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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse: A Step-by-Step Guide

Half-genies get lost, too

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If you've ever played a Shantae game then you know how tricky they can be when it comes to knowing what to do next. In this guide, I break down all of the essential steps so you can carry on with your adventure no problem.

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Scuttle Town

  1. Work through the action-intense opening then defeat the Ammo Baron by whipping the red balls back at the machine then attacking the driver when he emerges
  2. Beat the Cacklebat then head right and get a Library Card from the top room
  3. Head right and show the Library Card to the big guy then traverse the Scarecrow Fields and Tangle Forest to arrive at Sequin Land Palace
  4. Go all the way right and fall down the hole that's next to the Squid Baron, defeat some enemies to get at least 3 Flesh Pops, then give them to the guy at the entrance of the palace
  5. Use your new Royal Gate Key to open the palace doors then get the Forbidden Isles Map from the old man inside
  6. Head all the way back to return the Library Card to the girl that you got it from for 100 monies and let Risky Boots take you to Saliva Island
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 1
Shantae jumps around the Sequin Land Palace grounds

Saliva Island

  1. Get a Metal Ring from the old man in the bottom right room then put it in a rock in the top right room
  2. Head right, talk to the girls, whip the ham repeatedly, then suck up the Ham Stink
  3. Go back to where you placed the ring, whip the columns in this order: 4, 3, 1, 2, and climb them quickly to the top right
  4. Work your way to the Giga Lummox then read the sign and wake him up with the Ham Stink
  5. Fall down the waterfall to go back to the girls and get the Petrify Spell
  6. Give the Petrify Spell to the old man who gave you the ring then fall down the hole to Spittle Maze
  7. Traverse this dungeon to uncover Risky's Pistol and beat the Cyclops Plant boss with it to get the Spiderweb Island Map
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 2
Saliva Island's Cyclops Plant boss is no match for Risky's Pistol

Spiderweb Island

  1. Go all the way back to where you collected Flesh Pops at Sequin Land Palace and use your gun in the top left room to receive a Travel Brochure
  2. Give the brochure to the Squid Baron and he'll present you with some Squid Oil
  3. Head way left and talk to Risky then go to Spiderweb Island
  4. Keep moving up and to the right to eventually find and help Rottytops through a difficult platforming segment
  5. After delivering Rottytops to her brother, go left and break a wall to find Poe and give him the Squid Oil to get a Shriveled Thing in return
  6. Go up and to the left, give the Shriveled Thing to the voice in the cave, then enter Cackle Tower
  7. Work through this maze and snag Risky's Hat which allows you to hover then defeat Empress Spider to discover the Tan Line Island Map
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 3
Shantae finally powered up the device in Cackle Tower at Spiderweb Island

Tan Line Island

  1. Make your way right following the top path to find Squid Baron who will kindly give you X-Ray Specs
  2. Head back then take the lower path right and examine the sarcophagus to get the Mummy Sketch
  3. Travel to Saliva Island and go to where the statues rise then float to the top left to get another Mummy Sketch
  4. Take the boat back to Scuttle Town and visit the girl who lent you her Library Card to receive the final Mummy Sketch thus granting you the Door Combo
  5. Input the Door Combo back at Tan Line Island to enter Tan Line Temple then break the left wall and get ready for a stealth segment
  6. Find all three "princesses" and proceed together to receive the Golden Pickaxe
  7. Go right and give the foreman the Golden Pickaxe so he can clear the way
  8. Head all the way right while keeping in mind that you can jump in the quicksand then fall through the hole to reach the Lost Catacombs
  9. Make your way through the dungeon to get Risky's Scimitar and beat the Squid Baron boss to acquire the Mud Bog Island Map
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 4
Risky Boots, Rottytops, Sky, and Shantae have never looked so princess-like

Mud Bog Island

  1. Go back to Spiderweb Island and use the scimitar to unearth a Fossil
  2. Travel to Scuttle Town and give the Fossil and X-Ray Specs to the boy in the house to the left of the ship to receive the Death Mask
  3. Take the ship to Mud Bog Island and head right until you reach a creepy dude then wear the Death Mask to continue to the Village of Lost Souls
  4. Find the gamers' coins, return them, guess the coin tosses correctly for a Locket and give it to the girl in the same room to get the Hopeful Flame
  5. Go right and up then use the Hopeful Flame on the fire pit and suck up the Manly Musk
  6. Head to the lower right room and release the Manly Musk in front of the cave to enter the Oubliette of Suffering
  7. Explore this maze to obtain Risky's Boots and fight the Dagron to uncover the Frostbite Island Map and Lost Soul
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 5
Mud Bog Island is a pretty creepy place to hang out

Frostbite Island

  1. Head back to Spiderweb Island, take a ride through the Ghost Forest, enter Rottytops' house, and acquire the Spirit of Joe
  2. Return to Tan Line Island and use the boots to dash all the way right and snag the Enchanted Blade
  3. Travel to Frostbite Island then reach Propeller Town and eventually obtain the Targeting Module
  4. Take the ship back to Scuttle Town and go to the top house to give Joe his soul back
  5. Go right to Sequin Land Palace then give the Enchanted Blade to the Cyclops and watch him transform into Bran-Son
  6. Give the Targeting Module to the Ammo Baron outside of Scuttle Town's top house then talk to him again
  7. Back at Frostbite Island, go down the newly formed hole to the Abandoned Factory
  8. Navigate through this dungeon to acquire Risky's Cannon so you can quadruple-jump and defeat the Steel Maggot to get the Lonely Grave Map
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 6
Who knew that Risky's Cannon could take out a giant Steel Maggot?

Lonely Grave

After visiting this area, go back to Scuttle Town, head to Sequin Land Palace, and defeat the last boss then enjoy the ending. If you managed to find all 20 Cursed Cacklebats Magic then you'll get the best ending. Good luck! v1d30chumz 3-239-112-140

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse screenshot 7
Shantae battles The Pirate Master final boss with pure skill

Secret Labyrinth

To access this, travel to Spittle Maze at Saliva Island then use the boots to dash left into the step that you land on upon entering.

Hidden Training Room

Go back to the sewer beside Sequin Land Palace and enter the secret passageway in the top right corner of the second room.

Screenshot: hidden training room location →
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Official trailer for Shantae and the Pirate's Curse
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