and fly when needed; the cannon parts can be annoying but try to launch after rotating all the way left then right one notch
  4. To beat the Tinkertank, fly up as the Harpy, descend its head as the monkey, climb to its shoulders, attack the gears, attack the artifacts, climb down its arms, attack more gears, attack more artifacts, and destroy its heart
  5. For Risky Boots, just survive while attacking as much as you can and heal when needed then dodge the fireballs afterwards; congrats, you beat Shantae's first adventure!
Shantae: Risky Boots screenshot
Risky Boots sure looks happy after giving Shantae a smack

Another Shantae game in the bank; hooray! If you need any more help or just want to say thanks, feel free to leave a comment below!

Shantae: Final Boss + Ending thumbnail
Shantae: Final Boss + Ending
Shantae Trivia

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